Friday, July 15, 2011

Helmsley Castle, North Yorkshire

Helmsley Castle, overlooking the market town of Helmsley

Map Key:
Yellow: Helmsley
Light Pink: Fountains Abbey
Dark Pink: Kirkham Priory
Red: York

Click on the links for previous blog posts on the above Yorkshire locations.

This week I'll rely upon the old saying, 'A picture's worth a thousand words,' for I've been busy enjoying the company of our [darling little] nearly-four-years grandson...when I can catch up to him! :-) 

'The most impressive features of Helmsley castle are its large earthworks with two deep ditches that are cut down through the outcrop of rock on which the castle stands. This ringwork formed part of the original earth and timber castle built in the early 12th century by Walter Espec.' (Remember him?  See my post on Kirkham Priory.)  The above quotation and more about Helmsley Castle can be found at CastleXplorer.

Think 'volleyball' size, not 'marbles' 
Ammunition from England's 17th century Civil War

A village garden nearby
I think those were Brussels sprouts.
I know. I'm easily distracted.

'William de Roos inherited the castle in 1285 and made substantial changes to the property. He added another storey to the east tower, creating new accommodation, and he strengthened the south barbican. He added a new hall that abutted the west tower which he had converted into comfortable private apartments. The castle remained little changed until the 1560's when the west tower and hall were converted into a fine Tudor house for Edward Manners.' - CastleXplorer

So long, everyone. Have a great weekend!
It's beautiful here right now - partly sunny (or as the grandson says, 'Gwamma, it's shiny!') and 67 degrees, my favorite kind of weather!



Under Her Wings said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of England. Always makes me want to travel. And thank you, Judy, for your prayers. The Lord is working on me!

Joyce said...

Gorgeous pictures. Have you been to Warwick Castle (near Stratford)...the medieval torture stuff is pretty amazing. And gruesome. And makes me glad I never lived in the Middle Ages : )

Unknown said...

The castle is great... but I gotta say, the grandson collage is my favorite!! :)

Heide at ApronHistory said...

It sounds familiar? Helmsley.... Maybe I have just watched too much BBC! Everything is starting to sound familiar! Great pictures. Love the one of the tower with all the niches. What were they for? (I am not up on my caslte facts)

Mama Hen said...

Goodness that cookie looks scrumptious! These pictures are gorgeous! I always love your Friday posts and I will have my sisiter take a look at this post along with all the beautiful past posts. They just returned from England, but go back frequently. Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

That darling boy *would* be a distraction all right! As always, I love your photos of England. Especially the sky. Just look at the sky in these photos! And the moss growing on the stone. (sigh)

J_on_tour said...

You certainly have got a good eye for a photograph.
Even though I had seen the castle a few times, I didn't know anything about it until now. Nice detailed but concise history. You know what i am going to say next... I walked past it from the car park on a walk with friends. There was an hour left at the end of the day before closure to explore. Unfortunately I chose Helmsley square with the camera ... one day I'll get them published on blogger in a quiet Autumn moment !! We did have tea in the adjacent walled garden though.
With the publication of your map, I realise that you have seen a lot more locations east of the A1 than I first thought.

Diane said...

Love the pics! What a gorgeous place. I always enjoy your pictures. Again,I would love to visit all those places Ÿ Thank you for "taking" us there Ü

Empty Nester said...

That grandson of yours is PRECIOUS! What an absolute cutie!

Oh, the other pictures were nice too. LOL

HEY. How'd you get 67 degree weather? A couple of days ago, out heat index was 124.

Unknown said...

Once again, awesome pictures of a beautiful country. And the grandson is absolutely adorable! Still hanging in down here, trying to keep up with my life. Someone stop the merry-go-round... I want to gt off. Maybe after NEXT Sunday things will slow down a bit!


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