Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Gift From God

Another gift from God.Onions.

Good Lord's Day afternoon. Although we, like everyone else, are self isolating, I've found it very helpful to look for normal things, daily blessings we often don't recognize as the gifts that they are. I made our makeshift bed this morning, tidied up the room, folded clothes, and even brushed my teeth and got dressed, although I had no plans to go anywhere or see anyone except Mr. C.

After that, I lit candles and listened via radio to our church service out of Zion Lutheran Church in Wausau. If you didn't have a chance to attend an online worship service, here's the one from Zion:  Click on the Play button under 'Listen to the Fourth Sunday in Lent Worship Service.' You won't be sorry. Later this afternoon I will read the sermon that the pastor of our other church, First Lutheran in Rice Lake, sent to us as an email attachment. What a blessing they both are! 

In case you're not aware of the fact, we've been living between Dallas and Wausau since August of last year. It all came to a screeching halt when it appeared that everyone was asked to shelter in place. We had just returned to Dallas from Wausau, and now here we are, out in the country with gorgeous views and a lovely screen porch and fresh paint and new carpet. But almost all of our food, our bed, and all our good stuff is in Wausau. We do have some remaining canned goods, a few, and lots of rice, beans, and oatmeal that should get us through another 18 months, if it should come to that.

GF oatmeal cookies

There's just something about baking that is so comforting. I'm hoping that eating the baked goods won't be as comforting, or I'll be in big trouble by the time this is over.

Salmon from 2012.

GF Fettuccini with Salmon and basil pesto.Ooooh, was that delicious!

Equinox.Beautiful skies above Fifth Avenue.Thank you, God, for your incredible generosity in creation. ***
Things we can do during this self isolation:

1. Look for beauty. It's there, everywhere.

2. Do something normal. Make your bed. Brush your teeth. Get dressed! Bake something.

3. Praise God in the midst of adversity. Do it again and again and again.

4. Pray for others. If you're able to access this post and read it, you're in a lot better shape than thousands of others. Pray for them.

5.  Pray for the health care providers. They are working long hours without the normal supplies they so desperately need.

6.  Pray for your bishops and pastors who are giving us spiritual guidance at this time and reminding us that God is still God, and that we can trust Him in all things.

7.  Wash your hands.

8.  Stay home.

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P.S.  I heard from Joyce, that she's planning to revive the Wednesday Hodgepodge! Check back here on Wednesday to see what's happening.

God bless you. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wednesday Wanderings

 This time I didn't ask permission to post her photo.
I mean really, it could be any little girl, right?
Or any little boy with long hair, right?
And she's checking out the backyard, watching
Mr. Chippy, who is probably confused by the new snow.
He loves to scamper along the stream-bed rocks.

 My coffee tables, besides the tool chest,
are antique boxes that I've collected over the years.
They're sturdy and work well.
When it gets a bit warmer out,
we'll have lunches in the gazebo!

 The city snow had become dirty,
so it was actually nice to see a fresh layer and
frost on the front yard trees.
I can hardly believe that I'm having welcoming thoughts about snow.

 Her last words to me before she left for school this morning:
'Don't mess with my ant city, Gramma.'
Like I had plans to do so??
Yesterday, before there was the new snow,
there was no snow in this area of the yard and she
built an 'ant city.'
When the weather gets warmer, I hope they appreciate the little bridges.

 We don't get very far with putting all the books away.
We need them to be accessible!

Left: books about Italy
Middle: children's books
Right: The Liturgical Year, my mom's Bible, and
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
(and view toward the foyer of the Wausau house)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone.

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