Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Positively Posting on Pets - Wednesday Medley

Awwwwwww, my favorite photo of Bridger and Misty.

Note: No animals were hurt in the making of this blog post, although the only ones still with us are the two at the end, Tommy & Smokey. The others lived long and happy lives. I still miss them. And to those of you who have been around a while, many of these photos will be reruns for you. So this post will contain a mixture of old and new.

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Tuppence, ready to take a nap in the baby buggy


On February 20th, pet lovers everywhere observe National Love Your Pet Day.  This holiday is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets.  This is a good day to focus on the special relationship that you have with your pets.
Did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet?  While there are more cats than dogs in the United States, more households have dogs than cats, but not by much. Pets are not limited to the canine and feline categories.  There are quite a few who prefer the companionship of birds, reptiles, fish or rats.  Whoever your pet companion is, we are sure you will enjoy spending a little extra time with them on National Love Your Pet Day and reap the benefits, as well such as stress relief and lower blood pressure.  So on February 20 (and every day) show your appreciation to your pets! (blue added for emphasis - by me)
 Jazzie, the grandpuppy, enjoying our front porch in wonderful July, 
the shortest month of the year.
Bring your pet a special treat, take an extra long walk or give them more attention on National Love Your Pet Day.  Whatever you decide to do, spoil and appreciate your pets!  Use #NationalLoveYourPetDay to post on social media.

Our pets are spoiled every day. No need to take it to a new level. They would totally take advantage of it and demand it every day! :-)
 Misty, in her favorite hunting ground, the alfalfa field north of the house.
She loved chasing butterflies!
Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Love Your Pet Day.
 Lionel, still very much missed. This is the cat that would crawl under the covers and come up next to me, put his head and paws on my pillow and sleep!
Oh yeah, Mr. C. just loved that. LOLOL
It was SO CUTE!!

By the way, I am grateful every day that God, our Creator, didn't just stick us on some remote outpost made of concrete, but gave us a beautiful earth, full of so many good things (rivers, trees, mountains, flowers, etc.) AND all the incredible animals. Thank you Lord. Help us remember that these all belong to You and we are merely stewards of your good creation. You alone are so deserving of our worship!
1.  Have you ever had a special pet in your life?  Will you tell us about it?
 I know, I know. But Terri did ask!
This is Bridger, for any of you who haven't seen his photo before (multiple times). That would probably be almost no one. LOL
2.  Did you grow up with pets in your home?  What did it teach you?

Yes, we had pets on the farm. But it wasn't the same. Although I think our dog (a Border Collie) was allowed in the house once or twice, it wasn't a regular thing. She was a work dog, whose job was rounding up the cows. I think my parents, like lots of people on farms, thought that animals do not belong in the house. Oh, how mistaken they were! :-))
 Bridger, Misty, and Jazz
3.  Do you ever wonder what animals are thinking?

I'm pretty sure that Bridger was thinking what a lucky dog he was to live in the house and yet be able to go out and play (or lie in the snow) anytime he wanted, and how he wished I'd forget the way to the vet's office. And that's probably what all our pets were thinking. Except for Tommy, who is 99% of the time thinking, 'Where is that tuna??'
This guy loved the snow! I don't know how big, hairy dogs survive in the southern heat.
4.  Sometimes a pet gets out and doesn't return for a few days. What do you think happens to them when they go on a walkabout?

They take a crash course in how to become parents, which is why it's our responsibility to get our pets spayed or neutered. Millions of animals are euthanized each year because of pet overpopulation.
 Allowed on the road ONLY when on lead.
5.  With cats and dogs being the most popular pets, what is the most exotic pet you have personal experience with (didn't have to be yours)?

Our daughter had a pet tarantula, Rosie. Believe it or not, Rosie was a nice pet and didn't seem at all like a you-know-what.

Our granddaughter had a pet rat. Unfortunately, it never ceased to seem like a rat, to me. Ewwwww! I did let it climb up my arm once, just to try to prove something, but catching sight of that tail just makes me shudder!

