Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rejoicing in the Mundane

Life is rarely exciting. Typically, my days are filled with the mundane:
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • cleaning up the kitchen
  • vacuuming the doghair from the carpets (while my dog stands nearby, ready to lay down another layer as soon as I'm done)
  • sweeping up wood chips from the area in front of our stove
  • making the bed
  • working at my desk
  • filing papers (never to find them again)
  • doing laundry
  • making meals
  • turning my soaps

Doesn't that sound thrilling?

It's strange how my heart sinks when I open the dishwasher, ready to put in the dirty dishes and find that I need to unload the dishwasher first.

Then I think of my grandma, who would have marveled at the thought of being able stash her dirty dishes into a machine that would save her the hours she spent standing in front of the sink with her hands in dishwater.

Or that same feeling that appears when I have an armload of wet jeans to put in the dryer, but I open the dryer to find the load of towels I forgot to fold the night before. Would my grandma have had this problem?

No, in the winter her laundry would have been hung on lines strung across the basement, ensuring that they would be dry (and stiff) in the morning. Grandma would have loved an electric dryer that gave her warm, fluffy towels to fold.

Why do I find myself annoyed when I go to use the vacuum cleaner and discover that I hadn't taken the time to empty the canister before I put it away last time? My grandma had a carpet sweeper. It managed to pick up bits of stuff, but certainly didn't get the dirt out like a vacuum cleaner does. And I can't imagine that it would have picked up all the dog hair that Bridger generously contributes on a daily basis.

I'm challenging myself today to rejoice in the work that God has for me today, even my boring work, rather than waiting for my work to get more exciting. Exciting isn't always good. I'm sure that as a ship is sinking or a jet is going down for a crash landing the people are excited.

And it might help me to remember my grandma, or all the people in the world today who can't even imagine having the modern conveniences I enjoy.

Okay, I better start with this desk. Anyone want to take the challenge with me?


Deborah said...

I you are so right. There are woman in other countries that still beat their clothes at the river on a rock. We are so blessed and really shouldn't have any complaints. :)

Bethany Nash said...

Something that school has made me realize is how much I miss the mundane! We can be thankful not only for modern conveniences, but also for the blessing of being able to make a beautiful home for ourselves and our families. Not that I'll never complain about housework again, but right now, I sincerely wish that I could be doing it.


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