Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day Wednesday Medley and Kitty Update!!


The Wednesday Medley

Join Terry and the Gang
She writes the questions;
we write the answers.
Plug them into your own blog post
and join in!

1.  Ahhh... May Day!!  Happy May!  Did you celebrate this when you were a child by dancing around a Maypole or leaving flowers on someone's porch? Will you be celebrating a special occasion in May?

Yes, I actually remember dancing with the other 3rd graders around a May pole, weaving long strands of crepe paper in a pretty criss-cross pattern. It was fun. Also, in our neighborhood, we made little May baskets with candy and May flowers and springing beauties - and hung them from the neighbor's door, then ran away so they couldn't catch us. I'm not sure what that was about, but it was a fun tradition. This year we most definitely will not have May flowers up to give to anyone. We've had a very long and cold winter, and nothing is wanting to bloom here yet.
(There are so many other things being celebrated today that I
think we need to give them some attention, too!)
 Most of these photos are from other Mays

2.  National Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987.  Can you name a nursery rhyme that would fit your life as it was in 1987?  If you are a youngster and not yet born in 1987, you may pass, of course, but do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?  HERE is a list of nursery rhymes.

I memorized lots of nursery rhymes from these books when I was little.
It was the 1949 edition of Childcraft, a division of World Book Encyclopedia, I think.
I don't know what happened to the original set we had then, but when our youngest daughter was born, a friend managed to dredge up a set for me and gave it to me as a baby shower gift. It was my FAVORITE!!! 
I also love the rhyme about The Vulture

The Vulture eats between its meals
and that's the reason why
it very very rarely feels 
as well as you and I.

Its eye is dull, its head is bald,
its neck is growing thinner.
Oh what a lesson for us all
to only eat at dinner!

 Trying to get his money back

So this young grandson is staying with us for a week or so, and yesterday morning he woke with a look of great disappointment on his face. He had dreamed that he had won $100,000,000 and when he took it to the bank, he was only given $125 to keep. I tried to explain to him that it was more than he had started out with, but anyway...  So he frowned, rolled over, and said, 'I'm going to try to go back to sleep and see if I can get my money back.'

This kid is so much like his father was as a child, it just makes me laugh!

3.  National Chocolate Parfait Day is also honored on this day. Parfait means perfect in French. Tell us about a perfect day, in your mind, and would/could it end with a chocolate parfait?

 A perfect day would involve getting a great walk in outdoors - temperature 71 degrees on a sunny day with a slight breeze -  having a picnic above a river, seeing a beautiful herd of cattle, having the grandkids with us, and maybe even their parents. It would not end with a chocolate parfait, but might end with coffee and a campfire and reading a story aloud to the grandkids - and maybe with a few minor chords played out on my accordion.

4.  National School Principal's Day was founded to celebrate these school administrators who support and guide quality teachers and staff to provide productive learning environments for our children.  Did you have a good Principal when you were in school? Do you remember his/her name?

Don't worry. They survived. But I was worried.

The principal in highschool was Mr. Darcee, I think his name was. He was very nice, so I don't remember much about him. But I DO remember, vividly, Mr. Kempkis, who was an absolute tyrant. I remember him getting so mad at some of the boys that he would pick them up by the collar and slam them against the locker, then snarl at them through gritted teeth. These days, Mr. Kempkis would be hauled off to jail. He should have been.

5. And perhaps the most important one is Silver Star Service Banner Day which honors the sacrifices of the combat wounded, ill, and dying service members from all branches of the military.  Do you have family members who have served this country in uniform? Tell us about them, if you will.
 My father, left, and Mr. C.'s father, right,
both served in WWII
My father in Guam and Mr. C's father in England.

(Shouldn't we get free airfare to England for that???!!)  ;-)

6.  It's Hump Day! How is your week going so far?
 The week's going great.
It's fun to have this grandson staying with us for a bit.

