Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bits of Life Wednesday

The high bush cranberries are ripening fast!

Well, another week has flown by and here we are at Wednesday already. Summer is the shortest season of the year, not only because winter is interminable, but also possibly because we have a lot of family birthdays in the summertime. Personally, I'm glad to have a birthday in August, rather than in the dead of winter.

Cactus zinneas. Planted late, and giving me
more than I deserve

My favorite cherry tomato, tasty and prolific!
I think they're 'Red Currant,' but the identification tag
seems to be buried beneath the mulch.
I put about 20 of them in my salad.


Romaine lettuce
Red cabbage
Shredded carrot
Chopped onion (some)
1/2 avocado, cut into chunks
About 20 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
About a dozen green olives, cut in half
About 1/8 c. shelled pistachios, chopped
1 T. EVOO and 1 T. fresh lemon juice

McIntosh apples, the first windfalls

After nearly dying from a very harsh winter a few years ago, our trusty McIntosh apple tree is bearing apples once again. I was sure it was a goner, and there is dead wood that needs to be cut back, but we're getting apples, my favorite kind. I learned from experience to pick up the windfalls each morning to prevent the tree from producing wormy apples (Is it an old wives' tale? Anyway, it works) and that the best apples are a bit later on - better formed and tastier. I might put this picking out on the edge of the hill for the deer to eat. Perhaps it will keep them from eating the apples from the tree itself! Perhaps not. At least it will keep worms and ants away from the tree's drip line.

All hands on deck,
trying to catch the microscopic toad.
I think it was a very quick catch and release.

It was the eight year old grandson's birthday yesterday.
It's fun watching these kids going back to the serving table to get an extra handful of broccoli. :-) Wasn't it President H.W. Bush who hated broccoli?

Over the weekend, we visited their (my daughter, not Prez. Bush) place and had a party. One of the gifts we gave the grandson was a pr of Harry Potter PJs. Unfortunately, they were sized WAY too small. But as I was putting them back into the bag for a return, the little sister popped into view with, 'WAIT! Let ME try!' (I could hear Cinderella's voice in my head just before she tried on the glass slipper). She is normally a size 4. The pajamas were size 8, and even she had to struggle to get into the legs and arms. But once she did, she was thrilled, so I'm going to be ordering another [probably different style] Harry Potter PJs for the birthday boy.

Struggling on tippy toes
to get into the act.

We went to the park just in time to see a white, horse-drawn carriage containing bride, flower girl, and the bride's father, presumably, arrive. I was amazed that the horses willingly walked across the long wood bridge to get to the island where the guests were being serenaded by loud country western music. I shudder to recall. (I have to keep remembering: hate the sin, love the sinner). JUST KIDDING, all you country western fans. :-D But you know it's Rutter for me. ANYWAY, we tried to be as inconspicuous as possible and merely watched from afar and then took a nice walk along the river. There's a great paved path from the park to infinity downtown and beyond. 

 You might mistakenly have thought the bride was the main attraction at this wedding.
Look at those gorgeous work horses!

One of a few fishermen we saw
fishing in the great Wisconsin River
next to the walking trail

Tommy & Smokey
enjoying the screen room
Could they possibly be comfortable?? Looks like a great opportunity for a crick in the neck. But they never listen to advice, persist in their risky behavior, and refuse to see the chiropractor, so what can you do.


Neighbor Bill's Barn
August of 2010
(Note Card available in my Etsy Shop,
since it's one of my favorite barns) 

*I think it's next Wednesday that Joyce will be back with Wednesday's Hodgepodge - and not a moment too soon. We're all treading water here, Joyce! ;-)


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Have a great Wednesday, friends.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bits of Life Wednesday

 Tommy, waiting.
I love that face.

I had to post this photo of Tommy that was taken by Mr. C. as he was coming back to the house and saw Tommy patiently waiting for him at the back door. The reflections are startling: the cookstove is behind Tommy, in the kitchen of course, and you can see through the doorway into the library with its window seat at the far end. But you can also see the bird feeder and the trees in the backyard. Oh wait. That is not the bird feeder. That is the bird HOUSE (sitting on top of the cookstove), which was made by our son and painted by our grandson's little paint-drenched hands a couple years ago.

