Friday, December 13, 2013

Kettlewell, Favorite Photos - Anglophile Friday

"It is believed that the name Kettlewell is Anglo Saxon and comes from Cetel Wella which means a bubbling spring or stream, and signs of their farming methods can still be seen in terraced fields to the south of the village. Traces of Brigantes and Roman occupation have also been found." (Cont. after 3rd photo)

" The Racehorses Hotel is a independently run 18th Century country inn with thirteen en-suite bedrooms with beautiful views of either the river Wharfe or surrounding hills.
Never get lost again with these weekend map reading courses. Get the skills you need to plan and undertake your own walks in the countryside; skills that will last a lifetime. Bespoke courses and hill days available. Instructor: Mark Reid, author of 'The Inn Way' guidebooks."
And in case you're interested in spending a night there, it's £85 per room per night, Sunday-Thursday this time of year. You can bring your dog too, for an extra £6, but unlike you, he won't get breakfast.

(Cont. from first paragraph): "Cotton and lead mining played an important part in the history of the village. Lead mining bought prosperity to the village in the 17th century but closed in the late 19th century. One ofthe most profitable was Old Providence which was worked by the Kettlewell Mining Co. In 1838 Kettlewell boasted a cotton mill, three blacksmiths, two joiners, five inns, two shoemakers, a surgeon and a tailor." 

Read More  about the history of Kettlewell from

"A warm welcome awaits you at the Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell’s oldest and best-loved hostelry, with its log fire, excellent local-brewed ales and substantial Yorkshire style meals, everything the walker looks forward to after a long day on the hills and riverside paths of lovely Upper Wharfedale." From  (£80 per room per night) You can bring your dog for a small extra fee, but  I'm not sure if he's allowed to share your b&e.

Look at those stone walls in the background!

The River Wharfe?

Looking down the street toward
St. Mary's, Kettlewell

My favorite door,
unless you count Westminster Abbey in London

Groceries, Newsagents, and I think the word on the other side is 'License'

The color red brings a flash of cheer to the bleak, harsh, stone landscape of North Yorkshire. I found Kettlewell to be hauntingly beautiful, and would love to go back.


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Unknown said...

I wonder if that hotel would let me bring my cats? :)
Great pictures.. I just love the door too.. it's my favorite pic!!

Angie's Recipes said...

Love those stone houses! Thank you for sharing, Judy.

MadSnapper said...

thanks for my morning walk down winding streets and viewing all those amazing old buildings and love love the red phone box, so much beauty and i really liked each and every photo view....and i think our new world my need map reading lessons soon, since everyone is using a gps on there phones. i envision a new generation that can't tell north from south

Diane said...

Lovely! Hmm... would they allow a 150 pound Mastiff and a loud-mouthed Coonhound?? Might be pushing my luck!

Lynn Blaylock said...

Your pictures are so wonderful and depict a very serene village. You make me feel like I've taken a virtual visit. I loved your post!

Lynn Blaylock said...

Your pictures are so wonderful and depict a very serene village. You make me feel like I've taken a virtual visit. I loved your post!

TexWisGirl said...

love all the stone! and yes, the spots of red, too!

Amy Burzese said...

Wonderful! I so want to visit across the pond. Any post with a red phone box, a red door, and a red truck is fine by me. Thanks for sharing these each Friday.

Susie said...

So much to learn of other countries. I adore those stone walls and fences. I would love one of those phone booths too. :):) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo,Susie

Heide at ApronHistory said...

Beautiful scenery! I can see how James Harriot fell in love with Yorkshire. Another place for the list......

Carla from The River said...

Great photos as always Judy!

Terri D said...

Hauntingly beautiful...a perfect description. A lovely tour, Judy!

podso said...

I like how you are enjoying your trip all over again when you do these posts.

Vee said...

I love hanging out in the UK thanks to bloggers who love to travel and are willing to share. Do you know The Happy Wonderer? She just finished up her trip today saving the best for last.

This looks like All Creatures Great and Small country.

RURAL said...

What a beautiful little town, if I visited there, I would have every memory card full up.


Pamela Gordon said...

What an interesting town. I love England's small towns and countryside but I agree with your last paragraph in that this town was just kind of all brown and stone. I like the photo of the red phone box and the stone building behind it. Thanks for sharing your memories of this place. Pamela

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely! So British.

J_on_tour said...

Only ever been to Kettlewell once due to its location & that was for a weekend in Scargill that a friend invited me too. Unfortunately I was not free enough with the schedule to explore the town as I would do … must see if I can rectify that sooner rather than later.


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