Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hodgepodging Cinco de Mayo en el Tres de Mayo

 Finding Truman
Well, not exactly, but doesn't it look like just the place
to have found Truman Capote to ask him why he
wrote that horrid book, 'In Cold Blood' ??!
I had nightmares for years because of that book.
Photo in San Miguel de Allende

The Mexico photos in this post were taken long before the advent of
the digital camera. 

But not quite this long ago.


Por Favor,
Join Joyce and the Gang

 She writes the questions;
we write the answers.
Plug them in to your own blog post
and Join in!

Muchas Gracias, Joyce!

1. Can you tell I'm embracing a Cinco de Mayo theme here this week? Do you like Mexican food? What's your favorite dish? How about on the side-black beans, pinto beans, refried beans, rice? What about heat-mild, medium, hot? Will you celebrate with Mexican food and drink on May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo?

 Do you prefer with or without the eyeball?
Fish market in Mexico City

I do love Mexican food, but rarely get to a good Mexican restaurant. Chicken enchiladas are my favorite, and I'll take the black beans. Heat? Medium. And no, unless I can get to Minneapolis on Friday, I'll not be celebrating with Mexican food. 

I don't want to see the eyeball. Please don't put the eyeball on my plate.

2. Ever been to Mexico? For work or holiday? Love it or no? If you haven't been is this a place you'd like to visit? Can you speak Spanish?

Yes, we once took our first two children (remember Hansel & Gretel from the last post? Our daughter calls them 'your first litter') to Mexico and stayed with friends (parents of one of our foreign exchange students) there for ten days or two weeks, can't remember which. It was WONDERFUL, and was an amazing vacation, staying in their home and then visiting villages where they took us tourists. Only once were we stopped by soldiers, who wanted to search the vehicle. Our hosts weren't too worried. And it's great that we had such a marvelous time, because years later when we went to finalize the adoption of a little girl from Mexico, we were arrested by the federal police and held for 26 hours. Did I mention that we were separated and interrogated separately? It was the most terrifying ordeal of my life (I think), and now I have no desire to go back. Apparently there was some feud between our lawyer and the head of the federal police. Our paperwork (reams and reams of it) was all in order, but the federales were angry at the lawyer for exposing corruption in their ranks. The baby we were going to adopt was stuck in the middle of it. I think she would be about 28 years old now. I can speak a wee bit of Spanish, but more useful than 'Where's the toilet' would be phrases like 'Call the consulate' and 'I want a U.S. lawyer' and 'Big Mac with a small order of fries.'

 Before Whole Foods was even a thought
Mexico City Market

3. What's one thing you may accomplish this month?

Getting some new things added to my Etsy shop - which is kinda exciting for me - and nerve wracking.

 Two brothers who stayed with us in Wisconsin,
one for a summer, the other over Christmas vacation
It was their family we stayed with while in Mexico.

4. If you were mayor of your village, city, or town, what's one thing you'd like to see changed, done away with, revamped, or accomplished? Is serving in public office something you've ever seriously considered?

We live in the middle of nowhere, a couple miles from an itty bitty village. I'm not interested in any public office. If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

 'Darn! I was sure I had my wallet!
Will they notice if I just quietly walk out without paying?'

5. What's something that may be popular, but that you just don't get?

I simply don't get almost all American television, with the exception of PBS. Loud, violent, obnoxious, and boring. I'll spare you my full opinion.

 Hotel in Guanajuato

6. Can't let this week slip by without mentioning Thursday May 4th is Star Wars Day. As in 'May the 4th be with you' ahem. Are you a fan of the Star Wars series? Exactly how much of a fan are you? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being 'I've seen every film, own the action figures, might have dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween one year', and 1 being, 'what's a Vader?' -where do you land?

Maybe a 2. I saw a couple of the Star Wars movies, but Star Trek was more my thing. I didn't miss an episode when I was growing up.  Have you seen Captain Kirk lately? There's a bit more to beam up, Scotty.


7. Scroll back through your blog posts and in three sentences or less tell us the general theme of your fourth blog post. Does it still ring true today? Is it a topic you re-visit on your blog from time to time?

Good grief, I've got over two thousand blog posts! That is ridiculous.  I've never had that much important stuff to say, but apparently can blather on at length. Anyway, the fourth blog post was a recipe for a gluten-free beef stirfry. Not a lot has changed since then. I still make a lot of stirfrys (ies?) and still cook/bake gluten-free.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

 Somebody proud of his school artwork
(Thanks to John for the photo)
Will get to see this sweet little guy soon.

and lastly

They know how to find the comfiest places to nap.
Tommy & Smokey



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Vee said...

What? You were arrested? The adoption did not go through? Heartbreaking, Judy. I am sorry for the loss for I am sure that is what it had to have been. No wait just a minute...I caught that little dig on poor Captain Kirk. Ha!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed seeing photos from your trip to Mexico. Looks like a wonderful experience. The fresh fruit display at the market is amazing!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Loved that, Judy. Your humour runs through - and that's so sad about the adoption. My daughter was in Mexico recently and loved it. You know how many ears Captain Kirk has? Three - a left ear, a right ear and a final front ear. I know a bad one about Darth Vader too...

Lynne said...

Enjoyed your photos . . .
Especially the market . . .
Yes . . . I've been to Mexico
Not liking to hear about your 26 hour adoption ordeal . . .
Assuming the adoption didn't happen??
No to Sci-fi, Srar Wars, Star Trek . . . no interest here . . .
I will make it a point to find some hot, spicy eats on Friday . . .

NanaDiana said...

