Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Old Hearts

Yes, I said

The neighbor boy is still here, even after 40 years. What keeps us together? To begin with, I'd say, first and foremost, the grace of God. That's definitely what has brought us through the years with a stronger relationship now than ever before. Believe it or not, I can remember being young. I shudder to think of how naive, selfish, and unrealistic I was when we got married.

What else keeps us together? A well-tuned sense of humor. How generous of God to give me a husband who has a good sense of humor! We spend a lot of time laughing at things that would probably not be funny to anyone else.

Yesterday, while running a few errands in town, we were talking about Valentine's Day and the unrealistic expectations that a lot of young people have toward one another. This conversation had waxed on at great length, when my Valentine turned to me and asked, 'So, Honey, what would you like for Valentine's Day?' With that kind of setup, what could I say?? I turned to him and, soapmaker that I am, said pleadingly, 'Please, could I just have a bottle of lye?' He smiled lovingly at me and replied, 'Honey, I can do better than that! I'll get you TWO bottles of lye.'

Okay, so I know it's corny and lame, but we got a good laugh from it. And this is the kind of silly banter that truly enriches our lives. Humor is a great gift that God has given us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on humor, funny incidents, things that make you laugh.


Deborah said...

Oh no here I go again LOL very hard. You two are always a hoot. No one and I repeat no one...but you, would ask for a bottle of lye for Valentine's Day. so funny. And I for one am so glad you both are still together after all these years and are still madly in love with each other. :D

Deborah said...

Oops, forgot to post my funny incident from years past. James was our funny guy in the family and this happened when he was still living at home. One Friday night Mike and I decided to go out on a date to a movie in Cumberland. We arrived home about 10:00 at night and we were hungry. I opened the refrigerator and I seen a big gallon ice cream pail that was heaped with food. (looked like someone regurgitated it.) Attached to the handle was a little note written in my son's handwriting and it read, 'What is this, hmmm...Mom's favorite dish? Doesn't it look good? Yum, Yum. Let's eat.' We laughed so hard we couldn't stop. Actually it was a pail of table scraps that my neighbor had sent over for our dogs. The thing that made this so funny was, it happened during the time of me trying out all kinds of recipes on my family, that I thought were healthier than what they had been eating. Like making them Tofu Potato soup that even the dog would not touch. They never knew what to expect on the dinner table so I guess this was James' chance to give me my 'aha' moment. We still laugh to this day when we remember this. :D By the way, I have always blamed that period of my life on author Dr. Lendon Smith that wrote 'How to Feed Your Children Healthy.' (except he never had a chapter on how to get them to eat it.) :D

Unknown said...

Every thing makes me laugh but no one can do it as good as my 5 year old grandson Jackson. I said today that G has to go work out at the gym and he says why. I say because G has gained weight and he says..So it is hard to walk around with all that extra weight G. You know it Jackson. And only him would get away with saying that to me. ha
I love that boy so much.

Cranberry Morning said...

Deb, I remember those days! And I remember the stories of your kids wondering just what Mom was going to try out on them next! :-)

Funny story about James. I don't think I'd heard that one before. That kid!

Cranberry Morning said...

Linda, isn't it interesting how these kids always just tell the unvarnished truth as they see it! We can always hope they're wrong, of course. :-)


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