Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Second Bloggiversary

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Yorkshire, Scottish Blackface Sheep - my favorite!
I wonder if he'd loan me enough wool to knit a scarf?
It was two years ago today that I put up my FIRST BLOG POST  for all the world to see (Okay, make that about 2 people - Debbie and Kevin). I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, except that I was being pestered by a friend to start blogging. I listened to her. What was I thinking?? :-)

Actually, I've really enjoyed blogging the past two years. I've noticed a trend toward fewer words and more pictures in my posts, however.  I know that people are busy and may appreciate less text and more photos. I can do that.

I tend to write about whatever strikes me. Some kindly call my blog 'eclectic.' That's a nice way of saying that I don't seem to have any particular focus. :-)  My posts usually revolve around the following subjects:
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Arts and Crafts, including my handcrafted soaps, knitting, baking, cooking, sewing, etc.
  • Gardening and canning
  • My dogs and cats, those delightful creatures whom we love and who keep us awake at night... and sheep. No, I don't have sheep, but if I could import a Yorkshire/Scottish Blackface, I would! I suspect that Kevin would frown upon keeping him in the house, however.
  • Our home, and the things we occasionally do to improve it
  • Books I love, including those by C.S. Lewis, R.C. Sproul, G.K. Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, Dorothy L. Sayers, etc.
  • Scripture to ponder, especially those involving God's amazing mercy and grace, shown in sending His only Son to rescue sinful people - like me.
  • Vintage, or things I've had around quite a while and thought weren't worth anything til I saw the same things in an antique store. (I still can't think of 70s clothing or decor as 'vintage.' To me they are simply an example of poor taste. Sorry to the younger generation who seem to love it.) :-)
  • Travel, to infinity and beyond (but most likely Wisconsin, Texas, and England - I have not lost hope about returning to England.)
  • Family, including those irresistible grandchildren 
 Eeyore, a happy defender of the Second Amendment
      Flags at Brit's Pub, Minneapolis
    (one of my favorite places to go for dinner - on special occasions)

    I've met some great bloggers over the past couple years, and although there are many blogs I love to visit, due to keeping this short, I will mention only a few of them here.  The following have been great readers and 'commenters' on Cranberry Morning, nearly since the beginning...and I appreciate it!

    Mary, from Food Floozie, is a delightful blogger who has managed to find just about every cool place to eat in the Ann Arbor, MI area! (and on a budget as well!) She shares her thoughts and recipes and great Ann Arbor places on a nearly daily basis.

    Jenn, from Jenn's Food Journey, is a terrific griller. With lots of wonderful recipes for the grill, and some for the smoker, she manages to entice us all with her enthusiasm and encouragement! So many of my recipe files have the name 'Jenn' next to them!

    Gloria, from Under Her Wings, has become a great 'virtual friend.' Although she lives a long way from NW Wisconsin, I feel like I know her. She always has great insights into Scripture (and human nature) and brings me daily inspirational posts.

    Pam, from Empty Nester is an amazing goal setter. Living in the South, she has such un-Scandinavian events as oyster roasts and beach parties! With a lovely family and cute Tucker (her dog), she has a great sense of humor which entertains and uplifts her readers.

    J - on-Tour@Jayzspaze is from Northern England where he writes about that corner of the world. He's a great walker/ tour guide /writer and brings us seriously good posts packed full of information and wonderful photos he's taken. If  you're thinking about taking a trip to England, you should definitely check out his blog.

    Jane, from Midwest to Midlands, posts daily gorgeous photos from the heart of England. Stunning photography of that enchanted island (and a hint of jealously) take me to her blog on a regular basis!

    So let me close by telling all who follow Cranberry Morning just how much I appreciate you and your very welcome comments. I love hearing from you! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me. :-)

    If you've just happened upon this blog, I'd love it if you'd follow along and keep the conversation going!


    ...and more! Check out all my soaps at


    Unknown said...

    First - Happy Bloggiversary!!! :)
    Second - Thank you so much for the shout out! I feel very honored that you highlighted me here. It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the last year - but I knew we were kindred souls when I saw your cats!! Thanks for continuing to blog!

    Unknown said...

    Hi Judy! Happy Bloggiversary! It's been fun getting to know you. The photos of your trips and family are wonderful and I just bought one of your soaps, looking forward to this new experience of homemade soaps! Blessings to you and all the Lord has in store!

    Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

    Happy Bloggiversary! I am grateful that God has crossed our paths in this venue. Hubby and I are planning some trips on the Goldwing this summer. Your state is one of them. Maybe we will show up in your neck of the woods. =)

    Paulette said...

    Happy second Bloggiversay, I enjoy reading your blog, and alway love to see your warm, friendly comments on my blog

    Joyce said...

    Happy Blogaversary : )

    Denise said...

    Happy Blogaversary, love your blog.

    Heide at ApronHistory said...

    Happy Bloggiversary!! Can't believe it has been that long already.....
    I like all the subjects you blog about, it reflects life!

    Carla from The River said...

    Thank you for the inspiration! Bobby Jean told me to checkout Cranberry Morning. I enjoy it! Thank You for blogging.

    Debra Hawkins said...

    Happy Bloggiversary! I love your posts and look forward to more!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Anniversary Judy! I always enjoy reading your blog, and see your travel photos ^_^
    Have a great day my friend!


    jennyfreckles said...

    Congratulations! I like coming here never knowing what I will find - all part of the fun and charm of your blog.

    SImple and Serene Living said...

    Congratulations on your bloggiversary. I tend to be a bit eclectic too, depending on my mood. I am loving getting to know you.

    Ruth Kelly said...

    Learning new terminology with blogging - happy 2nd to you. My first one went right over my head into oblivion.

    Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

    Happy Bloggiversary, my friend!

    Jean | Delightful Repast said...

    Happy Second Blogiversary, Judy! You started blogging just a few days before I did! I love your eclectic blog and hope you'll keep it up forever!

    Yenta Mary said...

    Here I was, feeling guilty for being so far behind this week and being fashionably late in wishing you a HAPPY, HAPPY Blogoversary! And then, as I read along, I see that you even mentioned me ... aw, shucks. You and I have that big ol' lake between us, and would never have met without the wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) world of blogging. Thank you so much for your friendship, your wisdom, your faith, your family, and all the other fabulous things you share each day ... :)

    Candace said...

    Happy Bloggiversary, Judy! I'm so happy that you started blogging and so happy that I found you out there. You never cease to bless my heart. :)

    Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

    Wow, 2 years! That's a great accomplishment! I am rather new to the party here, but hope you'll be blogging many more years. Vicky from Mess For Less

    J_on_tour said...

    Bloggiversary ... that's a great word, I love that.

    Congratulations on your milestone. At first, I was an unexpected visitor to your blog with your true to life captures of Yorkshire life in a way that a landscape Photographer could never do.

    I have since discovered that your work (the ultimate variety blog) is much more than what you write about, it's about your humour and how you say it.
    I'd also like to thank you for your kindness, concerns, communication and prayers which make you a cut above the others.

    Thanks for the mention, I'm happy to show people around the UK on my blog with some destinations that even surprise me.

    (On a side note ... You'll be pleased to know that I made good progress in the computer shop today on some photographic templates and even though I may not have them up and running for the next post, I'm a lot happier about it tonight. )

    Lastly I must apologise for the amount of content that I contribute here ... I'll always remember that book post !!! haha


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