Friday, November 29, 2013

Confusing Signs - Anglophile Friday

 The George Shut
Much Wenlock
Explained later in the post

Oops, I lied. I told you last week on Anglophile Friday that I would post detail shots of York Minster on today's Anglophile Friday. That will have to wait until next week. Since I'm not at home over this Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to schedule this repeat of a post I wrote in February of 2010. I hope you won't mind.

'I'm always fascinated by signs in England. Why? Probably because they are not the signs I see every day. Also, they have some pretty amusing road signs. Well, amusing and confusing, if you're a first-time tourist. So take a look at this sign. This is a photo I took in a wonderful little village called Askrigg in the North Yorkshire Dales. Incidentally, much of the filming for building exteriors to represent the fictional town of Darrowby in the TV series 'All Creatures Great and Small' was done in Askrigg. This photo was taken on my trip to England with our daughter, Angela.

That brave girl rented a car in Bath where she, along with her terrified passenger, was suddenly catapulted into the British experience of Driving On The Wrong Side of the Road While Sitting On The Wrong Side of The Car and Going a Zillion Miles Per Hour on the M-Whichever. How she did it, I'll never know. How I survived it without hiding below the dash of the car, I'll also never know. Once or twice, when my heart was throbbing in my throat, I quietly implored her to slow down. Other than that, I think I was pretty manageable.

Back to Askrigg. Back to the above photo. While driving around the countryside, we came across this road sign many times: the white disk with the black horizontal bar. Okay, so we assumed that we were barred from travel on those roads. You know, like 'No Entry.' Doesn't that look like a 'No Entry' sign to you? Yes, I know what you're thinking - that it might have been a good idea to familiarize ourselves with British road signs before we left the States. Yeah, well... And I do remember that we asked the natives for an interpretation - or did we ask them which way to the store that sells Turkish Delight. Can't remember. And yes, I am unashamed to say that I was an obvious TOURIST.

It wasn't until we returned home that we discovered that the mystery road sign means 'National Speed Limit.' What?? I couldn't believe it. Any time I see a sign with a strikethrough...oh well, who am I to argue with the Brits. I'm sure they have some very logical reason.

Then there was this wonderful sign - Elderly People. I'm thinking of getting one of those to put at the end of our driveway. :-)

Okay, back to The George Shut. So what does that mean? Well, I think it's what we call a 'dead end' or 'no outlet.' I'll have to admit, 'dead end' is a stranger term than 'shut.' And I think you can see why no cycling is allowed. The opening is about three or four feet high. You wouldn't want to try riding your bicycle into that place. I took this photo in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.

Pandy Inn. Out in the enchanted Golden Valley of Herefordshire (If you ever watched the movie 'Shadowlands' with Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger, you might remember the Golden Valley) stands this lovely sign in front of, as it says, a 12th century free house. TWELFTH CENTURY!! Good grief! I think our local pub has been in Dallas for maybe 50 years tops. Kevin and I had dinner at the Pandy Inn one night. It was a never-to-forget evening of live music, great food, and the pleasant company of our friends who live in The Golden Valley with beautiful hedgerow-lined roads and plenty of really cute and friendly neighbors who even came out to the road to greet us! - the sheep.

I know this was going to be about signs, but I just can't resist those sweet little sheep.

The footpath sign is common in the English countryside, since thousands of miles of footpaths are available for public use. It's great to be able to traverse a property with confidence that you're not going to be arrested for trespassing.

We discovered this little sign while walking through a churchyard in Askrigg. I'm not sure how one keeps one's dog from fouling on church property... but I like the fact that the sign is low to the ground where the literate canine can read it.

It was fascinating to me how often we saw dogs out and about with their owners. In England, dogs are allowed to go into pubs as long as there's someone on the other end of the leash. Next to the entrance of one pub, we saw a sign that read, Dogs and well-behaved children welcome. Unfortunately, you'll just have to take my word for it, since I've searched my files and can't seem to locate it just now, (my chronic filing problem.)

To the left of the door of The Bull Inn in West Tanfield was the following sign. I love that it starts out with 'Very Polite Notice.' We could take a lesson.

and this one at the entrance to a craft fair in Hawes, home of the Wensleydale Creamery of Wallace and Gromit fame.

Below is a photo of one of the easier-to-understand roundabout signs, near York. Some roundabout signs have all sorts of spokes sticking out - which makes a pretty tense moment when the navigator, road map in hand, is frantically trying to figure out exactly which one you're supposed to take, as fellow drivers are calmly zipping on and off the roundabout. On the other hand, they usually have two lanes, so theoretically you could stay on the inside track for hours while trying to figure out which spoke you want to take.

Last but not least, one of my favorite signs in London - the Westminster Tube Stop sign, looking toward the Houses of Parliament.

