Friday, December 30, 2011

Muker, Pronounced 'MEW-ker'

I plan to be back visiting your blogs next week. Until then, I'm taking a break with the family, enjoying the grandkids, too much good food, and the unseasonably warm weather here in NW Wisconsin!  I posted the following earlier, but thought you wouldn't mind seeing that cute little sheep again:

You may have noticed the annoying little munching sound when you visited this blog in early 2011. If you had scrolled down to find the source of the racket, you would have seen 'Muker,' my (virtual) pet sheep. I've had his sound turned off since then because evidently he was annoying to some people. Can you believe it??!

Muker is named after the sheep pictured here, who was one of those indescribably cute sheep grazing in the Askrigg Common, an area of the Yorkshire Dales. It's a beautifully bleak and harsh area one finds when driving from Askrigg to Gunnerside, LowRow, and Muker (from whence comes the name of my sheep.)

Here are a few more pics of Muker. There's just something about those little Yorkshire villages that is so appealing to me and makes me want to go back. It seems to be this time of year every year when I want to make plans to go to England. And, believe it or not, I particularly long to go back to the Askrigg Common and look up those lovely sheep.

Alas, airfare keeps me looking at photos instead.

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Empty Nester said...

Really? There were people who were annoyed by a bleating sheep? LOL

I hope you are having just the best time ever with your loved ones! It's just so great when the house is filled with them!

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Funny, it's at this time of year that I always start wanting to watch All Creatures Great and Small again! Maybe it's because winter brings out the Yorkshire character better than any other season?

J_on_tour said...

How can anyone not like Muker. I often have a bit of fun with him and my mouse :-)
As for the other Muker, the memory is long lasting about my tea shop experience there with my church walking group (still to blog about) in June. Whilst waiting for some of the "townies" who were lost on the road, someone suggested going for tea and tea and scones before the walk. The latecomers opted not to walk and went for the full brunch and met us by car at Keld. We left the teashop after midday and returned by 4:30 ... when it was raining and the teashop was full. I don't remember organising anymore walks or being asked to arrange one since ... haha.
Lastly, it's interesting how you called your sheep Muker ... I'm thinking about the slate tiler on the building down the street !!!

Robin said...

Oh, Judy I LOVE the picture of the sheep, I love sheep. These pictures really make me want to go hope on a plane for Yorkshire...but like you there is no way with the airfares. I hope you are having a fantastic time with your family. Robin

Denise said...

Love the pictures.

Marti said...

Sheep are o.k., this coming from a cattle rancher's daughter. Wishing you a peaceful and happy new year.


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