Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alfresco Chicken Sausages Recipe, Stirfry

Pretty and Delicious

Thank you so much to all who responded to yesterday's prayer request. I will keep you posted when there are any updates to share.


I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Yesterday we went to look for the new front door to the addition. (Not that the addition is built yet, of course, but just planning ahead). Every door I was looking at (with sidelight) was about $1200 minimum. Are you kidding? When did doors get to be so expensive?? And besides that, there will be so many expenses by the time you add new refrigerator and dishwasher and stove (and that's just for the kitchen) that we pared down our expectations a bit and purchased a lovely door that was on sale for $289.00. The glass in the door reminds me of the Prairie style - Craftsman. I'm not an expert on these things, so there probably is a real name for it. No side light, but there will be so much light coming in from patio doors that it really doesn't matter.  And, we got it home without breaking it - which is always a plus.

On with the show, this is it ♫

This is a variation on a theme -  Angela's breakfast. Not exactly like hers, but enough so that it should have her name attached. It's one of my favorite meals, but I never eat it at breakfast. I like it better at dinnertime.

Angela's Breakfast, Alfresco Chicken Sausages & Veggies Recipe:  (Spicy Jalapeno and Sundried Tomato are my 2 favorites)

Flowering Kale (I raised this stuff a couple years ago as an ornamental plant in my flower garden. I had no idea it was edible!)
Black Beans, rinsed and drained
Alfresco brand gluten-free chicken sausages (all are good), pkg. of 4, thinly sliced
Onion, 1, chopped
Garlic, 1 clove, minced
Parsnip, pared and diced
Sweet potato, pared and diced

In a couple T. olive oil in a large skillet, brown the chicken sausages along with the garlic and onion. Lift sausages from oil and set aside for now.

In a steamer, steam parsnip and sweet potato for just a couple minutes.

Place parsnips, sweet potato, and chicken sausage mixture back into the main skillet. Add flowering kale, rinsed black beans. 

Sprinkle with a little salt and cayenne. Stirfry until everything is thoroughly hot and kale is slightly wilted.

Let me know if you love it! :-)

Hope you had a great Labor Day!


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Unknown said...

Sounds fantastic, Judy!

Sending out my thoughts and prayers to you and your friend! xo

Sandra said...

the stir fry sounds great to me...that is a super deal on the door.. and good for you finding a bargain... i had no idea what a door cost. that is shocking...

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I have been wanting to try a few new recipes and this looks delicious!! I didn't realize doors were that expensive either.

Ruth Kelly said...

You must have been looking at wood doors - they are miuch more expensive than the metal doors.

Denise said...

Wonderful recipe.

Terra said...

Hi Judy, we share some things in common and I am following you back :) On friend connect and on bloglovin.
I grew up in Wisconsin and attended college there, I like the English countryside and also Lord Peter Wimsey. C.S. Lewis is my Christian mentor thru his writings.

Terri D said...

The recipe sounds wonderful. I wonder if spinach could be substituted for the kale. I'll never get Joe to eat kale again. He hated it. Sigh.

Love the door story! We need new doors (French doors) in the front. Crazy expensive. Not happening. Wood putty, sanding and paint...old will be like new! LOL

It must be exciting (on top of exhausting) to be getting everything new!! What fun to pick out just what you want!!

Olive said...

We always look at good used solid wood doors at Habitat for Humanity Restore. That seems to be the place here to locate a good door in my price range anyway. I have prayed for James today as I am just back to my blog today.

NanaDiana said...

That sounds great, Judy. I make kale "chips" sometimes, too, and love them.

Doors really are expensive. We used to have a window, siding and door company and just the cost from the factory is higher than you would think. There was much more profit in the windows and siding than there there was in the doors. Glad you found one that was reasonable! xo Diana

Sunny Simple Life said...

That looks so good. Colorful and pretty too. Praying and hoping things are well. Got you back on my blog roll. Lost everyone when I switched to the .com. Yeah!! welcome back, lol.


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