Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Paper Clip for Wednesday Medley

 Herefords in the Neighborhood
Don't you love their heart uniforms?

The wild plum blossoms smell wonderful!

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I must admit that the National Day Calendar, at times, leaves me wondering whatever am I going to do with the choices given to us.  When I saw that it is National Paperclip Day tomorrow.... well, here we go!!  Please, please read all about this day before you skip to the questions. It really is quite inspiring!!  Seriously!

Everything below this line is from the National Day Calendar website.

National Paperclip Day May 29


National Paperclip Day is observed each year on May 29.  Yes, even the paperclip has its own day of honor. It is about that well-known piece of curved wire that keeps our papers together and helps keep us organized.
National Lloyd Nelson Day
I can't believe that my father has been replaced by a paper clip. Born on May 29, 1917, he was the best dad ever. The photo above shows him with our first grandson, who is now 15. Looking at this photo of my dad, I am reminded of why I have to fight with that front lock of my hair every single day. Dad went to be with the Lord in December of 2010. R.I.P. Dad. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful dad and for the influence he was and is on my life.

The Paper Clip Project
During World War II this small, universal office supply provided a visual method of protest at a time when any outward signs of objection could be dangerous, even in familiar company.
Early in the war, Norwegians were particularly persistent in their development of symbols. The paper clip represented “sticking together” for a time until the Nazis caught on and banned the wearing of paper clips.
According to a March 5, 1941, Provo, Utah newspaper article (The Daily Herald), the Norwegians switched to new symbols as quickly as the bans could be issued.
In 1998, a group of middle school students led by language arts teacher Sandra Roberts and associate principal David Smith began a project through a Holocaust education class. The voluntary after-school class, Whitwell Middle School principal Linda Hooper’s idea, would be the foundation for developing tolerance and diversity.

Inspired by the story of the protesting Norwegians and their paper clips, the students began to collect six million paper clips – one paper clip representing one Jew who perished during the Holocaust. Adults today still wrestle with how the Holocaust could occur. Imagine middle school students trying to understand the magnitude of such an event on humanity.
The Paper Clip Project gained international attention and by 2001 the students collected more than 30 million paper clips. The school dedicated a Children’s Holocaust Memorial which displays an authentic German railcar filled with a portion of the paper clips.
For more information on this inspiring story, the book and film that followed visit
Everything above this line is from the National Day Calendar website.

1.  Wow!  Had you ever heard of the Holocaust project involving paperclips?  It is a great teaching project, for sure! 

No, and that is definitely an interesting story. My personal greatest connection to the Norwegians, is that I married one. Ya, ya betcha. It was actually his great grandpa who settled in the Westby area of Wisconsin.

2.  Have you ever created a paperclip chain?  How long did it get?

I am sure that I did, at some point in my life. The interesting thing about paper clips is that they're always in the desk drawer until you need one, and then they all seem to have vanished.

I think my cushion storage became a boat for Memorial Day.

 A porch is a wonderful place to play, even in the rain!

3.  I use paperclips as hooks at Christmas time to put ornaments on the tree.  Works like a charm!! What is something you used a paperclip for, other than holding papers together?

I've also used a paper clip to hang Christmas ornaments, and once to keep a skirt together when the top button and a safety pin could not be found.

 Watching the cattle across the road
on our one sunny day, last Saturday.

4.  I am amazed at the shapes and colors of paperclips available.  I found my favorite... share your favorite with us here!

My favorite paper clip is the one that's there when I need it. I don't care about the color, but accessibility and sturdiness.

 Most of May was THIS COLD

5.  Say goodbye to May on this last Wednesday of May.  Be poetic if you will, or simply bid it adieu.

It seems to me that last year I also said something like the fact that May had always been my favorite month until then, and this year I'm thinking the same thing. We've had about two nice days in the entire month. So although the green of May in Wisconsin is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to July. I know that June is in between, but May has been so cold that I'm not going to count on June to bring us warm weather. We'll see.
The good things about May are that one grandson was here for two weeks, we spent a day with family in the Twin Cities because of our great grandbaby's Christian dedication, family was here over a rainy and cold Memorial Day, we made a few trips to the Wausau house, and finally, May should bring us to slightly warmer weather. We hope.

6.  Tell us something about your week so far, please!

I'll tell it by adding a few more photos:

 Making stone pizza on the porch

 The littlest star and mama

Practicing her little heart out
all weekend long! 

 So on that one beautiful day, they were finally able to get the corn planted in the field north of the house. Usually they're planting corn the beginning of the month. This year, because it has been so cold and so wet, they're really struggling to get all the fields planted.

 The Amish neighbors are also planting their fields now.
Their tractors are so much prettier. :-)

will be closed from June 1 through the summer.

Tommy & Smokey, of course
The Big Visit from their potential new care giver is only ten days away. 
I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone.
Thank you Terri, for the Medley!
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Jenn Jilks said...

This is fun! Lots to read. I like the paperclip project. My granddaughter (gr. 6) had a holocaust survivor visit them at school. It was moving.

Jodi said...

