Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Analytics

Last night I decided to check Google Analytics, which tracks both my Cranberry Morning blog and my SoapnSuch site. Things looked pretty normal on SoapnSuch, but when I went to view the report for Cranberry Morning, it showed that all of the sudden, ever since January 13, there have been absolutely ZERO hits on that site.

What??! I know that's not true because I read your comments. I hear from you. I know you're out there, dear readers. :-)

Then I became suspicious that things had changed when I had switched templates on my blog. That would have been about January 13. Hmmmm.

So then I went to Google Analytics Help. Good grief. It did not. Help, that least they did not offer any EASY HELP.

I jumped through all the hoops, copied the code that was supposed to be on my blog html, and was going to put it into the html just before /head  (as they say to do).

BUT then I decided to check my SoapnSuch site to see where the analytics tracking code was placed there (and everything works just fine there).  But on that site, the code is just before  /body.

What to do.

Does anyone out there actually know where in my blog html I'm supposed to place the Google Analytics code?  And when I do change the html on my blog, will my entire blog vanish???

I was asking my daughter, 'Why can't they just have a big orange button that reads, 'FIX GOOGLE ANALYTICS.'   Wouldn't that be helpful?  In this day of advanced technology, why should that be so difficult to come up with??



Midwest to Midlands said...

When you change your template you have to reinsert the analytics code. I know on site meter you put it just above the body tag. I hope that helps. It is scary when you do it.

Michelle said...

I will not be any help on this one. I hope it's fixable for you and that it is an easy fix. Good luck!

Empty Nester said...

Try looking here: under her blog tips or just ask...if she doesn't know she might know someone who does.

Candace said...

This is so over my head! I just looked at the Stats yesterday after reading a blog post about some unusual traffic that a blogging friend was getting. I found that I was getting it too. One of the biggest referring sites to my blog is an Adult site. Still not sure what that means for me or my blog?!

Denise said...

Sorry, wish I could help you dear, hope you get the problem taken care of.

Rachel said...

I wish I knew the answer. I know you can go to Google "help" and explain your problem and someone will answer you question. I have used them before!


partialemptynester said...

Well, seeing that you are one of my blog gurus, I can't even imagine google analyzing my blog, lol! When you figure it out, I'd love to hear all about it :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I found the block of code in Google Analytics help, and after having an hour nap with my 3 year old grandson, I simply added the code into my blog html. It's really easy to do when you're still sleepy and fear of entire blog loss hasn't kicked in.

Now we'll see what happens. :-)
Thanks, everyone.

Judy S. said...

Technology can make you crazy, can't it? Glad you figured things out though. Just found a really cute book you might like: Phoebe's Sweater. It has a very cute sweater and a little mouse with clothes patterns as well as a cute story and great illustrations! Very fun!

Karen Harris said...

I'm sorry that I am no help at all. Just about the time I start feeling pretty smug about my computer knowledge something like this smacks me back down into place and I realize how little I know. I may have to bookmark this post for future reference. Good luck.

Jeannette StG said...

Glad you got some advice, because my knowledge is very limited! But I just had to visit your blog when I read your blog name -I love cranberries -another reason to love Christmas time!

Unknown said...

Hope you got the help you needed... I have no clue about html's!!!

Under Her Wings said...

I don't even know what Google Analytics is! If my granddaughter didn't come over to help me, I wouldn't even have a blog.


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