Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bloglovin' vs. Feedly - What to do!

Where have I been the past couple days?  Trying to figure out Bloglovin' and Feedly reader, because we've all heard that Google is dropping Google Reader and maybe even GFC on July 1 of this year.

What to do?

They both seem to have pros and cons, of course.

Feedly reader lets me line up all my blogs in a column by title, according to the most recent entries. I like that. I can go to the websites right from there to see the photos and comment. BUT, as far as I can tell, they do a miserable job at making it easy to organize. How to easily categorize. How to unsubscribe, should the need arise. Why don't the icons show a text when I hover over them? They need a good tutorial, one written by a techno geek, perhaps, but then translated for people who don't speak computereze. I haven't seen one yet. Yep, I need Feedly for Dummies!

The sweet Amish couple
from a shop in Bird-in-Hand, PA
several years ago

Bloglovin' lists all the blogs in alphabetical order, not in order of most recent entry. Bloglovin' also doesn't seem to have the pictureless condensed look of Feedly. It only allows me to see about 3 blogs on my monitor at a time. Feedly lets me see 14 at a glance, making it much easier to hunt for a blog. On the other hand, Bloglovin' seems to make so much more sense and is much more intuitive.

I'd sure like to hear what you're planning to do, if you've already switched to something, and what your thoughts are re. Bloglovin' vs. Feedly.

Oh, by the way, the Amish couple, buggy, and horse are inside an old loaf pan that belonged to Kevin's grandpa. What a sturdy old pan! The ends are folded metal. Certainly not like they're made now.

Near Westby, WI


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Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
Last year the same rumor went around and nothing changed. So is it true or a rumor?
Oh what to do is right.
I love the amish family in the loaf pan.
Woolie Hugs

Denise said...

Hope you figure it out.

Joyce said...

I'm on bloglovin' and like it so far. I do see pictures in my feed and they are coming up in order of most recent to least, as opposed to alphabetically. It was a simple switch and I'm getting used to it. The set up is slightly different from GR, so like anything new takes some time to adjust.

I know people also like Feedly and I think you'll be fine either way.

I got here via Bloglovin today : )

Terri D said...

You are way ahead of me! I was stunned to read they are doing away with Google Reader. I just got here from Multiply, so gasp and shiver when I see something else going away. I will have to check out Bloglovin. Gosh- I'm getting to old for all this change!!!

Love the Amish toy and the loaf pan display! So creative!

Unknown said...

I really haven't had time to look into either one... although, I will admit, I really don't use my Google reader like I should.... You'll figure out soon which you want, I'm sure.. and of course, no matter which, it will take getting used to :)

sweetbriardreams said...

I had a look at both Feedly and Bloglovin and I prefer Bloglovin because I filter by unread posts and then work my way down that way. With Feedly, I feel I am all over the place and can't get organised at all. I think it is all to do with personal taste. Take care. Chel x

Sandra said...

i love Feedly and have not tried any other because now i have cut my commenting computer time in half from using google reader. i like it even better than GR.. i don't organize, i just click on All and go down the list, i pick what i want to read, read i and it is light gray, the bold ones i have not read. to unsubscribe, you do that in dashboard by clicking on the wheel thing and the list comes up and you click settings and unsubscribe there. feedly is only a news feed to read, the organize is in your blogger dashboard.

Parsley said...

I am not sure about this change. I simply use the 'dashboard' to scroll through the blogs I follow. I hope that will still work.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I like Bloglovin because they send me emails when the blogs I follow update. So, those blogs that don't have a way to flow via email I follow on Bloglovin. Those that do have a way to follow via email, I do it that way.

Susie said...

Hi, Is bloglovin the same as blogger? I will be totally lost if blogger goes completely away. Although they have been some of the biggest pains at times. Why is it that things we love have to change...it is just a torment for us that are getting older.:):) I love that old pan of yours. I know what you mean by the way it's made.....to last .:):) xoxo,Susie

Deanna said...

I've signed up for both Bloglovin' and Feedly and put both apps on my phone. I'm trying them both to see which I like better. As a blog reader I'm sure I'll adjust but so far I still prefer Google Reader for its clean, easy to read style. My bigger concern is as a blogger. How many readers will decide its too hard to change and stop reading? I'm just glad they gave us this much notice. I will be encouraging my readers to find another method of keeping up which works for them. Google Reader was just so nearly perfect, though. Sigh...

podso said...

I rarely use my google reader as I like to make comments most of the time. So I use the blogger "reader"--shows me my favorite blogs that I follow and a portion of them. True I do have to click on them to read it all, but at least it's easier to comment that way. If I could read the whole post in a reader I would be less apt to comment and I do like to encourage bloggers by commenting. Do I sound confused by all of this? Yes.

Rachel said...

I am on Bloglovin' and I really like it. I've never used Feedly so I can't compare it.

I have a book of pictures taken by this photographer who was allowed into an Amish community. They let him take these pictures, it's really neat!!

Ruth Kelly said...

Yes, I agree with Trace - rumor went around last year and nothing happened. I like my blog the way it is now so I will probably do nothing and if it happens, then I will look into it.

Chatty Crone said...

They are definitely closing the google reader. I like Bloglovin - but I haven't checked out Feedly yet. What are you leaning towards?

Carla from The River said...

Oh my, I have not paid attention to this.
I think I will need some help - keep me posted.
I just wish we could leave it all alone, I like it how it is!

Paulette said...

I've jumped over to Bloglovin. It was a snap to import my favorite blog list.

Samantha said...

I reject both and am firmly burying my head in the sand.

RURAL said...

I've got both, but so far am leaning towards Bloglovin...


Debra Hawkins said...

Blah, I don't love either. I am really sad that they are getting rid of Google Reader. I like the simplicity of it...

Abigail Rogers said...

I have decided to go with Feedly. It was highly recommended, and has a beautiful layout.


Jen deHaan said...

"How to easily categorize. How to unsubscribe, should the need arise. Why don't the icons show a text when I hover over them?"

To do those from the main feeds. After you click the article, the name of the blog is available as a hyperlink. Click the name of the blog, and it takes you to that blog's page in feedly where you see an "Edit" and "Remove". Edit lets you recategorize, Remove will unsubscribe.

Hope that helps!
(Dummies author, but not for a book on Feedly) :)


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