Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coping with the 'Near Blizzard'

So I guess it's not a blizzard, cuz technically a blizzard has to have sustained winds over 30 MPH. We only have winds at 25 MPH. But right now it's pretty wild out there! It's snowed all day and this afternoon the wind really picked up.

 Early Breakfast Crew

 The second or third shoveling of the walk - this morning

 Picnic anyone?

 View from the deck today

 Slightly different view in July

 Stocking up

 Bridger, probably the only one really enjoying this

Tuppence and Lionel, staying warm

Taken at 6:30 PM
outside our back door
I am so thankful for our wood-burning stove, a huge stack of wood, for a one-ton truck with a snowplow on the front, and a husband who is willing to push snow around. 

I have a feeling that tomorrow's church services will be canceled. The forecast? 5 degrees F. with a 25 MPH wind. Monday morning we're expecting -20 degrees F.(that's minus 20) and for Tuesday, -22 to -25 degrees F.

We're being advised to stay off the roads. I think we'll have church at home tomorrow and maybe watch 'North and South'  with Richard Armitage and Daniela Danby-Ashe in the afternoon. I suppose I'll never persuade Kevin to watch it with me, cuz he thinks it's a chick flick. Is it?? I really didn't think so. 

But until they come out with 'Drudge, the Movie'...



Empty Nester said...

The snow is gorgeous!!!! But I do NOT envy those temps! Brrrr just doesn't cut it for that kind of cold! Stay warm!!!

Debra Hawkins said...

Holy cow, that is crazy! It is a blizzard in my book. The snow looks beautiful, it makes me miss my home!

Unknown said...

YIKES! I much prefer the July view. The flakes have just started here, we're supposed to get 3-4 inches and then winds up to 55 MPH and temps dropping to -10. I'm bummed because I have an ornament exchange tomorrow that may be canceled.

J_on_tour said...

What a nice view you have, err.. that'll be in July. It looks like a snowstorm with some of those pictures and I don't blame you for taking it from behind the building.. it gives it an extra feeling of warmth. Like you, I always seem to be more observant in winter of birds. They seem much more carefree and absent in summer.

Johnnie said...

Great photos. Wow, you guys got hit. The kitties look adorably cozy. Church at home can be a beautiful thing. Enjoy your day. Blessings...


Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Well, I'm not used to such weather, so maybe I'm just being naive; but I think, with a cozy cat and a proper cup of tea, a good book and something wonderful in the oven, I could be quite content!

Unknown said...

Just made it home in time! Now we have the girls here, and I think our winds are hitting the 35 mph. meter! Had a GREAT weekend, now it's time to hunker down with the family! Stay warm! Bet Steve and I have to flip a quarter to see who goes out to put more wood in the boiler tonight. I'm hoping for best 3 out of 5!

Mama Hen said...

Oh my! I wish we would get some snow here! We love a good snow storm where we have to stay bundled up inside drinking hot cocoa. We also can't wait to go sledding. I am glad that you did not get a full blown blizzard. The kitties look adorable all snuggled up together. I hope you are doing great my friend! Stay warm and cozy.

Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy - thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment, much appreciated. I love your header and the photos on today's post (especially the cats). Thankfully, we, in my neck of the woods, don't have weather like yours at the moment especially as I'm off to do a graveside funeral this morning!!! :)) Take care and thanks for visiting me. Judyx

Yenta Mary said...

We got our own version of a "blizzard," yesterday; they'd claimed 4-7", and it doesn't even look like we hit the minimum. The roads were slushy, not snow-covered. It is MIGHTY cold out, though -- I'll be waiting for the bus in a balmy 13 degrees ... brrrr. I don't want this cold and nonsense -- I want big, fat, fluffy flakes of a Christmasy snow!!! It looks so pretty where you are ... :)

Valerie @ Intelligent Expressions said...

Goodness - hope you were able to stay warm and safe this weekend - and enjoyed your North and South. Is that the one with Patrick Swayze? We loved that miniseries!

I love the comparison shot of July and now - Such a big difference a little blue and green makes to your world!

Unknown said...

Well, at least if you are going to have least you have a view that's gorgeous!! I'm thankful for living in the desert this time of the year!!! BRRRRRR!!!

Candace said...

Beautiful shots! I love the contrast between the summer and winter views from your deck. The snow is so pretty but It's gorgeous there. We got some snow yesterday morning but it warmed up and started raining yesterday afternoon so our snow is all gone. I hated to see it go; but I have to admit the warmer temps were not unwelcome. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! Have a wonderful week Candace

Natalya said...

We got 18+ inches over on the Menomonie side of things. The snow drifts on our dirt road were taller then me, and I'm 5'7"! We plowed out the driveway with the dulie (which has a snow plow attached during winter) but dad got stuck when he got to the road! He couldn't even open the door of the car! He used the cell phone to call our house. I was gettin ready to go outside to take some photos (I'm sick today...I wonder why?) and I had to bring the snow shovel and dig him out enough so he could get through the door! Then he took over. That was Sunday though. Saturday I went out for some photos too. I got windburn on my cheeks! It was awful, but very beautiful at the same time.
Love and blessings,
P.S. I LOVE the movie North and South! Richard is so wonderful in his part! (so's Daniella, but I don't like her as much) my friends didn't like it cause of Boucher (I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it!) but I still like it! Have a good rest of the (very cold) few days and WHOLE WISCONSIN WINTER!


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