Friday, September 3, 2010

York, England, Part II

Here we are in York, England again, as last Friday. Disclaimer: This is from a trip taken in 2007, so it's not exactly 'live,' except in my mind. York is a little over 2 hours from London by train. We actually had rented a car through 1st UK Car Rentals, so we had a lot more flexibility with our itinerary, being able to stop at just about everything we found interesting along the way from Thirsk on one trip and from Manchester on another trip.  Still, if I were going to England and had only a week, I'd make sure to take the train trip from London to York. It is so worth it!

York's 'Snickelways,' narrow streets and alleyways

This is a great city to visit, even on a rainy/snowy day!

Of course the Minster drew me first, 
but the chocolate store wasn't far behind!

The narrow and famous medieval street known as 'The Shambles'

The Shambles

Cross Keys Hotel (and pub), Goodramgate
Near the Minster
Good fish'n'chips - our favorite, most reliable dinner 
Can't get used to those mushy peas, though. 
One has to work to make peas that bad!

 St. Crux Parish Hall where we ate lunch
We found that many churches have an adjacent building or room or basement where they served quick and inexpensive meals.

View of house backs while we were walking along the City Wall

Keep in mind that this was March. We travel in March because it's so much cheaper than in the later spring or summer. For the huge money difference, I can use my imagination to see the flourishing vines and flowers. I can't, however, seem to get my imagination to kick in for 'feeling warm when it's freezing cold.' But I'm working on it.

 Looking over the city

My favorite photo is the one above, which I took from atop York Minster on that snowy, blustery day. I'm going to have it enlarged to poster size and hang it, along with my other favorite Yorkshire photo/posters in our Yorkshire Room, formerly known as our daughter's bedroom. She got married and moved out. What's a mom to do? She's still welcome to stay there with her hubby and new baby when they come to visit. :-) 

Speaking of that new baby, did I show you a photo of him yet? Oh yeah, that's right. Okay.
:-) He and his cousin (born in the spring) are just the cutest ever! a totally unbiased opinion, of course!

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Swati said...

I loved your blog!
I am your newest Follower from Friendly Friday Follow
Looking forward to read more from you :)

Unknown said...

That's when we traveled, end of March, when I took the high school kids. It was snowy at Stonehenge, but it was kind of cool to see it in that scene. I need to go find my pictures and travel vicariously through them.

Caution/Lisa said...

My grandfather was from York. During WWII, his sisters used to spend hours in the Minster. Supposedly, they were there during bombing raids, but I am now thinking that story might not be so plausible.

I love the colors in that picture. Just wish they had a little more green to balance the buildings.

Now I need to click over and meet those grandbabies or yours :)

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful there...the old buildings, the narrow streets. Thanks so much for sharing your photos, it almost feels like I'm there!

Terrell said...

Oh I've always wanted to go! So glad to see these pics..they're great!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Unknown said...

Beautiful. You can just feel the culture through the pictures.

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful there!! One day I'll get there with my kids in tow but still, we'll get there!!

Here from Tidymom, happy friday!

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures!! I have always wanted to visit England. I hopped over from Friendly Follow. I'm off to blog "stalk". :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dawn Lopez said...

Hi there, love the pictures!! We are your newest followers! We hope you will come visit us at, Have a great day =)

Cassiopeia said...

York is the one place in England that we haven't seen. It is so beautiful! I love the architecture and the narrow streets. Hubby says we'll have to go there when we take a ferry to Belgium - this is my holiday in my head too. Kitchen reno comes first! If money left, then a European holiday.

Thanks for sharing your photos. It reminds me of some wonderful vacations we've had.

Denise said...

Another great tour my friend.

Linda... said...

check out my blog; I've given you an award.

J_on_tour said...

Great pictures and memories. York is a must for anyone coming to England, there are visitors there all year round. Coming from the North East of England, I am meant to enjoy mushy peas.... give me garden peas anyday !
I took my Mother with me to York on the train earlier in the year & she opted to eat in St crux parish hall, quiche, sandwich, cake and tea for two and still change back from a £10 note. I'm fascinated by the second picture as I can't make out exactly where it is...fantastic picture though. Lastly you might be interested to know that the Minster was damaged by fire when it was struck by lightening in July 1984, three days after appointing the then Bishop of Durham, who openly denied the resurrection.

Mama Hen said...

I went to York about eleven years ago. These pictures reminded me of my trip. I loved it! I remember walking along the narrow streets and loving the church. Thank you for reminding me of a great trip I had. I have not been back in years. I hope you are having a great weekend! I also hope your daughter and the beautiful little baby are doing great!

Mama Hen

Judy S. said...

Thanka for the great reminder of our time there. Did you get a chance to walk on the wall?

Inspired2cook said...

Love your photos of England! Very charming!

Mama Hen said...

Thank you for your comment. I have to say that these pictures really make me want to return to England. I love going with my friend for coffee or tea in the little shops. The winding roads and endless clouds in the sky. I love visiting other cultures. I hope you have a great night! Come and visit Little Chick. I got a video up. I have been wanting to do that for a while, but did not get around to it.

Mama Hen

Unknown said...

Love the pictures!
Following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great pics! I would love the Chocolate Store. You probably wouldn't get me out!! LOL!

partialemptynester said...

Aww, I saw this post this morning and have looked forward to "taking another trip with you" all day...I've brewed my tea and scrounged around for some chocolate, but we are simply fresh out...but I'm still enjoying "the trip" regardless! Great pictures! I love the view of the city from York Minster and I love how you take pictures of things like the backs of houses while walking on the city wall, very untouristy and gives one the feel of truly being there :)

Thanks, once again, for being a wonderful off to read I go!

. said...

Beautiful pictures!!

I lived in Italy for 2 years...back in 1995-96...and I can remember it like it was yesterday! :)

Mhel said...

Amazing pictures! I love the alleys and the first pic. EVery nostalgic feel. I love vintage and old royal eras....

Anonymous said...

Have never heard the word Snickelways but I have to borrow it and find a way to use it in conversation.


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