Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angel Food Candy aka Sponge Candy Recipe

Angel food candy, as it is known here in Wisconsin, actually goes by many other names. Among them, 'sponge candy,' which is what it is called in Buffalo, NY, where it supposedly originated.

Whoever thought it up was brilliant...and persistent. Although it's one of my favorite candies, it is known for being temperamental, so I'd never tried making it before. Actually, putting the ingredients together is very simple. BUT, the weather has to cooperate. I think you need to have high-pressure weather conditions for this to be successful. Mine did not rise as high as I wanted it to, but it still is porous and delicious. Give it a try!

Angel Food Candy*, Recipe:
recipe originally from, with some additions and omissions

2 T. melted butter
1 c. Dark Corn Syrup
1 c. granulated sugar
1 T. cider vinegar
1 T. baking soda
6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips 
1 T. shortening

Line a 9x13 pan with aluminum foil. Brush with melted butter and set aside.
In a large pot, mix corn syrup, sugar, and vinegar. Cook on stove top over high heat until it reaches hard crack stage, 300 degrees F. DO NOT STIR. (Actually, I cooked it on med-medhi heat. I was a little afraid of scorching the sugar).

As soon as the temperature reaches 300 degrees, stir in the baking soda, mixing quickly. DON'T bang the pan around too much. This needs to be light and airy. Think 'souffle.'

Pour this mixture into the foil-lined pan. DO NOT SPREAD IT. Let it rise, and leave it alone while it cools to room temperature.

When cool, remove it from the foil and break it apart into pieces.

Mix chocolate chips and shortening in a double boiler OR as I did, put one small pan on top of another, with water in the bottom pan. Heat over med-hi heat and stir chocolate mixture until completely melted. 

Dip candy pieces into chocolate and set aside on waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Chill to set chocolate. Serve.

* And, this little bit of information from in Buffalo, NY:

Other names for Sponge Candy are:
    Sponge Toffee (Canada)
    Cinder Toffee (Great Britain)
    Sea Foam (Oregon, California, Michigan)
    Honeycomb (Australia)
    Puff Candy (Scotland)
    Hokey Pokey (New Zealand)
    Fairy Food (Wisconsin, Chicago)
    Angel Food (Wisconsin)
    Cinder Block (???)
    Molasses Puffs (St. Louis)
    Gingerbread (New Hampshire)
Wherever you're from, I bet you'll enjoy this candy. You might want to hide it 'til Christmas. ;-)

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Denise said...

Looks very good.

Unknown said...

Sounds delightful! I think I just found a candy I have never had before!!

Kim Sturge said...

Sounds soo Good. Never heard of these before.

Lisa said...

I don't think I've ever had this! I definitely need to give it a try!

Marti said...

By any name it is good. I grew up in Wyoming, and mom called it sea foam candy.

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I have never heard of this but am curious to try it. What is the texture like? I am a new follower visiting from Making the World Cuter. Vicky from Mess For Less

Michelle said...

Mmm, that looks good. I've never heard of either sponge candy or angel food candy before. I'm curious about it too!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Yenta Mary said...

Yup - we call it Sea Foam, and I love it! Never been adventurous enough to try making it, but you make it seem so easy ... :)

Candace said...

I have never had these before. They look delicious!

laurie said...

I haven't had this for years! I love this stuff!

Carla from The River said...

I always buy mine at Farm and Fleet :-)
This will be a new recipe for me and the boys to try during Christmas break. Thank you for sharing.

Kristen Rettig said...

We love it and either call it seafoam or honeycomb. By any name it is delicious. I had no idea a mere mortal could make it, but I'm going to give it a go!

Coco Page said...

I don't know how to appreciate this more than confectionery cake I've seen on some confectionery stores. You start my day very sweetly dear. You did a good job!

Anonymous said...

DO NOT cook on high....I totally scorched the sugar....could be because I used organic whole cane sugar....

Cranberry Morning said...

I'm so sorry you had that bad experience. :-( I guess I have a very heavy pan. I probably should have said to have it low-medium and only turn it up if the temp doesn't move up the thermometer.


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