Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Make His Glory Visible

Here's the marvel: that the self-contained
And all-sufficient triple Unity
Which for untold eternities had reigned
Complete in its own pure simplicity
Should will unnecessary worlds to be.
And yet his mind was steel, his purpose flint:
He struck off sparks of flaming ecstasy
And called the stars by name. The thing he meant?
To make his glory visible. He sent
Forth pulsing space-time-matter-energy
Which danced in pirouettes as on it went.
Just one thing more was needed: eyes to see
And skin to feel, and mind to comprehend.
He called it Adam, and there made an end.

- Donald T. Williams

Author, Second Chance - A Tale of Two Puppies
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Empty Nester said...

Was that your sunrise this morning? Absolutely gorgeous!

Under Her Wings said...

What a beautiful poem depicting the mind of God in creation. During Lord's Supper this morning a precious, uneducated man of God told in tears and the Word how God chose to save a man like himself. Such a wonder that a God who created perfection would stoop to give His Son to fallen humanity that went wrong.

J_on_tour said...

It is incomprehensible to our finite minds that God the creator would go such lengths in order to get creatures like ourselves to worship and commune him willingly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, love this poem.

That God would create (knowing what man would become) a universe/world for a people who (instead of) glorifying Him, mostly glorifies themselves...but that also in His providence, provided The Way of our redemption. God was complete in himself, never needing mankind~but holy is he and we are here for one purpose glorify Him.


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