Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Things Considered Chicken Stirfry

 All things considered
All things considered
All things considered,
Well, almost.

Lyrics courtesy of Cousin Roy when he was little.

When my older kids hear the theme music for NPR's All Things Considered, it brings back visions of their mom (me) in the kitchen making a chicken stirfry for supper. I've made this a LOT. Why? Probably because I almost always have the ingredients on hand, and it's somehow quite therapeutic to stand in the kitchen at the end of a busy day, dicing chicken and veggies while listening to the radio.

Just think: At the mere whim of a program director, my children could have been associating As it Happens with chicken stirfry instead!

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (four or five)
1 clove garlic, minced 
Extra Virgin Olive oil for stirfrying
1 onion, chopt

4 ribs celery, sliced on the diagonal
Fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 T. cornstarch
3 T. chicken stock (Kitchen Basics is gluten free)
2 T. white wine
1 t. honey
Salt and pepper, a little cayenne
Chopt almonds or peanuts

Stirfry chicken and garlic til chicken is golden brown on the edges. Set aside.

  Now in that same skillet stirfry the veggies except for the mushrooms. I don't think they're techically vegetables anyway, are they?? Stirfry veggies until a little translucent. We want a degree of crunchiness remaining.

 Add chicken back into the skillet with the veggies and also add the mushrooms.

In a small bowl, make a quick sauce of:
white wine, chicken stock, corn starch, and honey. Stir. Pour over stirfry in skillet. Mix well. Heat thoroughly. Sauce will form a nice glaze. Add salt, pepper, and cayenne as desired.

Serve with hot basmati rice - or serve alone. Sprinkle chopt almonds or peanuts over the top for a little added crunch.

P.S. It's years later and I'm still making chicken stirfry. But these days the radio is tuned to KTLK-FM at 5 PM and now it's Jason Lewis talking me through my chicken stirfries. :-)  Interestingly, KTLK often gives me news that I don't get until a few weeks later on NBC.

P.P.S. I'm so sorry I don't have a photo of the finished product. I was in a hurry to eat and forgot to take the pic. I think you can use your imagination. :-)

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Deborah said...

It ALL looks so yummy except for the mushrooms but I can leave them out. When's dinner??? :D

wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

Looks delicious! New follower from TTA! Hope you'll return the follow :)


Life Happens said...

Yummy! Following from Tuesday tag a long!

Hannah from Life Happens...

Nanna said...

I know what you mean about teh pic', my poor hubby always hears wait!!!!!! I got to take a pic first LOL LOL, stir fy is alwasy a great standby, & there's nvere no mesing it up LOL

Under Her Wings said...

I love stir fry. It's quick and healthy--quick,that is, if one is apt not to eat fast food. By the way, come on down to Arkansas and we'll sweat in the garden and have scones and tea. And talk about the sovereignty of God!

Mhel said...

Looks like a healthy and quick meal. The thing about stir fry dishes, they quick, easy but impressive.

Hi! Im your newest follower from Tues Tag-Along. Nice to meet new fellow foodies. Real fun!Looking forward for recipe exchange with you... Hope you could follow through, drop by, and say hi!


Pam said...

I love stir fry. It would go great with truffles wouldn't it? :) I'm returning your follow and look forward to reading your blog.

Yenta Mary said...

Hi! Following along ... gotta love a blog about food!


SomeGirl said...

YUM! That looks GREAT! And sounds so easy! Thanks for sharing it... just might make it this week. :)

Tiffanee said...

Yum! I often forget about stir-fry and I love it. I am going to try this recipe out and SOON!! Thanks!!


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