Thursday, November 3, 2011

Across the Street

 Looking toward the corn field across the road

It was October 26, 5:15 PM when the glow of the fields caught my eye and I had to snap these photos. The soybeans have been harvested in the foreground field, and the corn field across the road has been combined. There's such a beautiful golden yellow in those corn fields.  (In this photo, because of the hills, you are unable to see the road that runs between the two fields, ours and Neighbor Bill's.)  I love the burgundy oaks, rusty maples, golden birch, and deep green pines!

By the way, if this were a jigsaw puzzle, I'd do the burgundy oak first - or maybe those birch. :-) Just letting you edge people know.

 Neighbor Bill's Barn and Hay bales

I know that in the photo the barn looks like it's tipping. That's because the old barn IS tipping. It is sad, because before long that barn will go the way of all old, empty-of-cattle, unheated Wisconsin barns. I'm enjoying it as much as I can now, and getting lots of photos.

See all that lacy stuff on the bales and climbing up the side of the corn crib? Isn't it gorgeous in the fall, all golden like that. But trust me, the stuff is the nasty wild cucumber that climbs on everything and strangles it. It loves gardens and raspberry canes, and just about everything else.

Wild Cucumber in the Late Afternoon Sunshine

It's hard for me to let go of this time of year. It's my very favorite. But as our daylight hours dwindle and the temperature drops, November in all its typical dreariness will be settling in. It's the shadowlands we endure before December brings snow, brighter (albeit shorter) days, and the family home for Christmas!

And now, before we get that snow, I need to get my raspberry canes cut back and the chicken wire fence put around the raspberry patch! Two years ago that patch yielded 13 gallons of berries. This year, because I neglected to put the fence around it last fall, we got ZERO berries. The deer and bunnies had eaten all the canes during the long winter, leaving little 4" stubs. 

Oh well, I guess it's not so bad to take turns.

Our Happy Raspberry Patch
This is how it will look in December.

Because next year it's my turn to get those berries!

So why is it I'm starting to feel guilty about those poor deer and bunnies?!!

...and more!

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Karen Harris said...

Beautiful autumnal scenes Judy. I love this time of year as well although it is too brief. So sorry I haven't visited your site in far too long. I have made some changes over at mine and I have lost a great deal of info including my favorite blog addresses. Glad you stopped by so I can get yours back on my list.

Unknown said...

Have you guys had snow already? ACK! LOVE your pictures. We have had a lot of beautiful mornings and sunsets here. Right now though I am looking at clouds and taking a break from the combine. Probably should be trying to dig out my house from all the neglect, but that isn't nearly as fun as it might sound to a neat freak! ;-) Think I will keep on catching up on bloggy friends until the boys come home because they are going to get rained out within the hour.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That first picture is amazing@!

Marti said...

I love your harvest picture, as I was looking at it, I thought what a great jig-saw puzzle this would make. Then I saw that mine wasn't an original idea.
Autumn is my favorite time, our summer heat is gone, finally and outside weather is here again.

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Beautiful photos!! I miss all the bright colors that the midwest autumn has to offer. I didn't know you were supposed to cut back raspberry canes, oh wow! 11 years here and I've never cut them back. that would explain our lackluster harvest this year...

Unknown said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I love nature and gardens...Deer and bunnies. LOL They do like gardens ;)
I rather have to deal with them than have no garden at all.
The lady never contacted me for the giveaway, so no soap for you to send...
I just finished my last bar of soap. I really liked them. Great job on them.
Have a super day and thanks for saying hi.

Heide at ApronHistory said...

This morning our maples just lost their leaves. We are so sad! They have been absolutly beautiful this year! Great balls of flame and red. Really perks up the neighborhood as the majority of the trees are some sort of ash and they get icky yellow/brown. Then one morning they drop all their leaves and that is that!

laurie said...

Those are some awesome fall pics!

That four letter word (s-n-o-w} is supposedly headed our way this weekend!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such beauty.

Under Her Wings said...

Judy, you are a woman of so many talents! You should do a book of nature photographs! Those are absolutely beautiful. Who is it that says he can't see God? Just let him look at those pictures and fail to see that it took more than just a photographer to make that beauty; it took the Master Architect and Designer!

Yenta Mary said...

Even that nasty strangling weed looks radiant, as though it's been dipped in gold ... :)

J_on_tour said...

I love that Low sun on those Autumn colours and against the dark sky backdrop in the first one.

There must be some psychology in the way people do jigsaw puzzles ... edge first or the best bit first !! I guess it's something that you do in those long winters that you have. I used to get one for Christmas and even into Adulthood, it was something to do on Christmas day to escape the awful TV on that particular day. This year is a mystery on what to do at the moment as I have to work it 2:30 - 9pm.

I hope your raspberry patch posts are solid and firm .... & I just love the comment "it's my turn to get those berries".

Candace said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Judy! I'm so not ready for winter. Have a great weekend! ♥


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