Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Country School Water Cooler

Ye Olde Country Schoolhouse Water Cooler

I wonder how many of us attended a one-room country school. Ours (which I attended for grades 1 and 2) had a cloakroom and a main room for the desks and stove. The water cooler pictured above was a step up from what we had in our school - a water bucket and a communal dipper. Evidently the school board believed in getting all our childhood communicable diseases over at once.

Does this photo ring any bells for any of you?

In our home library, we have a desk like one of those pictured above.

 I wonder if one of my brothers had cut my bangs.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

Homemade Autumn Soaps Collection, Special Price, FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pier Natural Bridge Park - Rockbridge, Wisconsin

Yesterday I mentioned that the entire post today was going to be about Pier Natural Bridge Park in Rockbridge, Wisconsin. If you ever get to southern Wisconsin, it's a place you shouldn't miss.

Eric, our personal tour guide, and Kevin
aka 'Mr. Cranberry'

"Pier Natural Bridge Park is located along Hwy. 80 North, at Rockbridge in Richland County. The park obtains its name from the Pier family, who donated the land to Richland County to preserve the site as a park.  The site has a very unusual geological feature - a half-mile long "finger" of blocked and layered sandstone rising nearly 60 feet above the flood plain of two merging valleys.  This narrow finger is topped by tall pines and covered with green shrubs.  The West Branch of the Pine River meets with the Main Branch underneath this rock formation, which forms a Natural Bridge...This 10-acre county park has 6 campsites, two shelters, picnic tables and grills, play equipment, and pit toilets.  Camping permits may be obtained for a minor fee from the Natural Bridge Store, located next to the park.  All camping is on a first-come basis."

 - From Richland County Parks Commission website.

The red dot marks about where the Pier Natural Bridge Park and Rockbridge are. 

Pier Natural Bridge Park is south of Hillsboro and north of Richland Center. It's about halfway between LaCrosse and Madison, as the crow flies. That whole area is beautiful, so I'd highly recommend a visit. Maybe we'll get to go there again soon!


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wisconsin Barns, Westby Fences, Vintage Caboose

The first two photos were taken in the Westby, Wisconsin area. I always love the look of the black Amish buggies. I was going to say that it takes one back to a simpler time but really, there's nothing simple about the Amish way of living. It's got to be tough doing the field work by hand, hot and sweaty, taking forever, and watching your neighbor farmers sitting in their air-conditioned tractor cabs, harvesting a field in about 20 minutes (Okay, I'm exaggerating here, but not a lot).  On the other hand, if we ever have a huge solar flare that takes out the grid, we know who will not be affected.

 Westby Caboose
Now used just for fun.

Next weekend we're going to be hauling some slate blackboards to a few Amish families in the Westby area. I love that unglaciated part of the state. It is so gorgeous. I'm hoping to get many more photos. It's the perfect time of year to visit Westby.

Want to learn more about Westby? Check out Westby Remembered. 

One last fence:

At Pier Natural Bridge Park
Rockbridge, Wisconsin

Tomorrow's entire Cranberry Morning post is on Pier Natural Bridge Park. It is a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon. There are stairsteps so you can climb up to the top of that rock that is covered with trees and trails.




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