Friday, March 8, 2013

King's Manor - York, England - Anglophile Friday

Charles I Coat of Arms,
York, North Yorkshire

 Dieu et mon droit, 'God and my right'

Honi soit qui mal y pense, 'Shame be to him who thinks evil of it.'
This from the Royal Order of the Garter, established by King Edward III in 1348


"The present-day King’s Manor backs on to the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, now in the Museum Gardens behind.  It was originally built in c. 1270 as the Abbot’s house.

"When Henry VIII was appointed Supreme Head of the Church in England in 1534, he began disbanding monastic communities across England, Wales and Ireland.  This process, known as the dissolution of the monasteries, resulted in the closure of St Mary’s Abbey in 1539.  No longer required as the Abbot’s house, the Manor was retained by the Crown and became the headquarters of the Council of the North.  The former Council Chamber is now the refectory café which can be accessed from the first courtyard.

"As the headquarters of the Council of the North, King’s Manor was the official residence of the President of the Council and played host to visiting royalty.  Henry VIII, Charles I and James I all stayed here.  At this time, the former medieval Abbot’s house was enlarged and extended, including the completion of the first courtyard and the addition of a residential wing and service building. Some of the building work from the 1560s onwards reused stone from St Mary’s Abbey.  The coat of arms above the main entrance is that of Charles I – observant visitors may notice that the ‘N’ in the motto ‘Dieu et Mon Droit’ (‘God and my right’) is backwards – a careless stonemason?

"King’s Manor continued as the seat of northern power until the Council of the North was abolished in 1641.

"Subsequently, during the English Civil War (1642-1651), King’s Manor became the Royalist headquarters in York and was the scene of fighting between Parliamentarian forces and Royalist defenders of the city.

"When Charles I was defeated in 1644 by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarian forces at the Battle of Marston Moor, just outside York, the king lost control of the north of England and King’s Manor surrendered.  This marked the beginning of 200 years of decline[*] for the building and in 1688 King’s Manor was leased out and divided up into apartments; its former glory as the seat of northern power confined to upmarket residences."

This certainly does catch your eye!

* I laughed when I read 'after 200 years of decline.' My husband is working on a hospital that is being torn down after 35 years - because they can't find a use for it.


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Yenta Mary said...

Oh, I just love the little escape on Fridays, before heading in to work! Such beauty ... we have so little to compare, here in this country. And it always makes me chuckle to see these ancient buildings juxtaposed with modernity, like the bright red bus ... :)

Life Happens said...

These pictures remind me of Downton Abbey. :)

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I love the history of the buildings!!

Sandra said...

i love the BRICKs that surround the coat of arms, they are beautiful and I love the windows and doors and peaks of the roof.

Diane said...

Very interesting! Always liked that crest. I searched around but couldn't come up with an explanation for the backwards N. Someone out there must know!

Marti said...

Wonderful old buildings!

RURAL said...

What stunning architecture....sigh. Love the patina on those old bricks.

Still haven't watched the last episode of DA...saving it for a rainy day.


Ruth Kelly said...

There is one that I missed while I was in York, no wonder it is one of the places I really want to return to and stay for a few days.

Unknown said...

What a GREAT post Judy!!!
I'll tell you something funny -Once, while visiting a house in Yorkshire - I ranted and raved about living in such an old house- with so much history - and the Woman responded with " well - it's not really THAT old - only about 300 years " - I guess when you're surrounded by buildings that are 1000 years old - 300 years doesn't seem so OLD!
She then said " but you don't have homes that old in North America, right? "
To which I responded of course we do - but they're called Teepees"

Terri D said...

I do love your photos and history lessons on all things English!!

Denise said...


bj said...

What amazing history...and such beautiful buildings..


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