Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Missing the Hodgepodge

Look who stopped in to see Grandma and Grandpa!
Look who wants to pull off his socks.

Joyce (From This Side of the Pond) of Hodgepodge fame, is taking a much-deserved break this week. But for those of us who are rigid and inflexible, it's hard to get out of the Hodgepodge Wednesday mode, so I'm answering a few questions that popped into my mind for today.

1. What were your favorite games when you were a child?

Starlight, Moonlight; Pump Pump Pull Away.  Telling ghost stories with the cousins and scaring each other to death; Starlight Moonlight was played outdoors at night. Obviously, we played these outdoor games in the summertime and saved the ghost stories for winter.


The person who is "IT" is called the ghost. He/She hides in the dark someplace where he won't easily be seen. All others stay at home base (usually the steps of our house). They chant:

"One O'Clock, Two O' Clock, Three O' Clock Rock, (I don't think we ever said 'rock.')
Four O'Clock, Five O' Clock, Six O' Clock Rock,
Seven O' Clock, Eight O' Clock, Nine O' Clock Rock
Ten O' Clock, Eleven O' Clock, Twelve O' Clock Midnight,
We hope we do, we hope we might, we hope we see a ghost tonight!"

They then break up searching for the ghost. If they see him/her, they can run back to base. The ghost can either chase them or stay hidden to try to get someone else. All must see the ghost. If the ghost catches you, your it for the next game, in other words, the ghost.

Rules for Pump Pump Pull Away, from Yahoo: 

"Pump, pump, pull away" consisted of two teams, each lined up on opposite sides of a field or playground. At the signal, "Pump-pump- pullaway--Come away or I'll pull you away", one side attempted to run through their opponents and reach the opposite end of the field without being tagged by the defending side. Players tagged joined the opponent's team. Each side took turns at running through the opposition until all players were on one side. 

Did you play those games??

2.  Are you a gardener?

My best garden year
A distant memory

I guess I wouldn't call myself a gardener. I'm an enthusiastic planter and a harvester. I dislike the in-between stuff, like the real work of pulling the most robust of all perennials, the weeds. I once heard someone call it 'picking weeds,' which is much more accurate. The carpet worked great for a few years, but this year it's been removed and I'm not planning nearly as ambitious a garden as seen above. Carrots, green beans, snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, and some herbs are about all we're putting in this year. The other stuff just isn't worth the effort. I get tired of dragging sprouted and squishy potatoes out of the basement in the springtime.

3.  With Wisconsin's notorious winters, why do you stay here?

Winters keep Mr. C. in shape. See what I mean? But actually, the reason we stay in Wisconsin is that most of our family is here or nearby and that we love Wisconsin from April through October. Every place has its disadvantages. Ours is the long, long, bitterly-cold winter. (I can say that almost cheerfully, now that spring has arrived). Still, I'd rather sit beside the fire than have to sit beside an air conditioner in long, long, beastly-hot summers.

And this is another reason we stay in Wisconsin. I never tire of this view.

4.  Tell us about your problem with clutter and how you plan to resolve it.

I'm not sure why I'm so publicly admitting to clutter, but...I hate clutter and yet find myself a victim of clutter. Don't you love how I can declare victimhood over a situation I've created for myself? I figure if everyone else is doing it these days, I might as well too. Anyway, I just visited a website that had '34 ingenious ways to declutter' and will follow some of them. This morning I discarded extra, hardly-ever-used bed sheets. And now that I've done that, someone will probably show up at my door with a bloody wound and I won't have the potential bandages I could have used to save his life.

5.  Do you have family reunions? Are you the one to organize them?

August of 2013 is the last family reunion we had where everyone was present. It was wonderful! Other years, we've had the reunion the beginning of August but not all are there. I'm hoping for a full house again this August. Plus, we have two babies, a few additional instant grandkids, and a daughter-in-law who have joined the family since the photo above. Yes, I organize them. I build it around my birthday. Isn't that a clever thing to do. lol

6. What's your most recent book purchase? Fiction or Non-fiction?

Non-fiction is not Tuppence's favorite

One of the disappointments (and there are very few) of my life is that somewhere along the line I became an audio reader. It probably had to do with the year I spent in Bolivia, working with Wycliffe Bible Translators, doing proofreading. I pick up typos in everyone's writing (except for my own, occasionally), and that attention to detail, even to the voices in my head, are what slow me down. Still, every book I read is entertaining, and like a movie, since those voices are in my head. I think there's no hope for me to get over that bad habit at this age (I've read almost every book on speed reading), so I'll just keep reading... and enjoying it.

