Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hodgepodging Another Birthday and Autumn

September 4, 2017

Join Joyce and the Gang

 She writes the questions;
we write the answers.
Plug them into your own blog post
and join in!
1. When you think about your future what do you fear most? Hope for the most?

At some point, getting our farm ready to sell and moving is the thing I fear AND hope for the most.

2. September is National Chicken Month. How often is chicken on the menu at your house? What's a favorite dish made with chicken? What's something you're a 'chicken' about doing or trying?

Chicken is probably on our dinner menu at least twice a week. I love chicken stirfry, chicken penne pasta, chicken vegetable soup, baked chicken, etc. etc. I can't think of what I'm a chicken about at the moment.

It's starting to look very fallish around here.
I picked the wild catnip for kitty entertainment in the winter
The wonderful McIntosh apples from our persevering old tree
will become apple crisp by tomorrow night.

3. What are three things you don't own but wish you did?

A Tardis-style carry-on bag that totally packed weighs no more than 10 pounds. 2 ounces.
A refrigerator that's six feet wide and 1 foot deep.
A silent snowmobile.

Cute little calves and many calf hutches.
The other calves are off the photos.

4. Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one? Elaborate.  If you answered one, which one?

I tend to be more a jack of all trades and master of none. At this point, I would like to be a master of one, but it reminds me, with a chuckle, of our oldest son who, upon hearing his younger sister play the violin (beautifully, I might add) said,

'I'd do anything to be able to play like that.
Well, anything but practice.' 

5. Ketchup or mustard? On what?

Coarse, dark, and spicy mustard - on a burger or chicken sausage. No yellow French's mustard, please.

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Over the weekend we were at another grandson's birthday. He is now seven years old and just started school yesterday. He's a fun kid, and made sure that I knew the names of his seven Angry Birds before I left to go home.

 7 little angry birds
and I can name them,
but I have no idea what they're angry about

 A sweet and fun grandson


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Preppy Empty Nester said...

Helloooo sweet Judy! Love the "silent snowmobile" comment! Your grandchildren just keep getting cuter. Have a great week!

Cathy said...

Isn't it just the best thing in the world to be a grandma? Love your son's answer about playing the violin. Sure do wish I had practiced more playing the piano when I took lessons. 😊

eileeninmd said...

Hello Judy, great answers. Happy belated birthday to your grandson! The cake looks yummy.

Is there such a thing as a silent snowmobile? The fall colors are starting around here, seem early though. I love chicken, always looking for new recipes. Love the cattle scenes and barn.

Have a great day!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed every answer and each time I come here it doesn't matter what you write about or what your answers are because your photos are always amazing and I love photos even with or without words. You know how much I love your Barns and cows and that photo of your grandson with his cake is just priceless. I love mayo and ketchup on both hot dogs and hamburgers. I also love Mayo on Saltines on white bread and brown bread on any kind of bread just a mayo sandwich. Of course that's not on my diet now but I do have it on my hamburger when I have a purple once every two weeks. My biggest fear of all is losing my husband and at our age it's something to fear. I would love to be a master of a trade but I do love your answers they made me laugh

Sue said...

Enjoyed this so much, Your photos always tell a wonderful story, wishing your grandson a very happy birthday! Have a blessed day,

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Oh I can't imagine you not living on the farm and sharing the sights and scenes with us. And yes, that is the cutest little 7 year old. He has the most infectious smile. Don't we just love being a grandmother?

Nonnie said...

Your photos always cheer me up! Love the little birthday boy with that cake. Just glowing with joy! Yes, it's so important to get all the names of their toys right. For us, it's all about Ninjas. Wish I could live on your farm and pick those lovely apples. I've never seen an apple tree or cherry tree.

Stephanie said...

What lovely answers, my friend. And what beautiful photos. The red barn took my breath away!

Enjoy your day, Judy! Hugs!


Love your answers...and your pictures. I especially love the barn shots.

Debbie said...

Enjoyed your hodgepodge! Can't tell you the things I have learned from my grandkids and how important it is to them that I know it! lol. That last picture of the grandson with his cake is just adorable. You have captured the joy in his heart perfectly! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Joyce said...

Your grandson is a handsome little fella! Happy birthday to him : ) I'm sure the idea of selling the farm is overwhelming. Selling a house is hard enough, but when the time is right I'm sure you'll get it done. Have a great day!

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I just love. love, love your farm. Love the photo's - and your grandchildren are so cute. I know the thought of you selling and leaving the farm have to be horrific. Live huh? Not always easy.

Susie said...

Judy, Sending good wishes to your grandson , for his birthday. All those sweet little faces. We love our little ones, don't we ? :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie
p.s. I would love to move back to town and dread of packing is overwhelming.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Darling grandboy with his birthday cake, Judy! I have grandsons, but know nothing about angry birds. I guess they aren't interested in them. I love your first photo ---so pretty. I can see why you would have issues leaving such a beautiful spot. ♥

L. D. said...

I always wondered why the birds were angry too. Cute kids in your photos. I really like your photos a lot being an old farm boy at heart.

Vee said...

Now wait a minute, one of those angry birds is a pig. 🐷

You are onto something with your refrigerator design. I'd like those measurements for the pantry and the linen closet, too.

It is looking autumn lovely in your corner. 🌻🍁

Creations By Cindy said...

Dear Judy, I loved all of your pictures. What sweet smiles this morning. Please keep Florida in your prayers dear lady. I would appreciate it so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Mrs.T said...

Loved your answers and especially the photos, Judy. That basket of apples --- just lovely. So evocative of the season.

One of my grandsons is also an angry birds/bad piggies fan. I know absolutely nothing about them, but he certainly does! Your grandson is so handsome! And that pensive-looking Rapunzel -- just too, too cute.

Carla from The River said...

Oliver ... my oh my his face. :-)

What is a silent snowmobile?

As always LOVE your photos.

podso said...

Great fall-ish pictures. Is there such a thing as a frig like that? Sounds good to me, though I don't keep our frig real full so it's not so hard to get to the back. I do like our freezer down below so we don't have to bend to look to the bottom frig shelf. Nice for the tall gardener. I guess here we are going to gear up for Irma--I wasn't planning to but it sounds like we should be somewhat prepared, as many of us here remember the Hugo surprise.

Cindy said...

That refrigerator?! Yes please!!

Jean | said...

Judy, your grands are adorable. Maybe not as adorable as your cats, but still! Love your son's comment about playing the violin. Sounds like me. I've felt precisely the same way about playing the guitar and piano. Oh and harp and cello.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL while I was enjoying your lovely photos at the end I cracked up about the angry birds :)

I was at the bus stop the other day with the grandgirls. They both had on what I explained to them was ( what we called in the olden days ) "Maxi Skirts"

For some reason this struck them as being hysterically funny! They were giggling about Maximum something or other. After school, even their mom had no clue what it was all about....turns out is was due to some cartoon or game.

That is one handsome grandson that you have there! :)

Cheryl said...

Your fall is looking beautiful so far! I can smell that apple crisp as it bakes! (Although I am late to the party this week, so it has probably all been eaten by now.) :)

What a handsome birthday boy with a winning smile!

Lynne said...

I liked the
7 Angry Birds bit . . .
And Birthday grandson wanting to make sure you knew the names.
I like grandsons eyes . . .
He looks sweet . . . and fun!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Love the fall pictures you shared, the bridge one is especially lovely! What fun to celebrate such precious moments with your grandchildren! Enjoy your apple crisp, it is the season to bake with them! Next up will be pumpkin pie... my pumpkins are coming right along in the garden, yum :) Hugs to you today!


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