Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday is Coming

Our pastor sent us a video clip that I wanted to share with you. I think it goes so well with the book I'm reading by John MacArthur - Truth War

Thought provoking, isn't it.

Sunday's Coming 


Anonymous said...

awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Denise said...


Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you, stop by and visit my blog "Not Only One but Two". I left a little something for you.

Candace said...

Hi! I'm visiting from over at ~Southern Style~. Congratulations! I am now your newest follower and I look forward to getting to know you. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday. Candace~♥

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower!!

Hope you have a blessed day!



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