Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yellow Pig!! Medley

Photo from Monday, taken on the way home from Chetek. 
New Scandinavia Lutheran Church, just up the road from our home.

"Everyone worships something. It's 'worth-ship' - 
what's of highest worth to you? 
The biblical idea is if it's other than God, 
you will disintegrate on the inside 
and society will disintegrate around you."
- Bishop Robert Barron 

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Grab your ice cream maker and invite your friends and neighbors over for an old-fashioned ice cream social! Give this homemade peach ice cream recipe a try. If you need tips for picking fresh peaches visit Frog Hollow for an easy guide to the best peaches. 
First of all, I can't tell you how good that fresh peach ice cream looks to me. Peach is my absolute favorite!!! But it can't be vanilla ice cream with hunks of peaches. It must be peaches blended thoroughly throughout and then maybe extra hunks of peaches besides. It's just amazing.
We actually did make old-fashioned peach ice cream for friends, and after the woman ate her ice cream, her tongue and throat started to swell up and they had to rush to the hospital. She had no idea we were using fresh peaches and we had no idea that she had an allergy to them. It was very scary, so it kinda wrecked a fun time, needless to say.  Anyway, fortunately she survived the homemade peach ice cream incident. And this subject makes me wonder if I could dig out my old ice cream maker...
1.  Do you enjoy fresh peaches?  What is your favorite way to use them in a recipe?
Yes, I do love fresh peaches, especially the freestone type, so you're not fighting with that pit. My favorite recipe would be peach pie.
An Amish farm in our neighborhood on a warm and muggy day




National Wrong Way Corrigan Day on July 17th commemorates the transatlantic flight of an Irish-American stunt pilot from Galveston, Texas. Douglas Corrigan gained notoriety for an unplanned transatlantic flight to Ireland on July 17, 1938. 
Growing up as a boy, Douglas Corrigan’s (January 22, 1907- December 9, 1995) fascination with flight was not uncommon. Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight may have been the most impressionable moment in his young life. In 1938, the young stunt pilot flew from his home in California to New York. Upon arrival, he requested permission to duplicate his hero’s historic flight. They quickly denied his request due to the age of Corrigan’s 1929 Curtiss Robin.  
With only a magnetic compass, Corrigan advised officials he was returning to California.  According to the story, after takeoff, cloud cover prevented Corrigan from accurate navigation. When Corrigan dropped below the clouds hours later, he saw he was surrounded by water. It was then that Corrigan realized his navigation was off. He continued, and 28 hours later, he landed in Ireland. 
That was the story as Corrigan told it. Reporters suggested Corrigan made secret plans to repeat his hero’s flight anyway. However, years later, Corrigan held fast to his original explanation.
National Wrong Way Corrigan Day originates with the date Corrigan left New York in 1938.  In 1987, Long Island commemorated the 49th anniversary of the 80-year-old Corrigan’s flight with a parade and called the day “Wrong Way Corrigan Day.”  The city of Galveston, Texas proclaimed Wrong Way Corrigan Day in 1992 to be celebrated on January 22nd, the date of their hometown hero’s birth. 
2.  Have you ever gone the wrong way on a one-way street?  What do you think about Mr. Corrigan's story?   True or False?
No, never ever. And I sure hope I never do. I think Corrigan got his wish, tried out the cloud cover story, and it's one of those 'That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!' things.




National Yellow Pig Day on July 17 honors the unique attributes of the number 17 and its significance to mathematics. 
If you don’t think the number 17 plays any role in our lives, consider these facts:
  • The number 17 is a premium number in the arena of prime numbers. Add the first four prime numbers together, and 17 is their sum.
  • The average loaded school bus weighs 17 tons
  • Each of the following words has 17 letters:
    • interdisciplinary
    • telecommunication
    • misinterpretation
    • commercialization
    • electrophotometer
  • The atomic number of chlorine is 17.
  • Pebble Beach named a road 17 Mile Drive along the Monterey Peninsula in California. However, the exact length of the road is 16.78 miles.
  • The 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gave the citizens of the United States the right to elect their senators by popular vote. Before the states ratified the amendment on April 8, 1913, each states’ legislatures elected the senators to Congress.
Look for the not so random occurrence of the number 17.  Look!  Yellow pig!
Brush up on your calculus and round up your yellow pigs. Look for the number 17. It’s everywhere! Post on social media using #NationalYellowPigDay.

