Monday, March 31, 2014

Homemade Natural Vegan Soaps for Spring

'What on earth is this????'
you may ask

 Well, it's what comes after THIS:

and sometimes THIS:

and THIS:

and THIS:

and after a few other steps involving magic, it turns out like THIS:

Coconut & Lime
Natural, Homemade Vegan Soap

Moisturizing, Natural, Gentle, and an Amazing Fragrance!

And check out these other natural vegan soaps


and at

All my homemade vegan soaps are made with only natural base oils,
plus essential oils or quality fragrance oils,
and only natural colorants
(I'm keeping those secret, but you'd find many in your spice cupboard!)

And don't forget, it's always Buy Five or More, Get One FREE.

And there are many more!

Now don't you feel guilty for thinking that I just sat around all day, eating bonbons????   I should think so! LOL 

So what kind of fragrance lover are YOU?  Floral, Spicy, Woody, Fruity, Herbal?

Inquiring minds want to know!!  That means, I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment telling me which you prefer! or do you like a combination?


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful soap! I do love the fragrance of herbs.

John often teases me about eating bon bons!!! lol

Sandra said...

fruity like this coconut.. because i am allergic to scents.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

That soap looks good enough to eat and I bet it smells heavenly too :-)

Stephanie said...

I agree, this soap does look good enough to eat! I am sure it feels and smells amazing :) Happy Monday!

camp and cottage living said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
camp and cottage living said...

Looks wonderful. My husband keeps me stocked in all natural soaps he orders from the NWT, where we once lived.
I'll remember you make it, Judy, when I run out!
My favorites a the musky and coconut scents and some florals.

TexWisGirl said...

i bet that smells wonderful!

Paulette said...

I love your soap and soon it will be time to reorder.

Vee said...

I have never thought of you as just sitting about reading and eating bon-bons. BTW, your soaps look and sound yummy enough to be bon-bons. I remember years ago walking into a shop where there were homemade soaps and my favorite then was sandalwood. I had no idea that there was such a fragrance before and have seldom run into it since.

As for John, well, I believe that I've overshared his favorite scent...but you might have all the necessary ingredients with your wonderful horses and fields about.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

These look amazing! I can almost smell all the wonderful botanicals from here! What DON'T you do?

Patty Sumner said...

I love herbal and fruity.. I always admire anyone who has such skill to make such wholesome things.. Have a blessed day.. Blessings!

Cindy said...

What a lovely post, the soap looks so interesting. I thought of making soap years ago then I quickly washed the idea. Some things are better left to other to do, this is oneof them you do a great job.

Terri D said...

I love your soaps, Judy, and all the great fragrances you come up with.

Maggie Ann said...

I liked mint and lavender the best of all fragrances and I always liked the 'lye soap at craft fairs. Alas...I have allergy/sensitivity. I admire your skills for sure, that must be so enjoyable and rewarding!

Denise said...

I love that scent.

Vicky Hunt said...

Beautiful soaps and I can almost smell them! So pretty too...:)

Blessings, Vicky

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am very impressed. I've always wanted to make soap but have never tried but I do enjoy special soaps like yours. I will check out your links.....

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

YOur soaps are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah


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