Friday, December 5, 2014

English Toffee Recipe - Easy

This rectangular Tupperware box was almost half full.
Just look what 2 sticks of butter and a cup of sugar can make! 
(besides heartburn)

This is the second of my Christmas recipes. The first was Christmas Clam Chowder, from last Friday.

I posted this recipe a couple years ago, but thought you might not mind getting a refresher. After all, it easy, delicious, and an all-time favorite. What could be better than that! In fact, you might want to make two batches - and with this recipe, making two separate batches works much better than trying to make one double batch. Take my word for it.

Okay, I'd like a show of hands here: How many of you have been keeping this a secret from me these oh-so-many years?? If I'd known then what I know now, I would never have bought a Heath Bar, a Skor bar, or a piece of English Toffee.  Ever. This is simple.

When I did the Google Search for English Toffee, the entry that caught my eye was Cooking for Engineers.   What??! So of course I clicked on that one. What I found next, as I scrolled down past all the usual wordy, imagey stuff, was this CHART which showed at a glance exactly what I needed, what I needed to do, and when I needed to do it. It was perfect!

(You'll need to click on the link above for the easy recipe.) 

Once you get to the recipe, you'll notice that just above the recipe, on the right, is a link, 'recipe card.'  It allows you to print out only the chart, which I did, and then I noticed a recipe for lemon bars, so I printed out the chart for that also. Mmmmm. Lemon bars!

Toffee, after chocolate chips and crushed almonds are applied

English Toffee, Ready to Serve

A few things you will want to know:
1.  I set my burner between LOW and MED and toward the end, only lowered it. Be patient.
2.  It does take about 15 minutes of steady, seriously fast stirring as you're waiting for the toffee to reach 300 degrees. (It helps a lot to have a candy thermometer!)
3. Do not make a commitment to lose 10 pounds until this stuff is out of the house! Don't say you weren't warned.

P.S. The best price I've found on almonds is at Farm & Fleet, but I actually like the Blue Diamond almonds better. I buy the big bags at Walmart. They don't last long around here.


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Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow! That toffee looks delicious. The Cooking for Engineer's site looks very neat!! Cool format.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my but that Toffee looks so yummy, thanks for sharing. Blessings FraNCINE.

The Cranky said...

This looks wonderful, I may just have to use this recipe and add it to my Christmas sweeties for the Great Scot and kidling. Along with the peanut butter fudge, Scottish tablet, and Scottish macaroon.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I had to laugh about the big bags at Walmart.

Son and DIL buy those big bags too and they also buy big laundry detergents and things like that. I couldn't find ketchup in their fridge one time, because I was looking for an ordinary sized bottle. Here they had some gigantic foot tall thing on the side. LOL.

I'll have to show this recipe to my DIL due to all of the almonds at their house! :)

Terri D said...

My absolute favorite candy bar is the Heath Bar. This looks SO good!! I do have a candy thermometer - somewhere. I really need a piece of this right now!!

Linda Kay said...

Judy, I'm making the clam chowder this weekend for friends, so I'll report back on the results. Not sure I'd have time for the toffee, but it sure looks good. Thanks for sharing these recipes.

Debbie Harris said...

OH! OH! OH! This is my ultimate favorite and I mean favorite candy!! Melt in your mouth to die for! :)
I have a friend who makes this every Christmas and shares it with me, but WILL NOT give her recipe away.
I will be printing this recipe for sure, and those lemon bars sound like a winner as well.
Thank you for sharing with us, Judy.
Have a most blessed day.
Joy! Debbie

Stephanie said...

Oh yum! I love English Toffee, but have never made it before. This is definitely going on my "To Make" list.

Happy weekend, Judy! Hugs

September Violets said...

Heartburn, weight gain ... what are we waiting for?! You forgot possible loss of fillings ;) This looks delicious despite all the associated dangers! Wendy x

Jhona O. said...

Oh, yum...I am going to have to make this! Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

Love toffee! Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Those Toffees looks delicious however I will not be trying them as the last time I did I lost a filling from my tooth!!!

Nancy said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the recipe link and the tips

MadSnapper said...

well, it wasn't me keeping the secret since i don't cook and never bake and the only candy i ever made was when my kids were young, 50 years ago, i made fudge a few times. so what is wrong with buying candy? easy? are you kidding me? i looked at the link and will send it to my two friends that bake/cook. it is a great site. but when i looked at it i was comparing all those photos and charts to walking in a store and picking up a bag of candy.. NOPE still not cooking. but i will eat any than anyone else cooks.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Yum yum. Had to chuckle though about the heartburn comment. Indeed.

Butter, cream, sugar. It makes such delicious treats.

Wishing you a beautiful day. Happy Baking.


Susie said...

When I was a kid, I thought toffee was a wonderful flavor. I still like it, but I try not to eat hard candies. You sure tempt me though. LOL. Blessings for a terrific weekend, xoxo,Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

It looks divine! I have not seen Skor in a long time, but it used to be Phil's favorite. He loves this kind of thing. But I have a mouth of many caps.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love English Toffee. Thank you for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious!

21 Wits said...

Beautiful idea, and if I get the chance this would be most delicious to try!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh yummy Judy! The only candy I make is almond bark with white chocolate. For years hubby bought me a box from Laura Secord and then one day he was gifted with a homemade version. Since you can't tell the difference, I asked if he would get the recipe from the woman who was quite willing to share.
Once it's made however...ahem..I keep snagging a piece until it's gone. I would be worse with the toffee, as I love it too. :-)

Empty Nester said...

I think I gained another 10 or so just reading about that stuff! LOL

Michelle said...

That looks so good!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Judy,

The Toffee looks really yummy:)
Have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I would love this! Wishing you a nice weekend. Raining here in GA.

Trace4J said...

Super yummy.
I made it a few years ago.
So addicting.
Thanks for sharing your recipe.

This N That said...

You're making my mouth water. Yum looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Wow! This looks so good. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I would love to make some for the holiday.

Unknown said...

The toffee looks delicious! Thanks for visiting and following along. I'm now following too.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

English + toffee = I'm going to love that recipe!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Judy, your toffee looks delicious! And the clam chowder sounds yummy to me, it is a cold windy day here. Soup would be wonderful.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week ahead!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I'm definitely bookmarking this. Toffee is my all-time favorite! Thanks so much for the recipe Judy.

Dee said...

TOFFEE..oh looks so yummy♥

Lynne said...

English Toffee . . . a favorite of mine . . .
I MIGHT make a batch although my doc won't be very happy with me if I do!
Soooo tempting . . .

Chatty Crone said...

Those look delicious - but not very diet like! lol

Do you know you have word verification on?


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