Don't bother to count them. :-)
Our research found that National Pig Day originated sometime during the early 1960s. Two mathematicians named Michael Spivak and David Kelly analyzed the random properties of the number 17 and a mysterious yellow pig. It seems the process became excessive and professional. Kelly lectured and developed classes around it. Spivak published several mathematics texts, while not based upon it, he does subtly reference the number 17 and Yellow Pig.
I think the Prime Number thing about 17 is about the only unique thing listed. I could say, I saw a cluster of 17 daisies in the ditch or I found 17 wood ticks on me or there were 17 pieces of Swedish fish in the box (before I found it). I mean really. Then again, I'm going to turn 71 in a couple weeks and if you reverse those digits, Voila! (or Bob's your uncle!) YELLOW PIG!! (I might not have used 'Bob's your uncle' correctly. It's one of those mysterious British idioms.)
 Homemade Pizza last Friday night.
I seem to only make it on Friday nights. Friday night pizza and an old movie are a good combination. We re-watched 'The Jury' with Derek Jacobi, Antony Sher, Gerard Butler, etc. etc. 
3.  Tell us about your life when you were 17.
Tending the dinosaurs 24/7.

Breakfast in the screen porch



In 2014, Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge created World Emoji Day.  The date of July 17 has been intrinsic to the iconic red and black Apple calendar emoji since its launch in 2002.

4.  Do you use emojis when you text, email, or FB message? Do you have a favorite?
I do use emojis when I text or Instagram. Hearts, smiley face, grins, laughter, kitties (although they are desperately short of cute kitty emojis these days and there's not even one German Shepherd emoji out there). I also use praying hands and the Cross. Not all at once, mind you.


National Tattoo Day - July 17

National Tattoo Day has been observed since 2016. The founder or source of the day has not been identified.
5.  It has been asked many times, but do you have a tattoo?  Do you want to get a tattoo? 
No tatttoo. Doesn't appeal to me.
 Across the road

6.  Last, but not least, please tell us something about your week!
 After a torrential downpour last evening
From the porch
The two exciting things about the week thus far are:
I was bitten by a deer tick (they're about the size of a poppy seed) who managed to keep his teeny weeny head under my skin for a few days even after the rest of him had been dislodged - which meant a trip to the doctor and 21 days of Doxycyclene and avoiding the sun. The medication is phototoxic and can cause severe skin burns if you're out in the sunshine. SO, we wait for summer all miserable long and cold winter and now when it's gorgeous and 85 degrees and sunny, well. But actually, I'm not truly complaining. There are far worse things than having to avoid the sun. One would be getting Lyme disease. It is a horrible and difficult disease, so many different manifestations, and debilitating in many cases. I thank God that the tick was where I even noticed him, on the inside of my elbow. But if you're outdoors in the North, check for those little rascals. They're so much smaller than a normal wood tick and easy to overlook.
The fun thing about this week is looking forward to an Instagrammer friend and his wife who will be joining us for lunch in the screen porch on Thursday. He's seen my photos from the porch and is merely asking for lemonade on the porch and a rainbow. The lemonade I can do. The rainbow? Hmmm. LOL 
P.S. Bob is not my uncle.

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Have a great Wednesday, everyone.
Thanks again, Terri!


 One of my neighbor girls



Empty Nester said...

Hahahaha! Bob is not my uncle. I'm so glad you saw that tick! You're right about Lyme disease I have a friend who suffers with it. It's like the disease that never leaves. The lady with the thank you. That peach ice cream tale is terrifying. I'm glad she was ok. I used to love the peach ice cream we churned when I was a kid. Not the churning, but the ice cream. LOL Have a great day!

