Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hodgepodging the Baldwin Piano

The piano was moved from the farmhouse to the Wausau house over the weekend.
It is good to have it there, although it would be nice to have it against a wall.

 The problem is, which sets of bookshelves do we sacrifice for the space?

So for now, it's partly in the archway between foyer and living room
with a really pretty piece of upholstery fabric on the back.
The six year old is beyond thrilled at the prospect of taking piano lessons.

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Thank you, Joyce!
We still have about 5 feet between the end of the piano and the
archway wall, so it's tolerable.

1. Expect the unexpected on From This Side of the Pond. Here's my x-ray question...when was the last time you felt like Superman? What's your superpower? Explain.  
I feel very much like I have no superpower whatsoever, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be:  FINDING THINGS. And as a mom, I was always finding things that other people in the family were hunting for but had given up finding. I don't think I found them because I had a superpower unless it was OCD, the inability to stop looking for something lost. OR, even just to stop looking for something, period. Have you ever been so intent on hunting for something that once you've found it you're still mentally searching for it? Like other places keep popping into your mind of where it might be?? Maybe I shouldn't have told you that.
Please don't tell them I posted their picture.
BUT, one lies flat on the ground watching Mr. Chipmunk
while the other rattles the corrugated drain pipe in which he's hiding.
It was the cutest thing. They took turns for all this excitement.

2. Are you a fan of the 'superhero' type movies? If so what's your favorite? 
Absolutely not. My only superhero movies would involve British detectives. WHICH reminds me, Mr. Bean plays Maigret in a series we recently watched, but evidently ITV didn't renew the contract. Too bad. They were pretty good. Darkish, but good. And it was really nice to see him with real acting ability - not just being a goofball.
As you can see, the above poem is a sample on Amazon
from a poem by Malcolm Guite. I love his poetry.
Check it out. And I'm at Mr. C.'s computer or I'd use my photo editing program to crop that screenshot.

3. Have you postponed or cancelled a trip to the dentist in recent weeks, and if so when do you think you'll feel comfortable going back? How about other routine medical procedures? 
No, I avoid trips to the dentist. I would never even have imagined a time when 'comfortable' and 'dentist' would be used in the same sentence. I am, however, looking forward to a time when I can get back to Mayo Clinic in Rochester and have the orthopedic guy check out my left hip.
One of my favorite photos from a few years ago

4. What's something that makes you feel youthful? Something that makes you feel 'not so youthful'? Tell us why. 
I feel youthful, using the term very loosely, when I'm outdoors, walking in the fresh air, visiting the cows, or walking beside a river. When I feel not so youthful is when I see my grandkids on their devices and I have no desires to join them. (Have you read Devices and Desires by PD James? or do you remember the term from the Book of Common Prayer? Just asking.)

5. I feel compelled to include some sort of corona related question in the HP these days. What's the strangest thing you've seen in relation to the virus? Something that really struck you as odd, made you stop and think, 'Dorothy we're not in Kansas anymore?'
The strangest thing I've seen is the face mask made to look like huge lips, and you open it up to reveal huge Chicklet-like teeth. I can't find it now or I would show it to you.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 
No real random thought today, because all thoughts are pretty much focused on getting the farmhouse on the market May 10-15. We had a downpour today, which isn't helpful when wanting to remove stuff from the shop and house and pitch it into the dumpster. No donation centers are open right now, so it's difficult to get rid of things. I realize that in the grand scheme of things and with what is going on in the world right now, it is certainly no more than a tiny gnat of a problem, relatively speaking.

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MadSnapper said...

prayers for the rain to allow you to be ready by your target date. i know you must have mixed feeling about the house on the market, i would.. I used to love Superman comics when i was a child, but since then no heros for me.. the kids in the drive way made me laugh, if only we could enjoy things like they do, we could feel youthful. i can't think of a time I have ever felt youthful, when I was a youth i felt old and now I am old and feel old... i sometime fret that the clothing i wear is to youthful for 75, but then i think I am OLD it doesn't matter what others think... You have done a super job of arranging your furniture that you love and making it look great.

Elizabethd said...

Just reading your title quickly, I thought it said...'Hedgehogging the Baldwin piano'. Oh dear!
Love the photo of the two waiting for something to run out of the pipe!

Wendy said...

Enjoyed your post today Judy. Hope you can go ahead with the farm sale as planned.

Ann said...

Do you think there's a place to build a pony wall for it there? Looks tight, but it's a thought.

Kiki Nakita said...

