Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Treats

It kinda got away from me. Having signed up to bring treats for the break between the church service and Sunday School, the plan was to bake enough cake to serve 120 people. I found Pillsbury strawberry cake mixes on sale for 88c each, so baked two in each of the three half-sheet foil pans I have.

I think I've got enough cake, so that part worked out okay. So far, so good. Then I frosted them. It took two entire bags of confectioner's sugar and one cup of butter, a half teaspoon of vanilla and about a quarter teaspoon of almond extract.

Now, I know that a little Wilton Cake Decorator's Rose Gel goes a long way, but had no idea just how long that was. No kidding. I only put in a teensy little bit, so I was quite surprised to see the screaming pink that resulted. Oh well. Here are the cakes, sprinkled with a variety of Valentine candy bits, and in a color certainly not known in nature - except maybe for the time when Mt. St. Helens erupted. I do remember some intensely pink/red sunsets.

Still, I'm hoping the kids at church will enjoy the cakes. I remember as a child how excited I was to get frosted and decorated cookies or cakes, and how much I loved the garishly decorated treats from the bakery. I'm counting on that running true in the youngest generation also. We'll see. It just occurred to me that after tomorrow, I may be called upon to replace the church carpet.

I still love frosting. I wish I didn't. Even wedding cake frosting, which everyone else thinks is way too sweet and disgusting - and yet they keep using it for wedding cakes!

How about you? What are the treats you remember best from when you were a kid? You know, the ones that caused us to be child slaves to Little Debbie and Hershey's, the ones we longed to find when we opened our lunch boxes - instead of a hardboiled egg and a tomato.


Deborah said...

I commented today but I must have forgotten to to click on post comment, even though I thought I did. :( Anyway it isn't all I will share from that comment is I loved cinnamon red hots as a kid and I love the looks of your yummy cakes. :D

Unknown said...

I think you had enough cake there to feed a army. ha Looks very good. This past Friday I helped with the little party at school with my grandson and it is just so much fun to watch the kittens with all their Valentine's treats. What fun they have passing out their cards to each other and boy they give a lot these days..Not when I was little and getting Valentine's.

Cranberry Morning said...

Actually, the cakes did turn out to be pretty good, but maybe next time I'll take a bowl of cinnamon red hots instead. :-)

Bethany Nash said...

I love Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. I don't know why. They are so disgusting and wrong. I try never to eat them, lest I die, but I still want one every so often.

Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, I know how it is. Joe appeared tonight with two, yes TWO, packs of cookies. One was Keebler fudge-stripe cookies, the other Keebler Grasshopper cookies. I LOVE those, but they have gluten (not to mention all the other junk included) and I'm proud to say I RESISTED the temptation to eat the whole package of them! Unfortunately, I had a stash of chocolate chips in the drawer in the kitchen. No, I didn't eat the whole bag, but...


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