Theresa said...

I have fresh peaches and just might knock the dust off of the ice-cream maker:) I don't have any tattoos either. My husband and I tease about getting one but we are just kidding each other:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Nonnie said...

Hmmmm! Not sure where to begin with all this! Your photos are always so pretty and hey, I want to come visit and drive around your area and sit in your screened in porch. !! If my ice cream has any fruit in it, it had better be well blended as you say. So sad about the peach ice cream incident, and oh, so sorry about the tick bite! Praying you DO NOT have any other repercussions from that. Is The Jury on Netflix or Amazon Prime? I'm going to look for it.

Sandi said...

So true about worship!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

So like the quote at the beginning of your post. "Thou shall have no other gods before me!" Interesting thing is that our very own concept of God can be our "god." And that becomes idolatry. I read once that the greatest amount of time spent worshiping a false god is in church on Sundays. Sad commentary. Loved the pictures and yes, I would love to come and enjoy lemonade and a rainbow on your porch as well.

Sandra said...

so glad you found that tick bite. our lifeguards 17 year old daughter has missed 1 and 1/2 years of highschool be cause of Lyme disease that was not found until 2 years after and she has seizures and has been bed ridden for 18 months. a few hours of missed sun is nothing.
I would love to sit on your porch and see your view also.. at age 17 on July 17, I was waiting for sept 5 to turn 18 so I could start my new job.

Sandra said...

peach or banana home made ice cream is my favorite. Bob's loves Breyers Peach above all others

songbird's crazy world said...

Ugh, atick...but peach ice cream sounds divine.

Terri D said...

Beautiful photos of your surroundings! I know you will miss those fields and barns. As for the tick... glad you found it! One of my blogging friends (who doesn't blog anymore) is allergic to beef and pork because of a tick bite. There is a word for it which eludes me right now, but ticks are BAD. Thanks for joining the Medley today!! Much appreciated!

Schotzy said...

Now I do not have to wonder any longer what folks do when they a re old and covered with tattoos... Wish I didnt know...

Lori said...

The peach cobbler just looks so good! Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - so glad you saw that tick and got on medication. I use emoji's sometimes.

No tattoos for me - that looked so ugly. Didn't know about the number 17.

Thoses peaches in the ice cream - yummy!

Vee said...

How good that you saw that stinking tick...disgusting things. It does seem very unfair that we suffer through the vilest of winters only to have to give up the sun. Well it isn’t Heaven yet. I must say that ten times a day. My attitude probably needs adjusting...well, you be the judge...that tattooed woman is so beautiful from the chin up and buttt ugly everywhere else. What in the world was she thinking? She must have run off and joined the circus. My pastor’s wife got a tattoo on her breast. I told her not to show me because it would cause me to think less of her. πŸ˜£πŸ’πŸ¦πŸŒΊπŸŒΏπŸ§⚓️☀️🀦🏻‍♀️ Oh I do use emoji all at once.

Creations By Cindy said...

Love me some fresh peaches but like to eat them fresh. Loving all the pictures. Oh the tattoo lady...WOW! No tattoo here either. Always thought back in my younger day I'd like a tiny rose or cross or something on my foot. Never had the nerve to do it and so glad I didn't to be honest. And for me...I had to spend my money on groceries cause we like to eat! HA! I hope you have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jean | said...

Judy, you're so funny. And what an eclectic assortment of photos--from beautiful peach photos to the tattooed woman. Why would such a pretty woman want to do that to herself! Glad you caught your tick and hope you won't have any repercussions from the bite or the treatment.

Susie said...

I love the barn photo. The sun shining upon the porch. The rainbow. But gross on the tattooed lady pic. I don't care for them and she obviously has way too many. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Becki said...

I had no idea there was so much around the number 17! I'm sure I'll notice something about it later tonight, since it's now on my mind ;)

Michelle said...

I love peaches, especially in pie. Never had peach ice cream, though. Glad you found that tick and I hope you stay well.


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