Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014, First Picnic with Asparagus

 Memorials pictured are from Rice Lake, WI


Remembering those who died in active military service of our country.

Beautiful Rice Lake

The First Picnic With Asparagus

The First Picnic

BBQ Pork Loin
Fresh Steamed and Buttered Asparagus
Kalamata Olives

I'm not referring to the first picnic ever, of course. I'm referring to our first picnic of the season. My mom loved picnics and I seem to have inherited that picnic gene, along with a love of asparagus.

First picking

It seems like we wait forever for winter to finally wear itself out, for the asparagus to be released from its ice prison and make its way through the soil. It's mostly like wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, BOOM! Suddenly the asparagus is up and growing so fast you can't keep ahead of it. That is a good thing, and I am not complaining.  We now have two asparagus beds, one old and dying out, just barely keeping ahead of the rodents who apparently survive on asparagus roots during the winter - and the other young bed that's going like crazy. I'm hoping the rodents don't find that one.

There is nothing like the first taste of steamed and buttered asparagus from the garden. One day in late winter, while our garden asparagus was still under snow, I was thrilled to find asparagus at the local grocery store and purchased two bundles. We ate one, only to find that it didn't taste anything like asparagus. It didn't taste anything like anything. It was just green nothingness. We threw the second bundle out.

When the kids were little, I was a bit disappointed as they all, one by one, were introduced to asparagus...and loved it. I know. Just judge me quietly.

Do you raise asparagus? Are you having a picnic on this Memorial Day?

 These guys spent the winter indoors and 
I hope to get them outdoors again in the next day or so.


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Denise said...

Yes, we are having a picnic. On the menu-hamburgers, potatoe salad,corn on the cob. Enjoy your day my friend.

MadSnapper said...

this is my first picnic with aparagus and also the first with china and cups and forks.. my mother was the queen of picnics. but that meant a table cloth on the ground or beach or a picnic table in the woods on the side of a road. our favorites were when traveling from GA to KY 12 long hours, we ate on the hood of the 53 pontiac... she spread her blue checked table cloth, got out pineapple and mayo and white bread and made sandwiches or balonga and mayo and white bread with chips...

Unknown said...

I was so torn with buying asparagus plants last weekend - but decided to start the kitchen garden only next summer ( too much going on around here lol ) but it's one of my favorite vegetables - could eat 5 plates full with butter and pepper !
How did you keep those flowers indoor Judy - do you have a green house?
Happy Memorial day!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your images are beautiful. Enjoy your Memorial Day and the picnic it is a very important holiday. I am not a big fan of asparagus I have no idea why.Hug B

Anonymous said...

The area around the lake looks stunning, and they are impressive memorials.
Enjoy your picnic - I too love asparagus, although my one attempt to grow it was a failure.

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Memorial Day, Enjoy, Francine.

podso said...

Beautiful photos! I have to confess not to loving asparagus, at least not how my mom made it. I really haven't learned to make it the good way. So we don't have any in our garden! But I'm sure it's better than what you buy.

Cranberry Morning said...

BTW, I don't have a greenhouse, and was surprised that my DragonWing begonia was able to be brought into the house in the fall and survive! Eric told me that it didn't like the change in location, which is why it lost all its flowers after moving. BUT, I cut it way back and watered it faithfully. In very little time it was blooming again and has kept blooming all winter and spring. I do have it in a south-facing window, so I think that helped.

I understand not liking asparagus if you've only had canned or killed asparagus (like I had when I was growing up.) I think it was common to cook it to death until it was a gray with a greenish tinge. Yech! Steamed only until it's tender-crunchy and bright green is a whole different taste. You might find that you like it! An don't forget the butter. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

i love the memorials.

i didn't know about asparagus until i was in my 30s, i think. i led a sheltered life. :) i do love it, though.

Suzan said...

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for Remembering!

Pamela Gordon said...

I haven't been on a picnic in a while but enjoy dining on our deck often in the summer months (when it's not raining!). I love asparagus and bought some at the grocery store this spring. Imported from somewhere. The first bunch was delicious but the second was gross. I'll wait for fresh local which should be out soon. I love asparagus sandwiches rolled into little short bites of yumminess. I should buy some plants for our new garden! yes. I should. Enjoy your holiday today.

Terri D said...

Yes, I love asparagus and had a bed when I lived in Maryland (late 70s, early 80s). The asparagus grew with the strawberries. I don't buy it in the grocery - only at a farmer's market. We cooked burgers on the grill today, but ate them inside. Too hot outside!!

Cheryl said...

No picnic for us today as my husband had to work the holiday this year.

Asparagus? We do grow it! Yum!! Ron and I were the only ones who liked it for a while, but now both girls have learned to like it too. I'm glad that they like it, but that means that we can't hoard it for ourselves any more. :)

Your picnic menu sounds (looks) fabulous!

Hannah said...

Your soap looks yummy. My DIL likes to make soap. I like asparagus, but can't seem to grow it because the voles like to eat the roots. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, Judy!

Judy S. said...

Sounds like you had a yummy picnic! It was good to see pictures without snow although our DD#1 had to scrape some off her car the Saturday before last in Chicago! And yesterday it was very WARM there; go figure.

Carla from The River said...

I love asparagus too. My mom has a nice patch, but she does not share. :-) She will only give you one meal.

Donna said...

We love asparagus but never tried to grow it. We've been able to pick up some delicious bundles at the grocery store when the vegetable is in season.

J_on_tour said...

I could somehow tell that were excited to get out and enjoy the weather before you mentioned the other 'W' word.


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