This is what you see when you come up out of the Underground station at Westminster. It's an awesome sight! Just ask Anna, our granddaughter, who was with us when I took this photo in March of 2008.


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

May all of you have a wonderful, relaxed, delicious Thanksgiving Day as we reflect upon the many blessings God has bestowed on us individually and as a nation.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Civil War and Peach Pie

No, they're not beautiful. But they tasted pretty good.
Peach Pie and Apple Pie

A Civil War soldier once wrote to his wife back home, “Soldiering is 99% boredom and 1% sheer Terror.”

So my little story goes like this:

We were expecting company for dinner.
A few minutes before taking 2 pies out of my 425 degree oven, Daughter A calls.
Begin cell phone conversation with her.
Timer goes off. Of course. Must take pies out of oven. Really. MUST.
Grab pot holders.
Try to coax blind, deaf dog away from the front of the stove while holding cell phone against my ear with my shoulder.
I know. You're thinking, 'Why doesn't she just hang up?!' Honestly, it never occurred to me.

 'But it's so comfy here.'

Dog won't move. Pies must come out.
Slowly slide dog out of the way with the side of my foot, pleading with her to please hurry. (She's deaf.)
Dog eventually takes the hint and gets up and walks a few feet to step right into the dog water bowl  tipping it over. A gallon and a half of water has made a small lake on the floor.
Naturally, the dog won't walk in the water. She's only blind and deaf. She's not stupid.
I give my dog a heartfelt apology and pet her.
Pies must come out. Open oven door.
Smoke from spills comes billowing out.
Why did I overfill these pies??
Smoke alarm shrieks. Repeatedly. Repeatedly! Repeatedly!! Repeatedly!!!!
I grab Pie A and get  it out, burning my fingers because my stupid hot pad is too thin.
Why do I keep that thing? Why didn't I grab the good ones that Bonnie made for me?? (Because they're so PRETTY!)
Grab a good hot pad.
I reach for Pie B and get it out. Why are pie plates so slippery?

Cell phone beeps. What?? I'm getting a second call, this one from Daughter B. (Calls from the two of them never ever happen simultaneously, except when my fingers are hurting, there's water all over the floor, and my pies are threatening to burn.)
I ignore the beeping momentarily and tell Daughter A 'Hang on!'
Pies are out on racks, Daughter B has given up (and I'll phone her later)
I'm now skating across the floor with a towel under each foot, trying to mop up the water.
Smoke alarm finally stops. I've got to remember to replace the batteries on those things! I'm convinced that they go off at the slightest emission from my oven, but probably would remain silent if the house were on fire.
Dog wanders around and finally lies down on her bed.
Daughter A hangs up.
Phone Daughter B.
Put pie crust strips into oven.
Life back to normal.
Resume general duties.

When I've got leftover pie crust, I put it on a cookie sheet, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on it, and bake it for I don't know, maybe 10 minutes at 400 degrees? or is it 425 degrees?

Do you do this? My kids have always loved it.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blaze Orange

Blaze Orange
It's the Color of the Week
Everywhere in Wisconsin


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Changing Seasons in Wisconsin


 I'm going to get these great vintage yard chairs into the garage for the winter, but when I saw them lying there like that, they reminded me of a resort that is closed for the season.

The dog pen, 18 x 71 feet, complete with insulated, two-room dog house, seldom used. The handful of times we left our dogs in the pen on a summer day, it looked like they spent the entire time against the fence, waiting for us to return. So how often do you think I could do that to them?

The sweet birdbath, given to me by a friend. Even the little bronze bird is cute! A bird would break his beak on the water in there now.

I didn't put fish in the pond this year. I hate it when I forget about them and they turn to fishsicles during the winter. Makes me feel guilty. Anyway, I'm surprised I actually got out there before the first snow and got all the water hyacinths and water lettuces out, reeled in the pond pump, and put it away for the winter. I tried to make note of where I put it!

The pond stream is no longer flowing, of course. And even though we have a birdbath nearby, the birds love splashing in this little stream during the spring and summer.

Even the corn field is closed for the season. The crop has been harvested.

Unless it gets up to 40 degrees, we won't be spending much time out on the new front porch until next spring. And yes, if it's 40 degrees, sunny, and not windy, you might find me having breakfast on the porch!

I love the morning and evening light this time of year. It has such a golden glow!


Our First Customer
'Hey, fellas! It's a feast!'

Word will soon get around and we'll have a very busy cafeteria throughout the winter.
(That's the cranberry bush outside the office window)


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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Run, Deer, Run! Run and Hide!

It's Opening Day of Gun Deer Hunting in Wisconsin
September, at the edge of our driveway

July, in our alfalfa field

August, near our apple tree in the backyard

Neighbor's Deer Stand

 April 2011
The Survivors - Standing Strong
Don't they look happy that winter was over?

In Wisconsin, the gun deer hunting season began this morning and runs through Sunday, a week from now.