This rat, on the other hand, is not alive,
and just used to encourage our grandson to eat. You know, imagined competition.
It worked.

 Waiting for me to finish picking green beans.
He never offered to help, although he kept all the wolves and bears away.
I always felt safe from predators with Bridger around.
(UPS, FED EX, USPS, etc.) :-)
Seriously, a German Shepherd would probably give his life to protect his person.
When Mr. C. had to be gone overnight, I always felt safe with Bridger and a 12 gauge shotgun at my side. It's not that I don't trust God, but He did give us tools and a brain!
6.  Please tell us something random about your week so far...

Well, I guess the only random thing I can think of is that we're expecting another couple snowstorms to come through in the next day and over the weekend. Not that we don't have enough snow already. 

 Back Deck
February 19, 2019

 This cute little fella was the subject of the goat?/sheep? debate on my Instagram account this week. I snapped this pic on our way home from Madison, when we took a nice little detour from the Interstate and instead drove on Highway 27 north of Black River Falls. More barn photos coming soon. I was sure that he was a sheep, but the majority of Instagrammers who weighed in say he's a goat. Whichever, it was so sweet of him to pose for me.

 Tommy, held by Mr. C.
That cat loves being upside down!

 Smokey, lying against the footstool, next to the fire.
I told Mr. C. that when we move from the farm, that block of wood is going with us.
He just gives 'that look.' But that block of oak has been used by everyone who sits next to the fire, including the grandkids (and obviously, Smokey!).
 Tommy & Smokey,
our current pet residents
who are SUCH a delight.
(and almost always together)

So, do YOU have animals in your home?  How many and what species and breed?  Inquiring minds want to know! (That would be all of us!). :-) 
(Spouses do not count.) :-D

You might be interested to know that my soap room is off limits to furry critters. Just in case you were wondering. :-)

P.S. I LOVE your comments!


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Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! 

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Sue said...

Such a sweet and pleasant read this morning , Judy, I so enjoyed you sharing.
We have a German shepherd, Lucy, whom we adore, and you are right they are wonderful protectors. After losing Jack last August, I haven't let myself find another, he was the most wonderful furry companion I have ever had, I told myself that I would not give my heart away again, (at least for now), but when I see the ads on tv about abused animals my heart wants to go and adopt them.

Thank you for sharing, have a blessed day, BTW that sure looks like a sheep to me. LOL.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I always wanted a German Shepherd. They just seem like such loving and loyal dogs. When they look at you , it is as if they completely understand you!!lol

Sandra said...

first i will say, i loved todays subject matter and loved every single one of your photos including what i think is a goat. ha ha.... amazing photos and sweet meories. my favorite photo today is you and Bridger on walkabout ON LEAD... we never let our dogs out off lead except in our fenced back yard. i have a soap box about people who let cats roam at night outside in our busy streets. we live in a crowded sub diviison and it is a pet peeve. i cry when i see a cat that has been run over or killed by coyotes.
we got my first dog, a rescue, and ugly one because i was 8 and said no one else will take him. since then i have had 22 rescues and just got Big Boy who is almost 6 years old. the light of our lives... i am with you, we love every single day, could not do any more

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I enjoyed your pet medley and sharing of your pet pictures! I understand how much love is in your heart for your animals, I can see what a sweet dog Bridger was! We have a German Shepherd Husky mix and adore her! I just love the pictures of Tommy and Smokey snuggling together! Stay warm and safe as this next storm arrives!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Judy... can I borrow that rat? I think it would have the opposite effect on me - I wouldn't want to eat. Screw Weight Watchers, bring on the RAT!!Enjoy your week, dear Judy!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Such interesting stories and pictures of your treasured pet family members. You know Smokey and Tommy are my favorites. And I agree, from that distance its a sheep.

Carla from The River said...

I am so happy I met Bridger. A special dog indeed.
Enjoy that lovely snow falling, it is beautiful :-) some lovely photos to come. I love the pines all full of snow, it really is lovey.

Nonnie said...

