Friday, February 26, 2010

John McClellan Timblin's Store

When my great aunts had an auction years ago, Kevin and I purchased this root beer jug and mugs which had been used in my great grandfather's store.

This post is particularly for Bobby, my dear friend and cousin, adopted sister and confidant. I came across this photo of our great grandfather, one of our great aunts, and a hired girl in Great Grandpa Timblin's store in Barron - where the root beer jug and mugs were used to serve customers.

John McClellan Timblin was born in September of 1862, after his father Isaac B. Timblin of Armstrong County Pennsylvania went off to fight in the great American Civil War. I'm not sure when John was named, whether his father chose the name after he returned home, or if a letter home instructed his wife Sarah McFarland Timblin to name the baby John McClellan. In any event, the middle name was chosen because of the fondness Isaac had for the general under whom he fought - General George B. McClellan. (Actually, it would be more accurate to say 'served,' since McClellan was notorious for not getting around to the fighting part.) And evidently my great-great grandpa's fondness for McClellan lasted longer than Lincoln's did.

Unfortuntely, although I do have a photo of Gen. George B. McClellan, I do not have a photo of Isaac Timblin. ( wouldn't that make a great name for a baby!) :-)

The photo below is of my mom Maxine, far left, and Bobby's mom Ruby, far right. Between them are Margaret and Claude (Bud), their siblings. Evidently, Uncle Johnny, the youngest of the five, was in the house being spoiled by my grandma. I'm thinking the photo could have been taken c. 1927 or so, and that the photo of the store was taken c. 1910.

My mom had fond memories of Grandpa Timblin's store. I have no idea where the store was located, other than somewhere in Barron, Wisconsin. I wish I'd thought to ask her.

Be sure to ask your relatives for their family history. The time comes quickly upon us when those whom we wish we had asked are no longer with us.


Deborah said...

These are lovely photos. You are absolutely right about family history and especially knowing who is in a photo. I have a few of my own that I wished I would have asked grandma about. Great story too. :)

dänika said...

( wouldn't that make a great name for a baby!) :-)

instead of Ivan? :P

love this post, Mom.

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks Deb and Danika!
I made a couple changes in the post. I now have the correct name for Isaac's wife. Mary Susan Sophia Hunt was my Great grandmother's name, not my great-great grandmother's.

Danika, either Isaac OR Ivan would be just fine with me. :-)

Angela said...

But with "Isaac", people would think it was either Isaac Ozlovich or Isa Kozlovich. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I was hoping that neither Dänika nor Stacey would think of that!

Yeah, I remember our experience with Donna Kajoy. (Dänika Joy). Sigh.

Stacey said...

Isaac is a good name. Hadn't thought of that one, but I think we have a name picked out...finally. Now to just give birth to this 20 pounder and see what he looks like! First time we will ever wait to make the final decision until AFTER the baby is born.

Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't it fun to know what gender the baby is so that you're able to plan stuff - like names! And you'll get lots of blue baby-clothes gifts, rather than pale yellow or pale green. :-)


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