I do agree... the Amish have pretty "tractors"! Love all your pics! Have a great Wednesday!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Such a fun and family filled post. I loved it! Especially loved seeing your Grands in creative play. We don't see that much anymore. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your handsome Daddy. How blessed you were to have him that long. We will making our usual twice yearly trek into Amish Country next week. I never tire of seeing those beautiful horses and the farmland/houses with clothes hanging out to dry. Enjoy your upcoming warmer weather.

MadSnapper said...

it has been many years since I could jump rope like she is. love the Boat Full of Grands, love the cats sleeping love the photos of all your family and your dear sweet dad and most of all love those cows with heart uniforms. I hemmed skirts and pants with paper clips many times in my life and my team decorated my desk with over 1000 of them on my last day before I retired. 13 years later I still have a lifetime supply and they all live in a plastic box in the drawer.. I wish I could have just one day and night of needing a blanket. we are hot hot hot

Theresa said...

Great post. Handsome DAD! Love the pictures of the cows and the little ones:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

We enjoyed a sunny warm Memorial Day until 1 pm when the clouds rolled in and it became so chilly that we had to find our sweaters. I’d say that your assessment of May works well for mine as well. Not feeling at all confident for summer. Did a volcano blow its top somewhere? Hope that all the farmers are able to get their planting accomplished.

The grands are delightfully imaginative. Fun to see!

Smokey and can’t show us too many photos of those two loves.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post, Judy. I knew nothing about the paperclip story and my only connection to paperclips is why do the ones in my office desk disappear but I find them on floors in the hallway in the building where I work. lol That Holocaust paper clip project is amamzing.

May here has been cold, rainy and dreary-more like early April. Hoping for some sunshiny days ahead. xo Diana

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Thank goodness I checked in with you today, Judy. I would never have known it was National Paper Clip day. What a day to miss!! As always I love all of your pics and hope your packing is moving along. Have a great day.

Lori said...

I loved your answer to #1! How neat your husband's Great Grandfather settled the Westby area! Very neat!
It has been hot here in Missouri. I hope you get warmer soon. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

Mrs.T said...

My parents ran a business out of their home, so I guess it's not surprising I have found box after box after box of paper clips in their office. More than I will use in a lifetime so they will be going to a thrift store.

That paperclip project is so amazing. I would really love to visit the Children's Holocaust Memorial that resulted from it if we ever get to TN.

Our Memorial Day here was beautifully sunny, but most days in May have been cool and/or rainy. I'm hoping for better things from June.

Cathy said...

I noticed on Monday as we were out riding around that there were a lot of fields that haven't been planted or even plowed yet. I assumed it was probably because of all the rain.

Love your pictures of the Herefords. Don't think I've ever noticed the hearts before.

podso said...

LOL, paper clips were always on my father's wish list for Christmas. That and scotch tape to restock his desk drawer. Paper clips are useful for many things, and I'd say probably half of our ornaments are hung by them. Sorry about your weather. You can have our 99 degree weather (yesterday). A bit early for it even here. As always, enjoyed your post!

Sylvia said...

They have a National Day for everything.
I love the children in the box, made me smile.

Terri D said...

Thanks for joining in today!! I enjoyed your responses and love all the pictures! Your grands are adorable! I was touched by the photo of your dad. Handsome man. xoxox

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your grandchildren are darling. I especially enjoyed the little jumper. Hopefully the weather will improve soon. It seems the whole of the midwest is having bad weather. Love seeing Tommy and Smokey. I'm sure you will be grilling potential adoptive parents. Sending sunshine and wishes for a good week. xo

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness I liked this topic today. I had never heard of the Jewish story with the paper clips. If course I love your photos. Your dad looked so sweet - h ow could you not be sweet? And I am going to remember the Christmas tree ornament. sandie

Lynne said...

Well Well . . . interesting to hear about National Paper Clip Day.
I never knew . . . I can’t fathom what that time in history was like.
A paper clip has taken on a new meaning.

The only thing I can mention is I can’t find one when I need one,
although my “Mister Irish” can usually find one in his office . . .
I like the larger ones best.

Wonderful pictures . . . loved the memories that came to mind
when I saw those three cuddled in the large trunk like container box.
My kiddos loved rainy day adventures like your grands did that day.

I too had the best dad ever.
Although we didn’t have matching cowlicks!

The rain, the flooding . . . is happening here like never before.
The causeway roads, between two large lakes here, which have channels out to Lake Michigan,
have been flooded, closed often this month of May.
Muskegon-North Muskegon
We have been rerouted often.
Montague was where we settled when we moved from Wisconsin.

Planting delays are happening here as well.
Our Asparagus season has been delayed for a few weeks.
Plus I am finding a wide mixture of stem sizes when
I stop at the roadside stands for some of the fresh asparagus.

Looking forward to some warmer days in June . . .
Enjoy these next ten days with Smokey and Tommy.
I love seeing their cuddles.

Creations By Cindy said...

Very interesting story about the paperclips Judy. I have never heard that before. WOW! Speaking of paperclips...I use them a lot on my job but like you, have used then to hang ornaments on tree too. Enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jean | said...

Judy, I'm eagerly awaiting the report on Tommy and Smokey's potential person! About paperclips--I love them. At one time I was a great fan of staples, but then when I got a shredder I decided staples were not the best way to hold papers together after all.


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