Friday, May 31, 2013

Public Right of Way - Anglophile Friday

Public rights of way from

"Public rights of way are open to everyone. They can be roads, paths or tracks, and can run through towns, countryside or private property.

"You have the right to walk along them. Some rights of way are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists:
  • footpaths - let you go by foot only
  • bridleways - let you go by foot, horse or bike
  • restricted byways - let you travel by any form of transport that doesn’t have a motor
  • byways open to all traffic - let you travel by any form of transport, including cars (though they’re mainly used by walkers and horse riders)"

Lovely Reeth - in the Yorkshire Dales. Even the pigs take little notice of the tourists who decide to walk from the lower level of the town (above) along the public footpath to the upper level. Look what a beautiful environment those pigs are in, yet they seem oblivious to those incredible drystone walls and the grand hills surrounding the village. Snort. Oink. Zzzzz.

Turning the corner of the [fenced in] footpath
and heading toward the incline

Looking back, from halfway up the hill (still on the footpath)

Problems in using a right of way (from

"The people who own or maintain the land must keep public rights of way open and useable. 

If you have a problem using a right of way - eg an obstruction, poor maintenance or a misleading sign – you should report it to:

Aha! an obstruction! But I think we can forgive this one and not report it to the authorities.

He went 'thataway!'

Public footpaths are great for the walking enthusiast, but not always easy to follow.

 What?! This is a public footpath sign?

Some public footpath signs are hardly distinguishable from any other old post, especially if you don't know exactly what you're supposed to be looking for, or if they're obscured by flowering shrubs. When my daughter and I were in Bourton-on-the-Water, we decided to take the public footpath toward Little Rissington and lost track of the sign posts, eventually ending up in a pasture with a friendly? bull. That was our first real clue that we must be off the posted track. Fortunately, neither the bull nor we were irreparably offended.


Hoping to have another opportunity to get lost in England


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Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Yenta Mary said...

I love the multiple "public walkway" sign! How to get lost! But then, that's half the fun, isn't it ...?

Heide at ApronHistory said...

Thanks for the tips! I hadn't realized there was different varieties of public walkways.
I can see how it would be a little confusing.....

Love the pictures!

Sandra said...

wow on that foot path, i would love to walk it... talk about taking the scenic way, and i like that it is enclosed and there are pigs and other things to view... great shots to... that one side is really confusing, must be a 6 way crossroad..

Eileen said...

If you ever come to Wales you will be confused as all our signs are bilingual, in both Welsh and English.

podso said...

We always smiled at walking up the downs. This is a fun post to read ...

TexWisGirl said...

i would not like that on my property!

George The Lad said...

The number of times we have got lost, following the so called signs that just disapper!! even a map doesn't always help. I use google earth to check before going somewhere new :)
Enjoyed you post, you must think we have some funny ways over the pond :)
Jan, George & Tess xxx

Margaret Adamson said...

Loved the stone walls. Have a ggeat weekend. Margaret

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Beautiful walk paths!! Love the photos!!

Suzan Sweatman said...

You know I just had a thought - why on earth aren't you compiling all of these amazing photos and stories and creating a book!!!
Great post as always
Have a beautiful wknd

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What an interesting post, Judy. I would probably get lost, but I spend half my life that way. LOL



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So neat. I remember years ago that Rick Steves showed some of these on his show. I don't think we followed any when we went to Yorkshire, but Yorshire sure is beautiful. How long did you live there?

Maple Lane said...

Very interesting and such amazing pictures.

Carla TePaske said...

I love the idea of foot paths. Interesting post.

Denise said...

Interesting post.

Ruth Kelly said...

I always wondered about footpaths - nice to know. Thanks for the post.

Empty Nester said...

Hahahaha! A BULL???? Too funny. Everything about England is awesome, isn't it?

Joyce said...

Public Footpaths all across the of the absolute best things about living in the UK!

J_on_tour said...

In the Lake District, Wainwright paths have sprung up everywhere thanks to his 1960s guidebooks and even though the "right of way" on some maps are clearer than "public footpath" they are usually very difficult to follow. Usually on the popular long distance routes, signs are very good ... as are the de-tours around some country farmhouses where there maybe restricted access !!


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