Friday, December 17, 2010

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

The Boys of King's College Choir

From the UK Telegraph:

"It is precisely 10 seconds to air for A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at King’s College, Cambridge. The college’s director of music, Stephen Cleobury, looks one boy chorister directly in the eye and gestures for him to step forward. Only then does the soloist learn that he has the honour of singing, unaccompanied, the opening verse of Once in Royal David’s City.

“The boys might speculate on which one of them I’ll pick, but not actually telling them until seconds beforehand is the only way to avoid nerves,” says Cleobury. “This way the boy performs in the heat of the moment. I always have three or four candidates in mind, but if I revealed their identity even a day before, the pressure would be far too great.”

Since becoming director – and therefore musical mastermind – of the choir in 1982, Cleobury has had no refusals or disasters. “I am incredibly precise in indicating who I want,” he says. “One of my predecessors once beckoned to a boy and two stepped forward simultaneously.” 

I'm going to be listening to the live Christmas Eve service, The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, broadcast from King's College Chapel in Cambridge, England. It will be presented at 3 PM at Cambridge, which is 9 AM in Wisconsin. Listen to Minnesota Public Radio, KSJN, 99.5 FM or BBC Radio 4.

You can view the complete program at King's College websiteA .pdf of the service booklet can be found in the middle column.

Mark your calendars. That's a week from today, Friday the 24th of December. Don't miss it! I wouldn't be surprised if you decide to make it a Christmas Eve Day tradition too! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I just added it to my calendar.

We're planning on attending the Nutcracker Suite at our local Arts Center tonight, if all goes as planned.

Midwest to Midlands said...

I am just catching up on your blog posts, all good, but so sad about the church burning down. I will listen to the King's College Choir on Christmas Eve afternoon and I will think of you listening to it at the same time only it will be morning in Wisconsin.
We have snow here, but not as much or as cold as it is there! Have a good week!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful tradition. I will have to see if we will be able to tune in here the video clip was simply beautiful!

jennyfreckles said...

Christmas doesn't begin for me until I hear this. It's even more special to me now as my daughter was at King's College and we sat many times in services in the Chapel, listening to the wonderful choir.
Re your note about the church, how very sad about your friend's son. Sadly often the friends they get caught up with wield more influence than parents at that age. Many thanks too for your lovely comments on my photos.

Unknown said...

We will try to catch this! Thanks for letting us in on the time and performance!

Tiffanee said...

Sound like a great Christmas item to put on the list!!

Debra Hawkins said...

I have never heard of this! Thanks for the information! I am excited to check it out!

Mama Hen said...

I got goose bumps playing the video. Beautiful! I have not done this yet, but think it will be a great way to really get the spirit of Christmas sparked. We love Mary Poppins! I hope all is great! Have a good night!

Mama Hen

Under Her Wings said...

Thanks for the invitation! I will have to try to find the BBC station or tune in to the Kings College website. By the way, I met some ladies in Branson this morning from Minnesota. They were headed home and said they hoped it wasn't too cold up there. Well, I can guarantee it's too cold for me. I almost froze in Branson!

J_on_tour said...

This is pure. I'm going to have discover what I have missed out for years thanks to your influence.
......Meanwhile I am about to partake in a Maverick band in our church's biggest outreach of the year. We have recently moved into a school for more space in an adjacent community and it has all been leaflet dropped. The band practice I was telling you about on thursday night went well but went in a rather surprising direction by the guitarist and has no place in your blog !! There is going to be a female (pure voice) solo and Piano of O Holy night which should be good. Then ... apart from the normal versions of O come all ye faithful and The first nowell, there is a Reggae style .. God rest ye merry ... running straight into ... we three kings which works quite well and to finish with.... although I've never heard their music, a Foo fighters style Hark the Herald !!

Bethany Nash said...

Listening now. :)


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