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GF Basil Pesto Pizza Recipe

Before I begin this post with my pizza recipe, I want to let you know, in case you've not already heard, that  blog (Diane) was been removed, suddenly, by Google. She has no idea why, but while she and Mr. Lavender Dreams are  trying to get her information back, she has created a new blog, If you've ever lost your account or found your information to be stolen, you'll know how devastating that is. Please visit her new blog and give her a word of encouragement (and read her story!). Thanks.


For years now, I've been making pizza using Food For Life gluten-free tortillas as the crust. And they're always good, but after visiting Roman Candle in Fitchburg, WI last weekend, I decided to take this pizza making up a notch. At the restaurant, I ordered their gluten-free pesto pizza. It was DELICIOUS. So, of course I had to try to replicate it at home. I will have to say, I actually liked my version even better.

Basil Pesto Gluten Free Pizzas, thin crust - Recipe 

Makes 2 pizzas, 1 serving each, but actually they were filling (especially when accompanied by a green salad) so we each ate 3/4 of a pizza and saved the rest for the next day.

Preheat oven to 460 degrees.


2 Food for Life gluten-free tortillas. (one tortilla per person) Each tortilla is about 7" diam.
1/2 chopped large onion, sauteed in a bit of olive oil (along with the pepper)
1/2 large red bell or Italian pepper, seeded, chopped, sauteed with the onion
Basil pesto, about 2 T. per tortilla
1 can tomato paste (1/2 can per tortilla)
1 can  (13 oz) chicken breast (drained, of course)
Kalamata olives, chopped
Feta cheese (some)
Roma tomatoes (one for each, thinly sliced)
Mozzarella cheese (just a sprinkling on each pizza)

I used a large jellyroll pan to bake the pizzas, side by side. It worked fine, but next time I will use two of my cast iron skillets (shown above). That might work even better.


Using two tortillas (one each for Mr. C. and me), I spread the basil pesto over each. (A few years ago I raised a ton of basil in the garden and had made and frozen pesto in small batches). Of course, Basil Pesto is available in small jars at the grocery store.
Spread half the tomato paste over each tortilla
Sprinkle the sauteed pepper and onion over each tortilla
Shred chicken and place half a can of chicken on each pizza. (minus a chunk each for Tommy & Smokey who were hanging around, begging).
Place Kalamata olives over the top of each pizza. I didn't put an amount here because we like lots of olives, some people probably wouldn't want as many. (At least I have heard of people like that) ;-)
Sprinkle a nice layer of Feta cheese on top of each pizza - not too thick.
Slice the two Roma tomatoes thin and place them on each pizza.

Bake the pizzas side-by-side in a greased (I used a cooking spray) jellyroll pan or skillets.

Bake at 460 degrees for 9 minutes.
Open oven door and Quickly, sprinkle a wee bit of mozzarella cheese over each pizza. Not too much. I'm trying to keep this a fairly low-calorie, low-sugar, but high protein pizza.
Close oven door and bake another 8-9 minutes.

These pizzas were amazing!, Crispy, so full of flavor, so easy, gluten-free, a minimum of dairy, and no sugar (except for what's already in tomato paste).

I hope you'll try it. And of course you can heat leftovers by putting them on a cookie sheet and into the oven heated to 350 - for a while.  They're much better that way than merely getting them hot in a microwave. Yuk. Who wants soggy pizza!


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P.S. I LOVE your comments! :-)



eileeninmd said...


Your pizza recipe sounds delicious. I feel sad for Diane, loosing her blog with no notice is scary. I hope she can get it back. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

Marcia said...

Delicious pizza. I'll have to pin it under gluten free since when daughter visits must embrace that.

You've turned over a new resolve to blog more than just on Wednesdays?

Sandra said...

it really looks so good and can't beat the healthy part.. the cast iron skillets sound like a good idea. bob cooks his breakfast on a cast iron flat skillet every morning

Sandra said...

forgot to say, if you go to Dianes new blog, someone named Rebekah is a google tech and she wrote a nice note on it. she is all the way at the bottom of 44 comments. check it out for info

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thank you SO much for posting about me today! It means the world to me to have you stand by me with support and encouragement. It's been a terrible week. But a couple of people have said they can help so I hope my old blog will be restored....the sooner the better! I love this recipe. We make home made pizzas often and it's fun to try out a new recipe! Sweet hugs, Diane

SImple and Serene Living said...

Sounds yummy. I never thought of using GF tortillas for the crust. Great idea. xo Laura

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It certainly does look delicious!

Terri D said...

That does look good! My brother-in-law doesn't eat gluten so this is a good one to file for when he comes to visit this summer! Thanks!

Marcia said...

If I enable my email for follow up comments will that mean I get everyone's comments? I did that on another blog and was inundated with everyone's comments. And I really don't mind you answering my questions by visiting my blog and commenting. :)

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Boy does your pizza look good! Now if only it were low carb, I'd be set.
It's really sad what happened to Diane. I sure hope she gets her blog back.
Have a great week. ♥

Jenn Jilks said...

That looks yummy!!!!

Lorrie said...

Sounds delicious! I love pesto and chicken on pizza! I see Diane's blog is back - hopefully for good!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

My daughter is gluten free and certainly we both have decided to go Keto/low car to aid us keep healthy and have come across a Pizza recipe from scratch and she says you could hardly tell the different from normal pizza. this weekend I will be making it so see what I think.

Vee said...

That pizza looks so good! I don’t allow myself pizza very often, but yours looks healthful, too. The story of Diane and her blog was most startling. I am so glad that she has it back again and I pray it stays that way.

Carla from The River said...

Hello Judy,
I pinned your recipe. Perfect for Jeremy and I as we move to Empty Nest days ahead. ;-)

I am so sad for Diane. All the work on her blog.. gone. I do hope she gets it back.

podso said...

Your pizza looks good. I'll try the toppings on my almond flour crust--or a low carb tortilla. It looks healthy. A few spinach leaves would be nice too. I wonder why you use tomato paste rather than sauce. Thicker? Thanks for the recipe!

Benita said...

Oh my, this pizza looks amazing! I love that you are using tortillas! Have a great one! Hugs!

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