Friday, June 16, 2017

Lickety Split Harvest

 Harvesting the alfalfa
north of the house - June 7, I think it was

When the huge farm machinery comes to take the alfalfa off the field north of the house, it is amazing how fast they get the job done - but no wonder, because the machinery is huge. Incredibly huge.
 Two days later they planted a crop of soybeans.

I think next year they'll plant corn on that field (not enough time this season to get a corn crop) and the following year it will be put back into alfalfa. I look forward to when it is planted to alfalfa once again. It's so much prettier than soybeans or corn. But I'm not in charge of that decision, nor am I going to be feeding cows. Oddly enough, crops aren't raised for their aesthetic appeal. The man who rents our cropland knows how to farm it and the crop rotation that will best build up the soil.

Do you ever use the term 'lickety split" ?? I think it was used a lot when I was a kid, but I realized that I hardly ever hear it any more.  I just Googled it and discovered that that term is now also the name of an 'adult entertainment' establishment in Minneapolis. Good grief. Maybe that's why I don't hear it anymore. :-)

 Smokey, watching flies, bees, songbirds, and hummingbirds
from the [restrictive] comfort of the screen room

One of my favorite 'alfalfa field' photos
summertime, 2013
The grandsons in a brotherly embrace
(known as wrestling).

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Tanna said...

Love. love. love. a good alfalfa field. Used to love eating sprigs of it while moving the irrigation lines every summer. And, nothing smells as good as that hay in the sunshine! =) Yep. We use "lickety split". LOL! Sweet photo, Judy!! =D Have a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ tanna

Marcia said...

I imagine you could smell the harvesting. Never have had that pleasure. Did you once farm those fields yourselves?

Sylvia said...

There's just something about a farm, it brings back memories. I love the fields and barns.
Is that batman behind your kitty!

MadSnapper said...

sorry kitty but the wrestling duo have out shown you today... that is just ADORABLE.. beautiful fields and I would be happy with whatever he plants..

SImple and Serene Living said...

I can remember being told to do things lickety split when I was a child. Now I don't worry about moving that fast. xo Laura

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I love the picture of the boys...and all the activity on a farm in the summer is something to be seen and appreciated.

Aritha said...

Nice photo with the boys on it. Also the the machinery! Yes, very huge!

Lynne said...

I enjoy seeing the large farming tractors, equipment
and I also enjoy (most of) the fragrances
that float through the country air in summertime.

Most of that farm plowing, ciutting, planting takes some long hours.
No lickety split to those jobs.

Fun to say that . . . I need to repeat it today . . .

(I am going off to the library, "lickety split" . . .)

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Well, that photo of the boys is so sweet, Judy! Children are just the best. That is one huge farm machine. I know they cost a fortune, but they sure do make the work easier. My grandmother used to use the term, Lickety Split as she tried to hurry us along with a job. Have a great weekend. ♥

podso said...

Nice photos today--the boys wrestling--so sweet! Yes lickety split is very familiar. I've been thinking of a lot of expressions I heard my dad say--those are all gone now. I guess language use evolves as everything else does.

Cathy said...

I love looking at planted fields. When dad was starting downhill with his dementia and I would pick him up to take him to church, it always gave us something to talk about. He could still remember what the plants in the fields were.

Marcia said...

Judy, we were in Europe for two weeks. The river cruise from Budapest to Vilshofen was in the middle of that time for a week. Ama Waterways was the river cruising. I highly recommend them. We are doing Scotland through unTours.

Mrs.T said...

Adorable grandsons and the alfalfa harvest is amazing! That machinery is indeed huge, but I am somewhat used to it as my hubby operates logging equipment. However, I continue to be impressed by it!

Carla from The River said...

I love the wrestling photo. ;-)

Empty Nester said...

OMGosh, that last photo! Cute and sweet, I just love it. My grandmother used to say lickety split all the time. I don't think she'd like the new connotation. :)

Cheryl said...

Having lived surrounded by farmland for 35 years, I can appreciate the thrill of the harvest. We never had alfalfa around us, but I always loved when the farmer planted our land in corn. Corn to the east, corn to the south, corn to the west . . . and there we were nestled into our private acreage. We loved it!

Love the "brotherly embrace!" Lol!

Cindy said...

Smokey looks a lot like my cat Tigger that I had for 16+ years. Such a beautiful cat! And the farming, that's fascinating. I didn't realize they plant different things each year. Or that you could rent out your farmland! It makes sense though!

Vee said...

When I was visiting my aunt and uncle a week ago, I was thrilled to learn that the acreage around their summer home had finally been planted...crops are very late going in this year with all the rain. We're on Day 2 of a 7 day stretch now. I plan to putter upstairs...the furnace is running and everything.

The brotherly embrace totally fooled me. I would not have suspected wrestling.

This N That said...

Huge and expensive!! It sure gets the job done..The corn field adjacent to us rotates soy beans and corn..Have a wonderful weekend..Cute picture of the kids..

Mama Hen said...

LOVE the picture of the grandsons and of course Smokey! :-) It must be so beautiful to have all that land surrounding you. So picturesque!
Mama Hen


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