Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Road Trip Medley

NATIONAL ROAD TRIP DAY – Friday Before Memorial Day

 The road trip we took with our son and grandson, from Wisconsin to Sierra Vista in December of 2017 is the only fun road trip I can remember.

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National Road Trip Day - Friday Before Memorial Day


The Friday before Memorial Day is declared National Road Trip Day and serves as the official kickoff of the summer road trip season. With two-thirds of leisure travelers (64 percent)* planning to take vacations this summer, it’s clear that the open road calls when long weekends and Fridays roll around. We pack up, fuel up, stock up and then crank up the tunes. In fact, 63 percent** of road trippers say that having good music, audiobooks and/or podcasts to listen to are the most important parts of a successful road trip. Additionally, three in five road trippers (59 percent) say that having good snacks and drinks for the road, finding great places to eat on the way and finding clean bathrooms to use while traveling are their most important parts of a successful road trip.
How do you travel? There are two kinds of people who take road trips. If you’re going together, you might want to discuss a compromise before hitting the road! The tourist takes their time getting there and doesn’t mind taking backroads to see long-forgotten ghost towns. On the other hand, the pilot enjoys seeing the country from the car, sets a course and frowns upon unscheduled stops or side trips.

Well, that explains it. I would be the 'tourist' traveler, wanting to take backroads and stop for interesting photo ops. You-know-who likes to stick to the freeway and get to the destination asap. Ugh! How boring!
I decided to skip ahead to Friday for today's Medley.  It IS a holiday weekend for us in the USA and lots of folks do take road trips on long weekends.  Let's see where we can go with this one!!
1.  Have you ever done a spur-of-the-moment road trip?  Where did it take you?

Yes! And it took us to the land of never-ending snow. It was the unexpected road trip in April of 2018 when we had flown to Arizona and had intended to make that a round-trip flight, when suddenly the airline notified us that there was a BLIZZARD in Minnesota and our flight was canceled. I think MSP got a good foot of snow and because that flight was canceled and other flights had to stay on schedule as much as possible, they couldn't fit us in anywhere. So Mr. C. spent hours (literally) on the phone, trying to talk to Customer Service and get something arranged. No luck. So we rented a car and drove back to Minnesota and Wisconsin, driving straight through (I didn't do the driving; I did the whining) And this was April 19). It was definitely a must-get-there-as-fast-as-possible trip.

 Somewhere in Yorkshire
2.  If time and money wasn't an issue, what roads would you choose to travel and how long would you be gone?

Taking time and money out of the picture, I would choose to travel all the little roads in England. I would be gone for a few years, but all of my family would have accompanied me, so maybe even five years! I mean, this is a fantasy, right? That would be mine. And every day at 5 PM I would make sure that I'm at one of the great cathedrals for Evensong service.

Deer, on our walk. They came out of the woods long enough to cross the road and get a drink of water.

3.  When you go on a long road trip, what snacks and beverages do you take?  Do you pack a picnic? Does the back seat turn into a nest?

We used to travel between Wisconsin and Lancaster County Pennsylvania a lot. I don't remember the beverages, but I took along a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and lots of ziploc bags full of carrots, peppers, olives, cheese. These days I would also take sparkling water. Although I didn't pack it as a picnic, we actually did eat it as a picnic in a few places - like on Highway 30 just outside the laundromat in Lancaster, PA., as well as in the van.
4.  Please tell us about something interesting or strange you have seen on the side of the road.

 This little rascal climbed out of the pen (under the bottom barbed wire) and was exploring the ditch when we returned from our walk last night. As you know, that barn is just across the road from our place.

 SHE did not approve!

 Even his pal wanted him back inside

Since our neighbor and his wife, who own these cattle, are in Mexico at the moment, Mr. C. decided that we could put this little guy back in the pen. "Just stand there and wave your arms." Oh good grief, I was immediately transported back to childhood where I was in a similar situation, calves or heifers getting out, and I was supposed to "just stand there and wave your arms." Sometimes I could do it and sometimes, if they came running at me, I'd beat it out of there! I told Mr. C., "I'm not very good at this."  But he coaxed him and I did manage to stay ahead of him until he came to the spot where he had crawled out. Then Mr. C. found some wire and rigged up a fifth strand of barbed wire. When our neighbor returns from Mexico, he will be surprised to see that fifth strand. And yes, there is another neighbor who checks on them daily. Right now they're on lovely pasture that has a creek running through it.

