Friday, December 16, 2016

Totally Random...

Carrie, over at Northwoods Scrapbook blog, another northern Wisconsin blogger, has inspired me. The coziness of her lovely bay home, partly because of the candlelight, actually prompted me to go digging out some things in which to place tea lights.

I have an old candelabra which used to hold 5 candles, but one of the arms broke off. I suppose I could have thrown it out, but why?  Three has more Biblical significance than five anyway, and now I have three candles, slightly leaning, on top of one of the bookshelves. I've got to do something about that candle on the left.

Like many others, we're getting lots of snow and deep-freeze temps, which have caused several event cancellations. So for this weekend, we're forecasted to get 5-8 additional inches of snow and an air temp high of -9F on Sunday. Brrr. I'm so thankful for our wood-burning stove, not to mention the man who cuts the wood and brings it into the house!

I hope one of the grandkids doesn't think that huge red box is a present for him or her. They would be very disappointed. It's actually a huge empty cardboard box that I wrapped because I had to have something to set the TV antenna on. I know this is ridiculous, but we can't get cable out here in the middle of nowhere, and wouldn't even if we could, (believe me, Mr. C. and I have been at a motel and tried a couple hundred channels to discover absolutely nothing worth watching) but we do have an antenna that's supposed to bring in a signal within about 40 miles and the transmitting tower is something like 50 miles away. We do this all to get PBS for Masterpiece. It better be good this season! Anyway, so, that means we don't get a picture, unless......we put the antenna thing up very high in the room, facing the south windows, the weather is just right, and we boil butterfly wings and chicken beaks in a cauldron out in the backyard during a full moon.  I decided that at Christmas time it might be nice to take down the stack of books the antenna was resting on and replace it with something more festive - The big red box. Santa Lucia looks on.

 More light. Thanks for the inspiration, Carrie.


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Times past: Three grandsons on a snow mountain in our backyard -  in April.

 From December of 2015
At least December is predictable.
It looks just like this now.

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Sandi said...

I love that idea! Why just put up an antennae when you can decorate? ;)

MadSnapper said...

antennas don't work in the states anymore. I can't image living in a house without a TV even though I lived the first 16 years without one, then rarely watched one until I married bob. he can't live without the sports channel thus we pay for cable. but I do love watching TV. we stream a lot of what we watch now through the internet. the candelabra is beautiful and no way to tell part of it is missing. I don't know how candles will be straight and then lean when no one touches them. the tea lights look really festive and I love candlelight. stay safe and warm in those temps.

Susie said...

Judy, I love all your candles. I like to see candle light and I think they add a touch of warmth, when we are so cold. It's nasty cold here and to be somewhat icy tonight. I sure will pray for anyone out in this. Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo, Susie

Michelle said...

Stay warm! I grew up in Minot, North Dakota and remember cold times like yours. We have had temps in the teens this week. Unusual for Kentucky.

Empty Nester said...

Love your snow, not fond of -9. What is that anyway? Seriously, once you get into the single digits, isn't it just too dang cold? LOL I really like the etched glasses with the tea lights. So pretty! Stay warm!

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your candles look so pretty, Judy. I burn candles a lot in the winter. The candelabra is pretty. Candles do seem to have a mind of their own; they really enjoy leaning. I can't imagine -9 degrees---Please stay warm and cozy. We don't have snow but we are in a cold snap for us. Have a nice weekend. ♥
PS==Love your soap!!

Terri D said...

The candles look great! Putting them in unexpected places is really fun and festive! I can't imagine being in the cold like that again. Makes me shiver!

Linda said...

I like your creativity! We do what we have to do to make things work. Tea lights in pretty goblets are so pretty. I'm going to do that!
The temps here in Texas will drop 50 degrees tomorrow!! It still won't compare to YOUR weather!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

The snow makes everything so pretty. I am off to Malawi tomorrow but will be scheduling posts in but unfortunately wil not be able to comment when I am away but hope you will still pop in when you have time. I hope you and your famuily have a wonderful Christmas.

Vee said...

Your photography is great...your home cozy...your corner beautiful...your grands darling...and your antenna stand stunning! Stay warm out over there!

Pamela Gordon said...

I chuckled at your comment on how you get a signal through the antenna for your TV. We, like you, don't have cable nor do we want a satellite bill every month for shows we don't want to watch, but we have an old fashioned antenna on the roof which gets us 3 stations (all Canadian). We got Apple TV in December 2015 and enjoy a lot of programs on that for $9.00 a month. Sometimes there isn't much worth watching on it as well when a good series is finished and we're waiting for the next season to come out! Candlelight is lovely and calming. I enjoy it during the winter months. Have you tried the battery 'seed' lights on the very thin wire? They look magical. Have a cozy weekend through the storm (which we are also getting). xo Pam

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Aaawww shucks - blushing over here my Judy-girl. ;) But so happy if I provided some cozy inspiration. Your touches look so lovely - even the big red present! Lol

There is something about "the glow" that brings a feeling of peace. Lights shining through the darkness...just like the star did all those many years ago and brought forth the true "Light" for us all.

And crossing my fingers that all of that antennae effort is worth it and PBS has fabulous programming this winter!!! ;) Such a Gal after my own heart. Loving our newly fallen snow - even if it is beyond FREEZING out today!
Stay warm and enjoy the glow my Friend. Kiss the kitties for me. xoxo

This N That said...

Random is good until you try to remember everything you wanted to comment on..The first picture is very the vignette with the candelabra and the scottie...Snow mountain in April?? Hope it was old snow..Cute picture..Enjoy your weekend.

podso said...

Your candlelight is lovely. And the festive antenna holder! And the snow looks good to me but I know you will soon be tired of it, and it's only December.

Anita Johnson said...

You have inspired me....beautiful to find some tea lights.....simple and beautiful!

Lorrie said...

Candlelight is so pretty, especially in these dark winter months. The tea lights in the wine glasses are lovely. Had to laugh at your antenna story. We don't pay for cable, either - there's nothing much worth watching. We use the internet for streaming.

Lynne said...

I love candle light . . . Inside and outside.
My lumaries outside are large food containers from the hospital cafeteria where I worked.
The white (think very large sour cream size containers) tucked in the snow with a votive candle light
glowing makes for a beautiful site. I light them often. And when the snow arrives,
I light them and let them glow through the night.
Christmas Eve I place the containers all around the yard, under the big pines, hemlocks, very pretty.
Inside I light candles too but I also use the small battery tea lights in various places to be safe.
I prefer the quiet of our home rather than the noise of the television.
We do have things we enjoy watching . . . but I still prefer a good book over television.
Christmas blessings Judy to you, your husband and family.

Breathing In Grace said...

I laughed out loud at the vision of the cauldron boiling in the back yard! 😄


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