The one in the backyard is a bird FEEDER
and looks like this in December.

Robin, Emma Bridgewater

This is one of my favorite mugs (maybe my favorite) to accompany my early-morning-still-in-bed reading.. My inverted Longaberger basket makes a great table.

 August in Wisconsin

It seems that we've had a string of foggy, hazy, warm days of late. I know this isn't a pretty picture, but it's what it looks like around here right now. Summer is definitely winding down, with our high today of 71 and low of 48. Kinda scary, actually, because I know how soon that landscape will be all white. Shudder. I am not one of those pushing for autumn to arrive!

This little grandson (same one pictured with the bird house above) turned 4 yesterday.
His auntie built him a fantastic gravel pit cake!

 USAAF Eighth Air Force patch

 From Wikipedia: In Europe, Eighth Air Force was the first USAAF strategic air force, with a mission to support an invasion of continental Europe from the British Isles.

So I finally got around to posting this WWII USAAF field jacket on Ebay. We'll see if I get any bites.  This jacket has been hanging around here for a long time, and it's not from anyone in the family, so in my quest to downsize (avoiding the book issue), we're starting with the jacket.

Inside and sleeves completely lined,
thank goodness, or that wool could be pretty uncomfortable!

 Alaskan Air Command patch

I've decided to give the books (that I can part with) to St. Vincent's thrift store. Many are like new, and hopefully they can get a little for them and of course that helps their work in the  community. That's a good thing.

And last, but certainly not least, is the photo I took of St. Mary's Church in Marathon City, WI a couple weekends ago.

The neighbors across the street were kind
enough to plant a hydrangea bush in my line of vision.

A bit of the interesting history of this church from their website:

"The first group of settlers to what is now Marathon City came in 1857. The area was dense wilderness at that time and the first years were a struggle for survival. In 1858 an area in the center of the village was set aside for the Catholic Church and school. That area is now the part of Marathon enveloped by Fourth and Fifth Streets and Market and Main. A log mission church was first erected and according to records, was first named St. Benedict but was later changed to Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1863 when the first resident pastor. Fr. Joseph Lutz, was appointed to the Marathon parish. This first pastor remained for one year and then chose the life of a hermit.." 

That last sentence made me chuckle. I can relate to that. :-) Anyway, to read the rest of the history, you can click HERE.

My burgandy lily, which succumbed to
one of our harsh Wisconsin winters

"Thus says God who created the heavens, who fashioned the earth and all that dwells in it, who gives breath to the people upon it and spirit to those who walk in it, 'I am the Lord and I have called you in righteousness, I have given you as a covenant to the people, a light to the nations, to open the eyes that are blind, to bring out the captives from the dungeon, from the prison, those who sit in darkness. I am the Lord, that is my name; my glory I give to no other.'" - From Isaiah 42 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bits of Life Wednesday

Mr. C. with the boys at Sand Creek Cafe
Notice that they're all looking in different directions. LOL

The house is very quiet this week. I'm missing the two grandsons who stayed with us last week. It was not quiet then, as no house with two young boys in it could be quiet for long.  And any time they're with us for a few days, we take them to Sand Creek for the cafe and for the creek.

Same grandsons, same Mr. C., same country cafe in Sand Creek, WI,
three years ago.

Sand Creek park is a beautiful place with a lovely, sandy (surprise!) creek bed and sparklingly-clear water. They love wading in the water and collecting piles of sea weed. And I know I've mentioned this before, but no one else is ever there. I would think that the neighborhood kids would be playing there all the time, but no.

Switching gears: One of the days while the boys were with us, we spent the afternoon at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, walking the trails. Those of you who follow me  (@cranberrymorning) on IG have seen most of these photos, but...

 Mr. C., blazing the trail, so to speak
on a very rickety bridge

 Pretty lilies

 It might look like the older brother is trying to trip his younger brother with that walking stick, but I'm sure that's not the case. What brother would do that?! ;-)

 Mr. C. in a moment of reflection

 The bog was my favorite part of the whole experience, although we found no bog people. Still, it was a cool experience to step on the squishy bog moss (while hanging on tightly to the railing of the bridge, lest I become another bog casualty).