The cute kitty duo

A young woman is very interested in visiting Tommy & Smokey with the likelihood that she will adopt them. I am so happy!  (And I am so sad) I made two character reference phone calls and she came through with flying colors, so I'm convinced she will make them a happy home. I'll let you know how the visit goes. It might not be until June as we're very busy right now and she lives three hours away.


I had no idea how time consuming it would be to downsize, especially my books. This is the BEFORE photo of the north wall of our library. My daughter gave me a link to some 'staging' suggestions for library shelves. They suggest you basically have library shelves without any books. They also said to not have anything on the shelves that's smaller than a cantaloupe. What???!!!  Okay, okay. I'm going with it. (My house in Wausau will have LOTS of books on the shelves and lots of things smaller than cantaloupes. Who makes these ridiculous rules, anyway??)  And why would you even have all these shelves if they weren't going to be filled with books??


So here are those same shelves, practically naked, after removing a couple of them and putting almost nothing on them. The east wall still has two sets of bookshelves, and I'm keeping books in those. I think it would look pretty stupid to have five complete bookcases with almost no books on them.

Great grand Penny and her Parents
who are Practically Perfect in every way!
Lots more family photos on Instagram.


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Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone,
and thanks so much to Terri for providing the Wednesday Medley!
Join me on Instagram: @cranberrymorning



Preppy Empty Nester said...

It looks like you've been working your fingers to the bone, Judy. Lucky you have your grandson there to help you. Glad that you may have found someone wonderful to take the kitties. Hope you find a chance to relax this week.

Sandi said...

"He had dreamed that he had won $100,000,000 and when he took it to the bank, he was only given $125 to keep."

And he just learned about taxes...😂

Your soldiers look so brave there. Heroes.

Lynne said...

May Day was making May baskets at school.
Filling them with small candies
Hanging them on doorknobs in our tiny little village . . .
Remembering my friends Margie and Karen, they received a May basket from me.

Dancing around a May pole in the school yard is a vivid memory . . .

I had the best principal ever, my dad, Mr Peacock.

No idea who makes up the rules for “staging” a house.

Happy someone is interested in Tommy & Smokey, with positive references too.
Yet . . . very sad.

Wendy said...

Oh I really hope it works out for your kitties! I know you will be sad but also relieved. Moving must be one of the most stressful things we go through. Lovely pics.

Sandra said...

Penny is adorable. I love the new look of the shelves, but all I see is MORE DUSTING NEEDED. ha ha… I once had shelves like these, bob covered on wall of the spare bedroom. it was full of 40 of those oil lamps I see in one space. I love oil lamps. now I have 6 only. again because of the dusting thing... I think the reason to have it empty like this is so buyers can picture there things there. if it were full they could not. so THEY say on TV..must be true. I do hope the lady works out for the kitties adoption..or someone else shows up, she may never come and that is pushing it close waiting until June... if she were interested truly I would think she would make time to come NOW. so I can quit fretting

Cranberry Morning said...

Fret not. She emailed me last night and it's a go. We are the ones who suggested June because all May weekends are so busy. It's sounding good.

Jodi said...

I haven't been on picnic in so long.. I may have to rectify that this summer! Wow... what a difference in the bookcase!! Have a great Wednesday!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

I am thrilled that your babies have found a new home to go to. I hope their new mommy will continue to keep all us "faux" mommas updated with pictures from time to time. Evidently there are many of us who have developed an attachment to those sweeties. Speaking of sweeties, that grandson and great grand baby are dolls. I can only imagine how much you are enjoying having a little boy around. Count it all joy! Bookshelves without books! I know, what are they thinking!

Terri D said...

Your perfect day sounds wonderful! Thank you for joining the Medley today! I always enjoy your photos and I am SO happy the kitties may have found a new home with a loving 'mommy'. I chuckled at your grandson's dream and wanting to go back to sleep so he could find his money! If only it was that easy! Happy hump day!!

Vee said...

