Monday, July 18, 2011

Protect Your Pets

Bridger - dreaming of snowbanks

It's like walking into a hot fog. The humidity level in NW Wisconsin is very high and our temps are going to be in the 90s all week. (For those of you who live in the South, I apologize for even mentioning this). 

I realize that not all dogs live in an air-conditioned dog house (as my husband calls our home), so for those dogs who don't, please make sure that they have access to shade and always have fresh water available. When the heat and humidity are both excessive, it wouldn't hurt to let them in the house, would it? Even the concrete floor of the garage would give them some cool relief. My pet peeve is  kenneled dogs, outdoors in this heat, with an empty water bowl. Drives me crazy. And it does happen. I see it all the time.

This is the week that my garden is free to grow all the weeds it wants, for I'm not going out there except in the evenings or early mornings when I can fight the mosquitoes. The potato bugs are flourishing, and nothing seems to deter them. Isn't it ridiculous to spend money on protecting potatoes when we don't eat many of them anyway? I think it's just become a battle between the potato bugs and the gardener.

It's a good week to stay indoors to clean and organize, something I've been putting off for months.
I've been looking online for inspiration re. organization. Some of you bloggers are amazing! I'm hoping that the cleaning/organizing bug is contagious. I could really use it!



Carla from The River said...

Hello Judy,
The boys love the TinTin books. They are staying cool reading. We got them from the Library on Friday, just in time.
Have a great week...staying cool!

Yenta Mary said...

Even when it's too hot or too cold (since we get both up here in the North) to go out, there is still NO motivation to organize and straighten and purge! It's wonderful when it happens, but I really need a practically life-threatening emergency to start doing it!

Heide at ApronHistory said...

Yes, it is horrid out there. Thank the Lord for air conditioning!
It is short walks for the puppy this week and no sitting outside. Also a hair cut!

Joyce said...

Just saw a dog in a hot car outside Pier One a couple of weeks ago while shopping with my mom. Someone had called Mall Security and they were trying to find the owner. How can people not know this is dangerous???

J_on_tour said...

Nice post. I can't believe the extremes of weather you get there ....and I thought it was only the British who complained about being too hot or cold !!

MadSnapper said...

i saw this gorgeous face on the sofa down below your today post, so beautiful really really beautiful.


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