The daily hunting hours (WI DNR) given for Zone A are 6:31AM to 4:32 PM. Because we live in Zone E (I didn't know this until I looked it up), hunters in this area are to add 16 minutes to both of those times. So, someone who lives where I do can hunt from 6:45 AM and must not hunt after 4:48 PM.

There are deer in our woods. Can you see them?

It's the coldest opening day morning since the 1950's
and windy!!
So they go out there on purpose??


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Friday, November 22, 2013

Gargoyles & Grotesques- Anglophile Friday

At Kilpeck Church

A commonly-held belief about gargoyles and grotesques can be summed up by this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Gargoyles were viewed in two ways by the church throughout history. The primary use was to convey the concept of evil through the form of the gargoyle, which was especially useful in sending a stark message to the common people, most of whom were illiterate. Gargoyles also are said to scare evil spirits away from the church, this reassured congregants that evil was kept outside of the church’s walls. However, some medieval clergy viewed gargoyles as a form of idolatry. In the 12th century St. Bernard of Clairvaux was famous for speaking out against gargoyles.

There has been controversy over the origin and meaning of grotesques, but I'd never before heard the following explanation. I thought it was so interesting and well worth considering!

The following was excerpted from an article by Jim Jordan for Biblical Horizons.  

Read the entire article HERE.

"In the First Covenant, the war between God’s people and God’s enemies was fought on the human level against Egyptians, Assyrians, etc. With the coming of the New Covenant, however, we are told that our primary battle is against principalities and powers, against fallen angels who bind the hearts and minds of men in ignorance and fear. We are assured that through faith, prayer, and obedience, the saints will be victorious in our battle against these demonic forces. The Spirit assures us: "The God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly" (Romans 16:20).

"The Festival of All Saints reminds us that though Jesus has finished His work, we have not finished ours. He has struck the decisive blow, but we have the privilege of working in the mopping up operation. Thus, century by century the Christian faith has rolled back the demonic realm of ignorance, fear, and superstition. Though things look bad in the Western world today, this work continues to make progress in Asia and Africa and Latin America...

 At Rievaulx Abbey

"What is the means by which the demonic realm is vanquished? In a word: mockery. Satan’s great sin (and our great sin) is pride. Thus, to drive Satan from us we ridicule him. This is why the custom arose of portraying Satan in a ridiculous red suit with horns and a tail. Nobody thinks the devil really looks like this; the Bible teaches that he is the fallen Arch-Cherub. Rather, the idea is to ridicule him because he has lost the battle with Jesus and he no longer has power over us...

At Fountains Abbey

"The gargoyles that were placed on the churches of old had the same meaning. They symbolized the Church ridiculing the enemy. They stick out their tongues and make faces at those who would assault the Church. Gargoyles are not demonic; they are believers ridiculing the defeated demonic army."

 At York Minster

It makes so much sense, doesn't it! With a risen Savior, the Christian Church has no reason to fear satan. He has been defeated! There would be no reason to put up gargoyles and grotesques to 'ward off evil spirits.'

And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, 'All Authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.' - Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus IS King! 

Next Anglophile Friday I'll be posting some detail shots taken at York Minster. York, by the way, has had a verifiable Christian presence since the 300's A.D.  I'm trying to remember what we were doing in the U.S. in the 300's. Oh wait...


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Chores, Indiana and Texas

He was determined to clean the snow off the yard.

 Looks like an exhausting project, doesn't it!

(Their first snow of the season in Indiana.)


And we get to see this little guy next week! We'll be off to Indiana, having lined up a dog/cat sitter. 

This is when we take a closetful of Daughter's things to her - things that never quite left our house. I wonder if my missing sheet music is in that closet.

I'm so glad I've got my Kindle to take along for the drive to their house. Obviously, I'm not the one driving, but I am great at reading aloud! Now I just have to get my husband to want to listen. LOL

Thought you also might enjoy the photo that she emailed to me today:

 Hey, it could prove to be a useful skill ?

His mama wrote, 'As a responsible parent, this is the point where I'm supposed to Have a Talk With My Child, rather than laugh and take a picture, isn't it? Oops...[We] did discuss it after we finished giggling; but he was so PROUD that he'd realized the circumference of the baby carrot was the same as his nostril!'


Christmas Past - 2011 maybe

I Skyped with the other daughter (see photo above) last night. She told me that over the weekend she and her husband had put up the Christmas lights along the eaves of their house. They were on the roof, she lying on her belly and he hanging onto her ankles as she reached over the edge, stapling the lights to the eaves. I told her she must really trust him! He had told her that he would hang onto her, but if they both started sliding off, she was on her own. LOL  Sure wish I had a photo of the two of them on the roof. Unfortunately, no neighbors took a photo, or if they did, they didn't email it to me. :-)


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