These are great replies to the hodge-podge questions, Judy. I take it you were not able to adopt the little girl from sad!
My bil and sil are missionaries in Mexico. They have been stopped several times by the la policia in their travels and threatened with arrest. They simply offer them cash and they let them go. Scary stuff that and one reason we no longer go to Mexico.

Gotta love William Shatner! lol I get a kick out of his Lawyer Ads here--He was a character on Boston Legal.

Have a great Wednesday and good luck on the Etsy shop additions. I finally made my decision after getting all the feedback on my blog. xo Diana

Pamela said...

Great photos, how nice to be able to stay with a family and be immersed in the local culture. I am so sorry about the adoption - heartbreaking for your family - certainly glad you were able to get out of what could have been a much scary situation. They make movies about Mexican jails and they are not for the faint of heart.

Mrs.T said...

It continues to amaze me how the Hodgepodge helps us learn so much more about one another. What a dreadful experience to be arrested and detained in Mexico, and how very sad that the adoption could not go through. Sad for you, sad for the little girl. Sometimes there are just no answers ... only that God knows the end from the beginning and that He has a plan we cannot see but must simply trust it is for good.

Wonderful answers this week ... enjoyed reading them, and I will make it a point to go back and check out that fourth post. Mine was back in 2005!

Arlene Grimm said...

Totally agree with you about American TV. Some of the commercials are cringeworthy. Profanity has been substituted for Wit as we were warned by Lady Grandtham on Downton Abbey.

April said...

Hold it, got arrested in Mexico? How scary that must have been! I can't even imagine! I've been to Mexico several times and I have never felt safe there. No desire to go back. Enjoyed your photos, as I always do!

Joyce said...

That adoption story is so sad. We really do learn a little something more about one another in the HP each week. So nice to 'know' you here : )

ellen b. said...

Wow, that was a frightening several hours you had in Mexico. Sorry about your adoption experience. I can see why you aren't interested in traveling to Mexico again. Great old photos! Hope you have a good Wednesday.

Karen S. said...

Good morning! Yes it sure does look like it! All your photos and story interesting and I will be attending one of those school art shows tomorrow! Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

That is such a horrible, frightening experience you had. I adore your little kittens. They are so sweet. We have to be so careful when we sit down here - always afraid we'll sit on one of the napping cats! lol
I hope you have a lovely day!

Sandra said...

I read your answers and enjoyed but I have no comments because none of this pertains to me at all. I am with you on not serving but I don't live in a small town and would love to. love the kitties and the sweet little boy.. no PBS, no star wars, I saw the first one and said never again...No Mexican food or trips either.. we live under a rock in sandy and dry Florida. LOL

Debbie said...

Well of course I am with everyone else. How terrifying that time in Mexico had to have been. And then to have the adoption not go through either? HOW sad for both you and the little girl. Enjoyed all your photo's as always. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Chatty Crone said...

My grandson is going to have to read In Cold Blood this summer as summer reading!!! And don't put any fish eyes on my plate either. I wish I was in a European cafe right now taking to you and having a cup of coffee! Wouldn't that be fun? sandie

Cathy said...

Oh my! Your comment "there's more me to beam up Scotty cracked me up. lol

Empty Nester said...

Well, of course, he's proud. His owl is the best one up there! Your story of Mexico had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I can't even imagine how terrifying that was. I can't wait to see what you're putting in the Etsy shop! I'm supposed to be adding some things to mine but I can't find the time right now. Marcy is here every day right now because spring football practice has begun and her mommy is super busy every single day. Which means I am completely exhausted every single day with nothing left to work on things I need to work on for the shop. It's a good think I don't mind being poor. Ha!

Tanna said...

Oh, my goodness! 26 hours separated, interrogated. That HAD to be scary!! Would put a damper on my wanting to return, too! Yikes!
Love the Captain Kirk comment! LOL! There's a bit more of me, too. LOL!
Precious little artist!! blessings ~ tanna
PS Loving the lilac and lavender!

Linda Kay said...

Great pictures, Judy. My hubby has his birthday this Friday on Cinco de Mayo!

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Judy, that must have a terrifying experience in Mexico. I'm so sorry the adoption did not happen. That alone was must have been heartbreaking and then to be arrested as well!
I don't want any eyeballs on my plate either---Have a nice evening. ♥

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What a scary experience in Mexico :(

Enjoyed your answers today - no eyeballs for me either! Have a great evening!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

No eyeballs for me! Love the fruit stand, your right about that fact about whole foods. You do share gluten free recipes often. He did an excellent job on his owl.

Lorrie said...

Wow! What a frightening thing to be arrested in Mexico and not speak the language. Heartbreaking for the little girl (and for you).
Great photos from pre-digital times.

Terri D said...

I always love how you illustrate your Hodgepodge with such great photos! Enjoyed it!!

podso said...

Enjoyed reading!

Lea said...

Wow! over 2000 pots, that's a whole lot of writing. I'm getting close to 1000 and think that's good. :o)) Great answers!

Wendy said...

That Mexican experience sounds really scary. Great post Judy. I've moved around the blogging platforms so not sure how many posts I've done but over 2000 is impressive!

Elizabeth Day said...

Really enjoyed your post today and thanks for taking us into Mexico with you. Your ordeal there sounds so tragic, not only for you but for that little girl who missed out on being loved and cared for by you. See you next week.

Jean | said...

My husband used to travel a lot in Mexico - before he married me! And re answer #1: he learned after his first meal there to order his fish "sin cabeza." No eyes because no head!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

love the little guy in front of his artwork and I agree about television...I have not watched it for years now and can only imagine how much worse it has become since then

When I think about TV and the USA being a "Christian" nation versus what the Islamists think about us I can only unfortunately see their point :(


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