Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday Medley and Bits of Life Wednesday

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Thanks again this week, Terri, for the Wednesday Medley questions!

1.  With the holidays coming, what is your most essential appliance to help you prepare for the celebrations?

I'd say my most essential appliance is my beautiful deep red KitchenAid mixer. I use it for everything from cookies to bread. I used to keep it behind cupboard doors with the toaster, but I moved it out onto the counter where I can admire it. LOL When I saw it on sale, I finally managed to buy it after putting it back onto the shelf twice. I'm so glad I went through with the purchase!

2.  What is your favorite (clean) word?

You mean about cleaning? It would be 'vacuum,' because I notice the most difference when done. OR maybe the word is 'cleanser,' because I love how my old cast iron enamel sink still sparkles after all these years and how grateful I didn't take the advice of all those who thought I should get stainless steel. OR if you just mean a clean word, I guess my favorites are 'reciprocity' and 'verisimilitude' because I love the way they feel. I know, weird, isn't it.

3.  Are you a good judge of character?

Yes, I think I'm a very good judge of character. For one thing, I learned from my parents' example never to take subject A's word for subject B's character. There are too many people who think they can make a friend by creating a common enemy. Shudder. I like getting to know someone myself and try to see through the 'fluff.' I think I'm pretty good at that.

 Last Saturday was wood-splitting Saturday.
A lot was accomplished!
Note the littlest woodsman.

4. What is the last thing you took a picture of? Can you share it with us?

Well, of course, it just so happens to be a picture of Tommy & Smokey! 

 Two heads are better than one.
Tommy & Smokey

5. Tomorrow, November 15, is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.  How do you intend to celebrate?

You're kidding. There's a day for that? I suppose it was created for people like me who need a special occasion to do the job. Actually, because we're going to be leaving in a couple weeks and would like the house and refrigerator not to be disgusting, I will be cleaning it for sure. Maybe not tomorrow, though. It's that rebellious streak.

 God condescends in Christ to enter our human condition 
and to give his whole self away for our sakes. - Bishop Robert Barron

I have another Advent book soon to arrive in the mail. I like to get something new for Advent each year. I know, you're still planning Thanksgiving. But we celebrated our family's Early Thanksgiving on October 13, so I'm moving on. This morning, because of the very cold day and snow on the ground, I'm playing Christmas music. What's playing right now is 'Christmas With The Academy.' Academy and Chorus of St. Martin in the Fields (where it actually was before everyone got the idea that they wanted to live in London.) 

 9 degrees F.
Anyone want to get on that swing?

6. Tell us something random about your week!

Winter has settled into Northern Wisconsin in a big way. It was 9 degrees F. this morning and of course there's snow on the ground. But we are planning to make our annual pilgrimage to St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis and the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, MN. And of course we'll get a snack at Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue and have dinner at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis.

 Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis


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Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!
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Preppy Empty Nester said...

I love the fire engine red mixer! We don't have a log splitting day because we have gas fireplaces. We do have Holy Sheet Day tho. As always, I love the pics of your darling kitties. Have a great week, Judy.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I am sure your red mixer comes in handy. That is a big pile of fire wood, you will be warm this winter. The snowy scene gives me chills, we may have our first snow of the season tomorrow. Cute photo of your kitties. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Nonnie said...

I love my kitchen aid mixer too, but regret not buying the big one. I didn't think I needed it, but I was wrong. Your pictures are always so lovely. I really like the one with all the wood and the fireplace, the cats and the nativity scene. Happy Thanksgiving to you. No, the swing doesn't look fun today. It's brrrrrr cold here in Texas, too.

Stacy said...

I have sink envy! When we redid our kitchen several years ago I chose a porcelain sink, as well. Sadly, my family hasn't cooperated in its care and the bottom of one basin is pretty much covered with shallow scratches. No manner of explaining things has changed their habits so it is what it is, I guess. If I ever get another I will probably go back to stainless...unless I'm feeling rich and can afford a Corion or granite one.
It's cold here, too, but we don't have the snow. Yet. We should wake up to a couple of inches on Friday morning from what they are saying. Tomorrow morning it will be ice.
Have a blessed day and stay warm and cozy!

MadSnapper said...

I am smiling because I just read you are going out in 9 degree weather.. when we drop to 49, which is supposed to happy Friday for a couple of days only, I shiver inside and say its to cold to go out. LOL.... and no I would not sit in that swing in any degree under 60..
love the little woodsman and agree with your whole answer about judging character.
I had no idea there is a clean out the fridge day... doesn't matter. I do it only when I REALLY REALLY HAVE To... I don't think I have a favorite word, or if I do it is not coming to me now. maybe I should choose MEMMORY as my word since mine seems to be fading fast

Annsterw said...

I love my Kitchenaid mixer too! I use it to shread baked chicken all the time!!! Such a time saver!

MeriwetherGirl said...