What exciting news about the possible adoption of your precious kitties. Hope that this gal does Instagram. 😉
Oh does little Penny look like her dad or what?! So cute.
And your little grandson heading back to dreamland to get his money back is priceless!
The shelves look good, I guess. But bookshelves are for books in my world, too.
Gosh, we all have very different ideas about a perfect day...

Schotzy said...

Enjoyed my visit today. Wow, so much going on!, And I have to say, I love the after look of the shelves. Very nice!

Debby Ray said...

There have been times when I have actually been able to go back to sleep during a dream and for it to continue. I about cracked up over that comment from your grand! Not quite sure what to think or say about those silly bookshelf rules. I say do what makes you feel good! And how bittersweet it is to hear that you may have found Tommy & Smokey a wonderful new home. I can only imagine how hard this will be but it certainly seems you have a gem! Happy May Day, Judy!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

I think you should DEFINITELY get a free air far to England. Those empty shelves look positively're moving??

Nonnie said...

That principal was definitely NOT a pal!! Gee. I remember hearing tales of children being spanked with a board that had holes in it, but never actually knew anybody who was whacked with it. All your photos are good and that little one is so precious. I like your perfect day. Picnics are always something I think of too late! We loved picnics when we were kids. That bookcase had a total makeover! Looks terrific, but I would have enjoyed seeing what all you had to read. So glad about the possible home for your little pets!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I hope it is not too stressful moving. Your grandson is a cute boy. Good news about the kitties may have a new home. Enjoy your day! Happy May to you!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Hi Judy! ;)
I hadn't popped in for so long. I wanted to wish you a happy May ahead! Lol
I always love catching up with you especially on insta of course. Love seeing the pics of your family - especially the adorable grandkiddos.

I'm so happy to hear you may have someone wonderful for Tommy and Smokey!! I only found dead ends up here. Yes, please keep us posted!

Moving is such a pain - but I pray that all will go smoothly in the days ahead. Blessings on your week xoxo

Lori said...

I hope it all works out for your kitties. I know you are probably worried about them.
Shelves with no books...why? Hee, hee. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Great read and I am total impressed with you getting rid of so many books Hope the Kitty's get a lovely new home

Creations By Cindy said...

Wow, you are indeed a busy gal . Hope things go well for the kittys. I am laughing out loud about going back to sleep to see if he can get the rest of his money back .😂 i Just loved you sharing that . So glad your grand is staying with you as he might be a big help . Have a great day . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jean | said...

Judy, I love it that you're checking references on prospective new moms for Tommy and Smokey. I feel a little better about it now! I just told my husband, and he said, "Tell her I'd get rid of the kids and keep the cats!" :D

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Judy, gosh, I've fallen way behind in my blog reading and now I see you are packing up and will making a big move to the bit city! I'm so glad to know that the delightful Smokey and Tommy have been offered a wonderful new home. I'm sure that puts your mind at ease on their behalf. Wishing you well as you organize and pack and prepare for your coming change of residence. I'll be stopping by more often in the days ahead. Sara from "Come Away With Me" blog.

Lady Fi said...

Aww - wonderful!

Barbara said...

I bought a set of encyclopedias when I was pregnant with my first child (1972). She loved the Childraft volumes and hated it when she was so old she had to move on to more complicated reading. She still looks back at them as a great memory of her childhood and I look back on them as a great investment - and that can't be said about a lot of things.

Cheryl said...

I am thrilled . . . thrilled!! . . . to hear that there is a promising new home for dear Tommy and Smokey!! I have been praying about it with you (and maybe doing a bit of fretting too).

Who wants bookshelves with no books? Good luck with your sorting and weeding and donating. When we were going through bookshelves a few years ago, there were some that categorized as "you will have to pry this one out of my cold, dead hands."

"Allrightythen," said Kati who was helping me. :D

Susie said...

I came visiting today wondering about your cats. I am happy for them too. And sad for you. But you know they will be loved. Your grandson's dream was so cute and funny. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie
p.s. I know you and your husband are proud of your fathers.


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