Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Important Events on December 13

Battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862 
Valor in Gray
by Mort Kunstler

Kevin and Judy's Wedding Anniversary
I think this is from 1971
Yes, well before many of you were born!
Amazing how I was able to colorize that Daguerreotype!
(couldn't find an earlier photo, but it is SCARY to see how young we were!) 

December 2010
We're celebrating our 42nd (FORTY-TWO) wedding anniversary today by meeting our son (in photo, though he's a bit bigger now) and our daughter-in-law at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis, eating fish'n'chips together, then walking down Nicollet Avenue (seeing all the pretty Christmas lights and window displays), and spending time at Barnes and Noble. There I'll look for the latest issue of BBC History Magazine!  Sounds like fun, doesn't it!  
Lee: They are massing very heavily and will break your line, I am afraid.

Longstreet: General, if you put every man now on the other side of the Potomac in that field to approach me over that same line, and give me plenty of ammunition, I will kill them all before they reach my line.

What a sweet thought on our wedding anniversary. lol

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Joyce said...

That's a great picture...Happy Anniversary to you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

Rachel said...

Happy anniversary!! I LOVE the picture of y'all (both of them). Such a lovely couple!!! Enjoy your day!!


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary, may God bless you with many more happy years together.

Unknown said...

Congrats to you and Kevin! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary.

Bless Longstreet's heart; he just couldn't ever let Lee down could he....until Lee let him down a few years laters at Gettysburg :-( What a crazy world they lived in.

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple you and Kevin are, then and now! Enjoy your day.

Midwest to Midlands said...

Happy Anniversary! You make a great looking couple in both pictures.
(Dec. 13 is also St. Lucia Day in Sweden.)

Carla from The River said...

Happy Anniversary! Did you have a Christmas wedding?
You are so pretty! How fun to be able to post pictures from way back before computers. :-)

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday, Judy! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!

Heide at ApronHistory said...

Sounds like great day! What a fun way to celebrate.

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Happy Anniversary, Judy! And thanks for sharing the photos - you both look just as good in the more recent photo, but I gotta say, you rocked that long hair in 1971 - gorgeous!

J_on_tour said...

Congratulations and hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Great photos of you both, thanks for the comparison.


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