Oh, I love British crime dramas also! One of my favorites used to be Rosemary and Thyme, with Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris.

Michelle said...

I also like British Crime Dramas and even watch some British Come Dine With Me on Youtube. I adore the commentator. I love how the fabric covers the back of the piano. Many years ago I brought my childhood piano from Florida to my KY home, in hope one of my children would want to take lessons. *sigh* didn't happen.....

Terri D said...

Your new home looks so cozy and comfortable and the piano looks fine right there as a divider. The upholstered back is a great solution! Hope the rain ends so you can finish up at the farm. This has sure been a journey! Fun questions from Joyce, as always. I'm so glad she brought the Hodgepodge back!

ellen b. said...

I do hope your plan works together to get your farmhouse on the market.

Theresa said...

Great idea with upholstering the back of the piano. So great to see kids playing outdoors and keeping themselves busy. I hope the sale of your farmhouse goes well. Not an easy time to be doing things like cleaning out.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

This was such a fun post Judy and I loved the pic of the girls outside playing. This is becoming more common in my neighborhood as well. Great idea to cover the back of the piano with that pretty fabric. Yes, your girls are going to love having the piano where they can play and practice. I am going to miss your farm pics but feel sure you have a reserve to share from time to time. Hoping you can remain on schedule for the house listing and that the "just right" folks are waiting for the sign to go up.

Joyce said...

I do hope you are able to get your farmhouse on the market as planned. Moving is such a lot of work. We sold our piano when we moved to the lake, but I love having one in the house. My youngest plays and hopefully she'll own one in her own home one day. Stay well!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a great super power, as mother's I think we are great at doing that! I still know where a lot of things are that Mark asks for. That's a cute photo of the kids. I like your answer for feeling youthful walking outside. It is different being out and seeing everyone in masks. What I don't like are the people who won't wear them! Good luck with the sale of your house. Take care, stay well....

Stacy said...

I'm getting around late today because I ended up babysitting our 2 youngest grands all afternoon. Your new home is lovely. It looks so welcoming and comfortable...even if the piano does stick out past the wall. LOL
The kiddos really look intent on seeing what Mr. Chipmunk is doing. Cute!
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Theresa said...

Love the piano and the upholstered back! Genius and it looks really nice! Cute picture of the kids and I promise not to tell:) My energy has flown the coop! I need to get out and get some exercise and I think that will help. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Jean | said...

Judy, I love the way you got the new place looking like "home" so quickly. Love the Tommy and Smokey pic in the sidebar--can't believe it's been nearly a year since they were rehomed--and the sneaky pic of the grands spying on the chipmunk. Hope all goes smoothly with sale.

Mrs.T said...

The new home is indeed so homey and the piano is lovely there. What fun to have music filling the home. I, alas, am not musical, but my kids were/are, and I so remember those wonderful times.

We're cleaning out a house too, and it does indeed complicate things to not have a place to donate the items. Our local dump (aka transfer station) also will not allow construction debris, appliances, furniture, or anything else one pays a fee for, to be brought to the dump at this time. We also have loads of documents needing to be shredded, and were counting on the shred-a-thons at our local banks to get that safely done for us. All canceled ... as you say, a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but a problem nonetheless and one we will have to figure out a solution to.

Loved watching the grands and the chipmunk! My girls worked at getting a chipmunk to eat out of their hands. They were successful ... so your grands might like to try that next!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Judy... how funny! I want the superpower of finding things too. I'd also like a superpower that helps me remember what I was looking for when I walk into a room!! Stay healthy, Judy.

Cathy Keller said...

Wishing you the best on the sale of the farmhouse. There is always a lot of anxiety when selling a house. With every move we made I laid the the sale in the hands of Providence. It always seemed successful! The upholstery on the back of the Baldwin is really very pretty! Wishing you a wonderful May weekend!

podso said...

The driveway picture is a hoot. We need to keep laughing but I sense a little less laughter as the days pass on and on ...

I do hope the farm sells quickly and that you get the final steps cared for with cooperative weather. I do find it funny when people are out for walks and wear masks. There's plenty of room on the streets to spread out and distance ourselves, as unfriendly as it seems.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness! The picture of watching for the chipmunk made me giggle! I sure would love to see what happens when he comes running out of the pipe! :)

NanaDiana said...

As always, I love your answers. That lips/teeth mask sounds grotesque. lol I adore that picture of the girls squirrel 'hunting'. How cute is that?!
Happy Mother's Day, Judy- xo Diana


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