Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mabel Tainter Memorial Theatre, Menomonie, WI

 Today's post is mostly a continuation from yesterday's post, which showed exterior shots of the Mabel Tainter Memorial Center for the Arts. Today, a couple more exterior shots, including the Viking ship sculpture, and then several shots of the interior.

Steere & Turner pipe organ, lower
Box seats above


'The interior of the building contains hand stenciled walls and ceilings, marble staircase and floors, leaded stained glass windows, walnut and oak woodwork, brass fixtures, and four fireplaces, each built with a different stone or technique. The Mabel Tainter Theater still contains the original Steere & Turner tracker pipe organ. The organ has a total of 1597 pipes and 28 stops. The pipes range from 2 inches to 16 feet. Although originally water powered, it was later converted to electric. The organ's restoration began in 1957 and, since then, has been fully restored.'

From a reviewer on Trip Advisor:

'As a Menomonie native, I grew up and didn't think much about the Mabel was just the city library to me. Now that I've grown up and moved away, I've come to cherish what a truly impressive landmark the Memorial and the Theatre is. It's one of the few great old buildings that survived "progress" in Menomonie over the years and it helps keep the arts alive in the bustling little city. Inside, past the marble floors and the gilt edges, is a magnificent little theatre, described by docents over the years as "a copy of Ford's Theatre in Washington." It's both a wonderful place to see a play, or to perform one...I've done both in my time. Take the time to see this Victorian beauty. You'll be glad you did!'


So true. I have been to Ford's Theatre in D.C. and I'll have to say that the layout seems somewhat the same, but the Mabel Tainter is much more beautiful, much more ornate.

If you don't believe me, check out this virtual tour of Ford's Theater.

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Sandra said...

totally awesome place, every thing looks like it is made from gold... the seats don't look comfy but maybe the backs move? i love the outside closeup shots.. detail is amazing.

Unknown said...

What a beautifully ornate theatre - it would be just an experience to sit in there never mind see an actual performance!
Reminds me of being on Broadway ( on a grander scale ) They taken the glamour away with today's boxes for buildings.
Great post Judy!

Unknown said...

What amazing detail - inside and out!

Paulette said...

They sure don't make them like that anymore, stunning both inside and out.

Terri D said...

Having lived in the Metro DC area for 12 years, I've been to performances at Ford Theater several times, and it is nothing compared to the ornate and so beautiful Tainter Theatre! Thank you for sharing the photos of this wonderful historical building that was so obviously well conserved and refurbished.

Diane said...

Wow-- had no idea this is there. Just amazing the ideas and craftsmanship! Thanks for sharing.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Soooo beautiful!! I would love to see it in person!!

Chatty Crone said...

Kine of reminds you of Europe and England - you know. They sure do not do work like that any more - do they? There is probably no one who could even do it anymore. It's nice to appreciate what we have.
Hugs, sandie

Lois Christensen said...

Wow, what great photos. Not too sure I could sit in those seats! You did a great job capturing the beauty of this landmark.

The Tablescaper said...

What a beautiful place!

I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays one of these days. The link goes up at 7 pm on Saturdays.

- The Tablescaper

Heide at ApronHistory said...

I had forgotten how ornate the inside is. Did you get a box seat? ;) I have always wanted to sit there....

Ruth Kelly said...

It is a very charming theatre - even though it was built back in 89, it is still the tops.

Chenille Cottage said...

What a beautiful post! Just look at all the incredible detail. I can only imagine how long it must have taken to create such a lovely environment.
Have a happy day, my friend.
Carolynn xo

Empty Nester said...

Such rich, warm, inviting colors! I know I would love to visit and just take it all in. We have the Sottile Theater downtown that is quite lovely like that. Deanie performed there a couple of times when she was coming along. You can check it out here:

Hey! If you get down this way, we'll go see it and if I get up your way...LOL

Unknown said...

Beautiful architecture and I love the tinted window.
Looks to be a lovely place....great details

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for stopping by, I truly enjoyed all your photos here then I peeped about some more and love more of your posts!! I'm a dog person too and those were some beauties. Some Springers? I've been thru Menomonie have friends in Wausau and Marshfield. At one time my son was in LaCrosse, I miss those days. !!
Have a lovely week, Sunshine and MELTING, almost as good as Lolipops.

Carla from The River said...

Great photos!
I loved seeing the art from the UW Stout students when we toured. The frog reminded me of some of what we saw.

Denise said...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all of your photos. What amazing detail and workmanship. Just beautiful...every direction you look!

Jean | said...

Wow! I've got to start getting around the country more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really enjoyed the photos. So very beautiful.

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

What a beautiful old theatre... thank you for the tour!

Ladies Holiday said...

That is spectacular- thanks for sharing it on the photo friday blog hop- also: what's this about O'Brian not coming back for the next season. Egads!!!


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