My most recent purchases are A Case for the Psalms by N.T. Wright and Hilary Mantel's Bring Up The Bodies, part of the Wolf Hall series. Have you been watching that on PBS? Anyway, I purchased it on my Kindle because it's inconvenient to try to read hardcover or paperbacks in the dark. So how many books do you have going at the same time?

Almost always my preference is non-fiction, unless it's really good. Hilary Mantel's books have had rave reviews.

7.  What's happening on the farm these days?

 Getting ready to plant corn
16 row corn planter
We rent out our crop land to a guy with amazing equipment. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. The equipment is just enormous. I believe the biggest corn planter my dad ever had was a 4-row planter.

 After - April 28 2015 
It took about an hour to plant the corn.

8.  How often do you go shopping?

I hate shopping, except maybe for grocery shopping, and I don't actually enjoy that because I don't like standing in lines. Although the Mall of America is about 2 hours away, I think I've been there once. I take no pleasure in trying to find things to buy. I don't understand how any mall, even the small one in our area, can support so many clothing stores. Most of my shopping is done on Amazon. I don't buy many new clothes. I tend to wear the same comfortable and familiar things. So the answer is, I seldom go shopping.

Okay, that's it. I've now got the Hodgepodge bug out of my system for another week. You can be grateful that Joyce will bring it back next week with her much better questions.

Mr. C. and Jazzie
Running away from home


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Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!



podso said...

Your questions are very good. I don't remember those games especially, but something similar, and yes, the summer evenings outside as dusk settled in were so much fun. I can see why you stay in Wisconsin--the extreme heat and humidity we face for the next few months is definitely the downside of living in the south. And so often when I purge and get rid of things, within a short while I'm looking for an item as suddenly there's a need for it and it's gone. Oh well. Lastly, amazing that a whole corn field can be planted in one hour. What an amazing machine. Do you live where it's knee high by the 4th of Ju-ly?

MadSnapper said...

all of your photos are superb today, my favorite is the man and his dog running away.
I have not heard of the games you played. we played red rover red rover and hide and seek outside.

nary a gardening gene in my body... i am a neat freak and clutter makes me crazy. the thing is what most people call decorating to me is clutter. the funny thing is, a couple years ago i did get rid of all the linens not in use, but on a high shelf I kept a few in case someone needs a bandage, like a dog leg.. i also kept a few not so good throw rugs Just In Case we needed to block flood waters from coming in the sliding lass door.
it is not clutter if it is neat and in a closet. all my closets have nothing on the floor and what i keep has a place. anything not a place is tossed .
I love Florida except for July/Aug.Sept and sometimes October.

Theresa said...

Love looking at all of these pictures:) Farming is in my blood and I love seeing those pictures of the farm land! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Debby Ray said...

Hey, there was nothing wrong with those questions of yours! When I was little, the games we played often were, Mother May I?, Red Rover, Red light-Green light, Andy Over, Hopscotch...just to name a few...all outside games. I am not familiar with those you mentioned. As far as gardening goes, so glad we get our fresh produce from my son's garden in the summer. I try my hand at tomatoes in pots on my deck but a couple of weeks ago, I got real ambitious and actually planted 3 different varieties in the ground...let's see how they do. I also have some sunflower sprouts coming up after the squirrels dug up and ate most of the seeds...
we'll see how successful I am at that. I totally understand why you stay in WI...that view is gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed your homemade hodgepodge today! Fun questions and answers. :)

If I lived in Wisconsin, I'd stay too. Yes, those are beautiful views, but you hit the nail on the head when you said that family is there. Sharing life with your loved ones is the best. It is why we stay here in Maryland, even though I hate heat and humidity (especially the humidity) and our summers are oppressive. It's because our people are here.

