Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easy Peasy Dessert

Okay, I know some of you will think this is cheating, but I'm telling you right now: If you're looking for a dessert for anyone who likes dark chocolate (and that would be almost everyone on the planet, right??) Then this is the dessert of choice. What's not to like about delicious AND easy!

AMAZING dark chocolate
Crunchy hazelnuts

Comes in individual wrappers, and can be purchased from Walmart or Target.  I first tasted Ritter seven years ago in a little shop in London. At that time, they weren't in Walmart or Target, at least not in my area. In spite of the fact that I usually eat a Cadbury bar a day when in London (because they're actually available at Underground stations in vending machines devoted solely to Cadbury products!), I tried Ritter and it is the...

...BEST dark chocolate I have EVER eaten. And don't forget: unlike other desserts, dark chocolate actually has health benefits! :-)

I test Ritter bars frequently to make sure, but I think I've got enough evidence in now to conclude that it's also the best dessert money can buy.

So, unless you're really intent upon standing in the kitchen working on a fussy dessert, just pick up several bars of Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate With Hazelnuts!

P.S. Wouldn't you think they could compensate me for my enthusiasm? I'd be willing to take payment in Ritter bars.
P.P.S. Please don't waste your Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts on a milk-chocolate lover. They just don't get it!

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partialemptynester said...

Okay, you really are my kinda woman, lol!! I thought I was the only one that "just gave candy" for dessert! Haha, last night after dinner we sat down as a family to watch a movie and my daughter asked if I'd made a dessert (she's old enough now that I think she was actually thinking of something she could make), but instead of just saying no, I reminded her of the candy cabinet and we all laughed as we sat down to a movie at home, each of us with a small handful of imagine my grin when I opened your post, love it!!! Oh, and those hazelnut Ritter's are indeed soo yummy!! And maybe we should have a Target or Wal-Mart blog party sometime and just discuss our life and times enjoyed in those two places, lol!

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Heide said...

What would we do without our Dark Chocolate!!!

I just tried some chocolate bark from Leagacy. It was 89% with cherries!! Yum!

Cranberry Morning said...

Heide, that is the height of cruelty. I'm sitting here with absolutely no dark chocolate in the house (cuz I ate that Ritter bar, of course!) and you're talking about Legacy!! ;-)

Deborah said...

I love anything that even resembles chocolate BUT it HAS TO BE dark milk chocolate for me. You my friend got me hooked on Ritter so I look when I go to the grocery store for my new stash. I definitely would serve it with a nice hot cup of french roast coffee. Oh that sounds good and I too am all out of Ritter. :(

Pam said...

That is funny. Im a milk chocolate gal myself. My daughter thinks I am weird but she gets to eat more of the dark chocolate so she is happy.

Bethany Nash said...

Okay, I definitely should NOT try this. :)


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