5.  Who does the driving when you head out in the car?  Do you stop in the rest areas along our Interstate highways when you have to use the facilities, or do you choose a fast-food restaurant or gas station instead?  Not TMI... inquiring minds want to know!

Mr. C. does the driving. Both of us are more relaxed that way. Wisconsin has pretty nice and clean rest stops, but we usually stop at Kwik Trip stations because it's just part of the upper Midwest life. LOL. Kwik Trip has almost anything anyone could want, onions, eggs, and coffee being three of the most important.
6.  Please share something with us about your week so far.

 This was actually last weekend. While Mr. C. and our son worked on carpenter-type stuff around the house, this grandson and I played SEVEN games. He's a smart little cookie, and so sweet. But I'll tell you, it's not easy to play seven games in a row with a four year old. This one is 'Busy Town.' And evidently it's perfect for a four year old, because he totally got into the excitement of the game. That was so much fun to see.

Spot it
Tic Tac Toe
Pass the Pig
Memory matching game
Counting Campers
Busy Town

I knew I should have bought 'Guess Who?'  That's a cute one too. 

Got any other ideas for cute games for kids that age? I've seen some really incredibly disgusting games, but the ones I listed are all good ones. I'd love to hear other suggestions.

c. 1927 F.A. Whitney baby carriage

 And after I brought it back indoors...

These two!

One of the things I'm eager to get done in prepping our house for the market is to rip out the horrid old carpet in the rooms upstairs and replace it with carpet or hardwood. But I'm not wanting to do either until Tommy and Smokey are in their new home. It would be so disruptive to these poor kitties, and it will be disruptive enough when the time comes for them to go to a new home. Elizabeth, three hours away from us, is interested in them and is scheduled to visit here the second weekend of June. Please pray about this. I know there are lots of big things to be praying about, but since there are no big or little things to God, I feel okay about asking. And we are called to be good stewards of His good creation.

THANK YOU for the Medley, Terri!

I will be closing both of my shops on June 1. They will remain closed for most of the summer, or perhaps longer. We've got so much to do around here to get our place ready to sell.

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Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!
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Jodi said...

Loved reading your answers, and seeing the pics! Have a great Wednesday!

Stacy said...

It looks like that little guy went back "inside" without too much fuss. I thought for sure you were going to regale us with a tale of a comic chase. Glad he was cooperative.

The kitties are too cute!

Have a great day and I hope you accomplish what you want to get done with the house.

Theresa said...

I am about to embark on a road trip with my Daughter to babysit my Great-granddaughter:) Road trips are fun to me! I enjoyed your post and your answers to the questions:) HUGS!

Mrs.T said...

A fun read today, Judy. I enjoyed these road trip questions and keep thinking of other trips I could have talked about. Both my hubby and I tend to be more the "tourist" type on road trips, which is nice.

Good for your handy husband getting that runaway calf back behind (reinforced) barbed wire. Who knows when it would have been discovered if not for you?

There was a wicker doll carriage much like yours in my grandmother's shed when I was growing up. We loved to play with it. Wonder what ever happened to it?

Preppy Empty Nester said...

My Mister would drool at that first pic of the vintage convertible. I'm anxious to hear about Elizabeth's second visit. I will say prayers to my buddy, St. Francis. Enjoy your week, Judy.

Nonnie said...

I think that I would have been whining some over that trip from Arizona, too. Loved the calf story! You are very good neighbors. The cats in the carriage are so sweet. I know you will miss them.

Sandra said...

my family was not a game playing family, we did have checkers and Chinese checkers, sorry and monopoly. but we rarely played. my 4 years yonger brother won every single game I played with him so I quit playing. that means when my boys were born I never bought a game and they are not game players either. great that you played and taught him to play..

we do not travel for fun, but when we NEED to go somewhere we take 7 up and unsalted peanuts. my mother was the picnic packing mama. she made us do picnic all summer long, even in the yard. on the hood of the car, on the grass. if we went to the river for her to crab and daddy to fish and me to read, we had to have a picnic. love the carriage cats

Vee said...