I think it is a lamb! That rat on the plate gave me a start at first!! Yikes! I could never, ever hold any kind of mouse or rat. All your pet photos are lovely.

This I love and I so agree!!! "By the way, I am grateful every day that God, our Creator, didn't just stick us on some remote outpost made of concrete, but gave us a beautiful earth, full of so many good things (rivers, trees, mountains, flowers, etc.) AND all the incredible animals. Thank you Lord. Help us remember that these all belong to You and we are merely stewards of your good creation. You alone are so deserving of our worship!"

He certainly placed you in a beautiful location. All of the dogs I have ever owned would have loved that meadow. The snow … not so much!!

Cindy said...

Oh boy and I glad you didn't post of picture of the pet tarantula! I tried to scroll by the next picture quickly and with my eyes half closed. I was glad to see it was a toy rat! We've had dogs and cats, fish and a guinea pig. I had a golden tabby in grade school and he also liked to be held upside down. I wonder if that's a common trait among them? My favorite pet has to be our black lab, Buddy. We rescued him from our local shelter when he was a year old. He grew to be a 130lb lap dog, absolutely loved the snow and died of cancer when he was 10. He was the best dog there ever was!

Wendy said...

I loved reading this post Judy, never get tired of looking at cute pictures of pets. I hope you don't get too much snow - you already have more than enough!

Michelle said...

Our pets are family and I can't imagine living without cats and dogs in my life. We have had birds and hamsters too, they weren't quite as cuddly though :)

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Judy, you have had beautiful pets--All of them members of the family. How lucky indeed they are to have you as their keeper. We love animals as well, but currently don't have any in our home. That's sad, I know, but we travel quite a bit now. Doesn't mean there aren't folks here that miss them. Great post. ♥

Lori said...

I love your stories about Bridger and I have never seen him...I am new to your of course you had to share him with me too! :) I love dogs, they are such good companions! Loved your answers!! Enjoy the rest of the week.

Terri D said...

First of all... I LOVE your soaps!! I also love all the photos of your precious Bridger. Shepherds are smart and pretty and make such great pets. All your dogs and cats are precious. Thanks so much for joining the Medley this week and sharing the pet love!!

Stacy said...

I enjoyed all your pet photos. All your critters were cute, but Bridger was one handsome fella. My husband so wants a German Shepherd, but we are at work too much right now to take on a big guy like that.

Our granddaughter had rats as pets for a little while...not because she wanted them, but because her mother insisted they were the perfect pet. Like you, I can't take the tails. They make me think of snakes.

Cheryl said...

I loved reading about all of your pets! They certainly hold a special place in our hearts. Tommy and Smokey never fail to bring a smile!

Ever since my dad brought a puppy home in his jacket when I was about 4, I have always had some kind of pet. Our current pet is a cat, Pinky, a stray who won her way into our hearts . . . even though she is a cantankerous old girl. We've had her for 10 years now. She forgets that she was a stray. She thinks she's a queen. :)

Vee said...

No pets here, which is why I enjoy seeing Tommy and Smokey. A tarantula who was not a ....hmmm, not sure. That’s what makes reading here so’s a create your own ending. Hope the storms don’t amount to much.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Loved seeing all your pets present and gone, NO pets here but I did hae a Basset Hound and then a Golden Retriever once

Debby Ray said...

I loved all of your clever answers and seeing these beautiful photos of those sweet gone but not forgotten doggies. I loved your paragraph before your #1 answer....these are my thoughts exactly. Adam also had a pet rat when he was in high school. It was actually a very sweet thing but it grew a very big tumor on it's breast. It got so big that I began to say that Adam had a pet tumor with a rat on it...sorry to say it had to euthanized. A tarantula?? I don't think so.

Jean | said...

Loved this post, Judy! Of course, I'm sorry about Bridger, but you *know* it's Tuppence and, especially, Lionel that *I* miss most. That's such an adorable photo of Tuppence in the baby buggy. And I kind of teared up when I saw Lionel's sweet face. Tommy and Smokey are pretty sweet, too.


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