 And here's the pitcher plant. What an interesting plant! I'd never seen one before, and of course it's named that because it holds the rain water.

 There were several trails at the park, one of which was the Bear Trail. We walked parts of a few different trails, and this sign was just across the bridge. With as many black bears as we have in NW Wisconsin, I'm not sure why they think it would be fun for people to walk the Bear Trail. I might have named it the  'Seldom Any Bears Trail, Really'  instead. What were they thinking??

What to do on a hot and muggy day when no one wants to be out in it!
I have several Ravensberger puzzles. They're worth searching for online, because they're a really good quality and all the grandkids (the younger ones) love them!

 Another grandson, another puzzle, a couple years ago

So now it's back to just Mr. C. and me
and Tommy & Smokey


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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trying to UnHodgepodge

 Sunrise, from the porch

I was remarking to Mr. C. just yesterday during lunch in the screen room, that it really feels like August. I guess that shouldn't be surprising for the last day of July, right. Anyway, trying to give an account for my long absence from Blogland, I'll jump right in with an excuse and say that I was busy becoming a great grandma. And here is the darling Penny and her darling mama, not even 48 hours post delivery. I know it's not fair to take their pic so soon, but...

at 7 lb. 12 oz, and looks SO TINY!
I had forgotten that they came that small.

And a four generation photo
Mr. C. in the background,
our son, looking thrilled to be a grandpa,
Mama (our granddaughter)
and Penny, the great grand
No, they're not exactly worshipping this infant,
even though it might look like it. :-)

So just yesterday her mama posted this photo,
and I hope she doesn't mind that I swiped it to show you.
This is one very loved little girl.


Then there was the family reunion at William O'Brien State Park, Minnesota on July 21st - Mr. C.'s siblings and their kids and grandkids. Too many photos to show, but a couple:

Mr. C. and I with some of our family

These (son and three grandsons) didn't get in on the group photo of our immediate family because they had left by then. AND, a few people were missing because they were engaged in waiting and waiting and waiting for that baby to arrive!

 Daughter and one of her uncles

Son and his nephew (our grandson)

Two grandsons (no idea)

These two aren't so sure about a family reunion.
It certainly wasn't their idea of a good time.


Then there were the two weeks that I was visiting our daughter and family in Wausau (two weeks? divided by a week, I think. I don't know, it's all starting to run together in the timeline of my brain).

Grandson (in gray) starting to enjoy soccer
Made a goal while I was watching.
I'm sure I'm his good luck charm. LOL

Granddaughter, the littlest cheerleader
Working on that cartwheel

Taken in early July in Wausau
Doesn't that dark cloud on the right remind you of
Rizzo the rat?
Okay, maybe it's just me.

Mustn't forget the afternoon at the black bear sanctuary
in Wausau. It was an incredibly interesting place with an owner who treats bears right (I mean really, it's like those four bears living on his fourteen spectacular acres are his kids or something!) 

From the website:

"The WBBEC is a refreshing change from the norm. (It) is one of the largest and most natural bear enclosures in the US. It puts to shame most of the bear exhibits in traditional zoos..." (quoting some guy from Canada)

I think all these kids, including my two grands, enjoyed the tour immensely
I know that I sure did.

The Wisconsin DNR has contacted the owner, requesting that he take more black bears, but he has turned them down, wanting to make sure that the habitat he has for them is adequate for the number of bears. I like this guy.

These two weren't invited to the black bear sanctuary or to the family reunion. At least they can console each other.

Last and probably least, I caught my water hyacinth while it was blooming its little heart out. 

From the garden pond

I'm hoping that I will be able to keep a Wednesday blog post going and possibly an Anglophile Friday and a Sunday post. I'll make a huge effort and we'll see what happens. - quoting Patrick in 'A Murder is Announced.' To be honest, however, I think my huge effort will have to wait until next week. I need a nap.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


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