You have as many adventures at home as you do on a road trip. I daresay that I’ll be praying for Smokey and Tommy every time they come to mind. Elizabeth, too. Surely she is a wonderful person to have a heart for these beautiful creatures.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Such a delightful post, but they always are. Loved the pic of the deer and the story of the calf. I had a fear of cows when I was young because one actually chased me once. I remember being on a back road and a whole herd of cows were in the middle of the road. I could either get out and shoo them away or stay in the car and wait them out with the car horn on constant. I settled for the latter. Four year old's love puzzles so that is an idea for self play as well as joint fun.

songbird's crazy world said...

Your grandson is adorable

Cathy said...

I was never good with the cows either. I remember coming home from church on a Sunday and being the first one home and the cows were out in the yard. I was scared to death to do anything, but knew dad would "kill" me if I didn't try. So when they got home, I kinda pretended I was doing something to get them back in. lol I love seeing cows from the other side of the fence, but they are just so BIG!!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I love your (unintentional?) wit … visualizing the rouge cattle! Your selection of snacks on the road sounds great! Rehoming your fur-babies sounds stressful, indeed. Prayers!

Terri D said...

Thanks for joining the Medley today! I enjoyed your answers and all the photos! Of course, you would choose the back roads of England!! I am praying that your sweet kitties find a good, caring home. Do keep us posted! xoxox

Debby Ray said...

This was a fun's always interesting to hear about what someone else encounters on a road trip! The games look really fun. We played a fun game at Adam's at Christmas that probably wouldn't make your's the one where you put that plastic mouthpiece in and try to recite a phrase....LOL! Yes, God cares very much about your Tommy & Smokey's happy lives and I continue to pray that Elizabeth takes them in as her own. Enjoy the weekend!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

This was a fun post to read! Your dream of spending five years in England exploring the lovely back roads sounds quite perfect to me. Especially the 5:00 Evensong!

I shall miss seeing Tommy and Smokey on your blog once they have moved to their new home. So glad they will be able to stay together; obviously they are devoted to each other. Now I'm wondering if I know Elizabeth who lives 3 hours away? I guess time will tell.

podso said...

Fun answers! I'd go away for a long time if family and some friends went with us. Sounds like a wonderful dream ... maybe heavenly.
My just 6 year old is learning dominoes in preparation for playing ...train with the rest of the family. She is getting to understand how to connect matching the numbers. We had lots of fun with our made up game! Busy town sounds fun! Since we love the Richard Scarry books.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

My husband and I spent two weeks once driving the English countryside. It was January. It was so cold and wet. He told me it would be like San Francisco! My spouse is from that area, and I was living across the bay at the time. I love your idea, and especially stepping into a church for vespers. Just beautiful. I wish you could do it. I love the story about the calf. I also can believe you made it all the way to Minnesota in a day! xoxo Su

ellen b. said...

I'm copying that list of games because before I know it our little grand will be 4 and ready to play some games. 7 games in a row! Praying right now for a good home for the cats. Getting ready to sell. Such a big job. Be strong and courageous!

Lynne said...

I always enjoy your Wednesday answers.
I jotted down the game names and have already looked them up.
Oh those two cuddly loves . . . they are glued together I am sure!
(Ordering Some Soap!)

Chatty Crone said...

You impromptu road trip didn't sound so good but it sounded exciting trying to beat the snow. I would love to take a road trip in England too. Mr. C has saved that little cow with that fifth strand. Your two kiddies are so precious and if i wasn't allergic to cats I'd take them. Playing games with your cute grandson - will keep your mind young and active. SAndie ♥

Robin said...

Fun post!! Your grandson is adorable!! Do you have the game Candy Land? I would love to spend three months in England ( eternity yet a few years), going over next May for a wedding do, I’m excited about it.

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Cheryl said...

I agree that there are no big and little things to God. I have been praying about Tommy and Smokey too!

I love playing games with my grandchildren! It is directed play (I am no good at the "let's pretend kind of play) and you learn so much about your fellow players. I have to add, though, that yesterday Bekah and I played the game of Life with two visiting grandboys and I remembered how much I dislike that particular game.

The unexpected road trip sounds like a nightmare to me. I probably told you that when you first blogged about it. Ugh.


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