Clutter is a constant battle, but one that I am willing to fight. My favorite story about friend decided to throw away ONE boot that had lived without its mate in the attic for several years. (Really? Could there possibly ever be a need for one boot?!) More years went by. One day her husband came out of the attic in utter frustration. "Do you know what happened to my boot?" he asked. When she confessed that she had discarded it years ago, he was perturbed. He had wanted a small piece of leather for something and the boot was his source. Who knew?

Hope you're enjoying a glorious springtime day in Wisconsin!

TexWisGirl said...

i can attest to the brutally hot, long, dry summer thing. after 30+ years in texas, i am weary of it. but i don't think i could do wisconsin winters any more, either. :)

Pamela said...

Loved your questions! I was frantic this morning, thinking I'd missing the HodgePodge questions and then I remembered we are on a break this week. (Breathes sigh of relief)

21 Wits said...

Oh gees give me the heat any day of the week, although it can make us weary, but it's so much easier than some of our long brutal winters! We are lucky to have all the four seasons. I adore the running away from home in a sweet pleasant walk! Great family photo too!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I thoroughly enjoyed your hodgepodge of questions. Never heard of that game but it does sound like one we would have loved. I honestly can't imagine how I would do in the snow considering I have lived in So. California pretty much my whole life, but I just KNOW I would love that view! Goodness it's beautiful. And all that open space and land. We went to the farms one day we were there with our SIL and they were busy cutting (can't even remember now the technical term for it) and I was fascinated with the whole thing. The machines are HUGE and intriguing. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Arlene G said...

We went to Mall of America when we were in MN for a family reunion. I was totally overwhelmed, and I like shopping. HOwever TJ Maxx is my favorite place with Ross running a close second. My son is a big non fiction fan, i prefer fiction so I can escape to some other place. We tried watching Wolf Hall but neither of us could get into it. And I am a big Henry 8th fan thanks to the Seven Wives of Henry the 8th on PBS when I was in high school. I love the photos of your grandbaby and the farm!!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I love the man and dog shot. Loved reading all your wuestions adn answers today.

Ginny Hartzler said...

You live in a gorgeous place! I love your last picture! I am so interested in your book, and am going straight to amazon! Our PBS is not showing that series.

bj said...

Great photos...and that little baby boy, trying his best to get those sox off, is so adorable. I tried to kiss him but.......:)

Pamela Gordon said...

You had some great questions this week Judy. My favourite game would have been skip rope, hide and seek, rock school (don't ask) :), Red Rover (call Johnnie over) and Red Light. I've not heard of the 2 games you played. Clutter? We have a guest staying over on Friday night and I am in the process of clearing the clutter from the guest room The clutter is stuff that I've gathered for the thrift store....clutter to go ASAP. I'm looking forward to seeing the farm machinery in the fields here but it's just too cold and wet yet. Enjoy the day!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I was just thinking last night during my evening shower, that your soap sure lasts a long time! And I take two showers a day. I still have some bars left. I am a gardener, but on a small scale, and I've already forgotten the other questions. Oh yes! I like to read fictioin.

Tired Teacher said...

An excellent post!

I grumble about winter, but like you, I can tolerate it better than those who have to deal with wicked heat.

I used to garden, but the soil was poor. It looks better now that the lawn has reclaimed the plot.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That was fun! I like to think back on the games we played as kids. Red Rover Red Rover....what fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

Linda Kay said...

Judy, good job on the hodge had a lovely garden, for sure. The photos are great today. We have several neighbors who head north to homes in Wisconsin in the summer in Texas. And being from Illinois, I can relate to the lush beauty of the countryside.

Linda said...

I LOVED your post!! I totally get why you stay in Wisconsin!!! Perhaps that's why WE grit our teeth and survive our HOT Texas summers!!! And this is where FAMILY lives.
Although.....if it weren't for FAMILY - I would love to be your neighbor up there!

Sue said...