Verisimilitude! Excellent word! I had to look it up in the dictionary and then say it a time or two. I hope to use it in the near future but until then I will keep saying it to myself. It does roll right off the tongue! Judy

Chatty Crone said...

I have a red kitchen aide too. Love it, but think I will use the oven more.
I do love my HOME.
So you are a good judge of character - I thought I was too, but I am not so sure anymore.
I ALWAYS LOVE ALL YOUR PHOTOS and I love your two kittens too.
I had no idea there was a clean your refrigerator out!
I admire you for going to Minneapolis in the cold!

Love, sandie

Joyce said...

LOVE my Kitchen Aid too. My mom has already purchased one for my daughter as a bridal shower gift. They had a special edition in a soft matte blue with the cutest hob nail white bowl. I'll probably add the metal bowl too since the glass may not last. It's so cute though!

Debby Ray said...

A Kitchen Aide mixer is on my wish list...but not until we move and I have a bigger place to put it now. I think red is the best color! I always enjoy reading your answers...and seeing cute pics of Tommy & Smokey. :)

Debby Ray said...

A Kitchen Aide mixer is on my wish list...but not until we move and I have a bigger place to put it now. I think red is the best color! I always enjoy reading your answers...and seeing cute pics of Tommy & Smokey. :)

Mrs.T said...

Love your red KitchenAid. I mostly make do with a hand mixer. My daughter has a KitchenAid and loves it.

Cold and snowy here in New Hampshire as well.

Always love seeing your gorgeous photos, Judy!

Heide at ApronHistory said...

A few years ago we helped my brother split logs. Kind of fun but hard on the back. And why is it always in cold snowy weather?? We had to dig the logs out of a snow drift and then kneel in a snow bank to put them in the splitter!

Can't stand stainless steel sinks either. They always look dirty to me. It is very satisfying to see a porcelain sink return it it's sparkling brightness after a good scrub!

Have fun in England!

Cindy said...

Wow, that's a lot of wood! Love the little woodsman out there helping!
Temperatures are dropping here in Seattle, but we're not that cold... yet!

Lori said...

Your mixer is beautiful and I love all of your pictures! I love snow, but I love in Missouri, so we do not always get very much. We got just a little bit today...unexpected and it will be gone probably by tomorrow. Have a great week!

Terri D said...

I love my Kitchen Aid mixer too, but it is plain old white and is over 25 years old (and still working great!). I love your red one! Thanks for joining in!! Those cats have such a smug and contented look on their faces! They know how lucky they are!! Stay warm!!

L. D. said...

I always enjoy reading your responses. I have a red Kerig that stays out on my counter and it is my pride and joy. I can only make coffee with it though. I think I should by my wife one of those mixers.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

I love my Kitchen Aid mixer too, Judy! Mine is white, but I love your red one. Looks like the cold weather has come to your corner. We are expecting a little dusting tomorrow. I know we're wimps, but I'm sure there are folks stocking up with toilet paper and milk.
Love seeing Tommy and Smokey--They are so sweet and I'm sure keep each other warm. Sending you warm wishes beside your lovely fire. ♥

Michelle said...

I have a Kitchenaid mixer and I love it. It gets used for everything.

ellen b. said...

We've celebrated our early family Thanksgiving already, too. We are going to have a little gathering the day after official Thanksgiving with a Deep Fried Turkey this time around. Love your red kitchen aide! I also enjoyed seeing your little woodsman! I bought a new advent book this year called The Way to the Manger by Jeff and Abby Land.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Loved reading all your answers so thanks for sharing. Love the 2 headed cat! Now that red mixer sure means business!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Winter sure came in early...but it seems like to stay! We woke up and it's in the 60s...a cool front came through overnight! lol I'll clean out my fridge if you'll clean out yours! haha Oh....and I mentioned you on my blog this morning! You'll never guess why! Hugs!

Jean | said...

Judy, I'm with you on the cast iron sink. I love my big one-bowl Kohler white cast iron sink (and my white appliances). You can see it in my Meyer Lemon Marmalade post. Love the two-headed cat photo!

This N That said...

That first picture belongs on a postcard. Beautiful. We are in the middle of a big snowstorm right now. Pretty but early. Maybe it'll melt fast. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Cheryl said...

I am so glad to hear that you love your enameled cast iron sink because that is what we put in our kitchen a couple of months ago and we hope to love it long term! I see you have protective mats in yours. Do you recommend that?

Your red Kitchen Aid mixer is a beauty!

Of course, I always love photos of Tommy and Smokey!

Vee said...

Winter is in the process of settling in here. I really need to move to a less snowy state. With no snakes and no alligators and no bugs and more people of the conservative persuasion. Wonder where that’d be... Your red mixer is a beauty and deserves a place of honor on the counter. Besides, those things are heavy to be lifting up and down.

NanaDiana said...

I'm a little late getting here but I enjoyed your answers---as I always do. I hope you have fun on your trip and enjoy the getaway.

I love my Kitchenaid, too. I have the same one you have in white...and it has been a workhorse for many years!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo Diana


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