Enjoyed reading your Wednesday Hodgepodge, I don't remember those games, but as children we loved telling ghost stories. One game similar was Red rover , that was fun for us.
The scenery with the chairs is spectacular, I once visited Wisconsin, and thought it so beautiful, though being from the south, the winters might not work for me. ~~smile~
Enjoy your week,

Anonymous said...

Your post was chalk full of interesting items! I have not heard of those games before. Thank you for including directions on how to play! And my your garden is gorgeous!

Sandi said...

Aww! Cutie! :-)

Michelle said...

Nothing like relaxing by a fire in the winter. One of my favorite things!

Diane said...

Fun post. Us neighborhood kids played lots of outdoor games on summer evenings. We called the ghost one "Ghost In The Graveyard." We also played Kick the Can a lot. Spud, Red Rover, Statue Maker, softball, bike tag... Ahh, those were the days!

Terri D said...

I missed the Hodgepodge today, too! So set in my ways! Snort.

Love the photos and your Q&A!!

I am also a victim of clutter...snorting again! I love how you put that! It's so true.

NanaDiana said...

That was a fun read, Judy. We are a like in many ways but I never played the Ghost game...but it sounds like fun.
GREAT photos today, too!
Hope you are getting some warm weather. We are in the low 30s tonight but it is supposed to be warm tomorrow. We'll see! xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

I liked your answers and photos. I don;t think I remember those games to be honest. Let's see that was one heck of a garden - wish I was better at it. And i loved your family - you have a lot of blessings.

Lynne said...

Amazing to have the corn planted within the hour . . .
I liked the little sock puller . . . and your runaway yellow jacketed hubby . . . And your Wisconsin views!

Rose said...

I really enjoyed these and laughed at some....

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed your hodgepodge. It felt like a visit and that's fun. Love memories of childhood games. Especially liked hopscotch and jump rope. Didn't love double Dutch, but was pretty good at it.

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, great questions and answers.. I love your gorgeous view.. Your garden is awesome..I wish I had a green thumb..Love the little one, the family re-union and the shot of Jazzie.. Have a happy day!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Love your hodgepost post with so much variety and gorgeous photos !

I wouldn't want to leave that view either.

I had to laugh at the books question. I usually have about 4 going at a time! :) One fiction and the rest non-fiction.

Trace4J said...

Oh friend what a very beautiful view and family..
Woolie Blessings!

Jean | said...

Good job, Judy! I loved the one about shopping. I hate shopping, being a "consumer." Your comments on clutter and bandages was hilarious!

This N That said...

Such a cutie. I don't have time to go through the hodgepodge but I may check back later. Have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

You DO have a gorgeous view!! We have a long winter in WY too, but the rest of the year is quite nice.

Carla from The River said...

Your questions are great. I always wondered why you stayed in Wisconsin. :-)
I agree your view is AMAZING!
I think you have a beautiful home.
I am not a shopper! AMAZON to the rescue.

E.liza"BETH" said...

i miss your profile picture ... it is gone? hope it will come back soon. hope you are well. i have one heck of a headache, but i have to visit my bloggy friends. i guess it is the weather having lots of thunderstorm lately. your garden is gorgeous ... hoping this year it will be a good one for ya?? i miss my parents garden. we have woods no garden here. i enjoy neatness but i have times of messes, but usually i will take a day or so and really clean up and will lay off ... i go in spells. love that porch view. what a sight!! awesome!! ( :

Deborah Montgomery said...

I also worked as an editor, so I proofread everything, too. I've always wondered why I'm such a slow reader -- that's got to be it! Thanks for solving the conundrum. I do like reading good books slowly and savoring the details, stopping to think about things as I go along.
Malls are overwhelming; it's Amazon for me, too.
And that view from your house is beautiful!

Celestina Marie said...

Well I was born and raised in Michigan and I know winters but I could not do the winters anymore having lived in Texas for so long.
What a darling pic of the little one. Didn't play that game but it sounds like fun.
Hope you have a good garden this year. Your pics are wonderful.
Beautiful view you have to enjoy.
So peaceful.
Hugs and Blessings, CM

J_on_tour said...

I always find these posts interesting. That's a great view from your house as is the view over your shoulder into the book !!


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