Monday, May 3, 2010

Ambassador Royale - The Ultimate Nutcracker

We just returned home from a fun day with the family in the Big City. Lydia's confirmation was today, as well as Elisabeth's ballet recital.  We were not at the church for the confirmation, but at their home for lunch and a nice time with the family.  Later in the afternoon, we attended the ballet performance, which was quite spectacular. There were probably about 400+ people at today's performance, and there was also a performance last night. 

It was fun to see Elisabeth in her element, along with all the other young people involved. The music and costuming were amazing. Ambassador Royale, paralleling Tchaicovsky's Nutcracker, had several Tchaicovsky tunes from  Nutcracker, along with others. Two were distinctively Manheim Steamroller arrangements by Chip Davis. The last song, 'He Reigns' by Newsboys, is one of my very favorites.  What a venue in which to bring glory to God and the message of hope that is in Christ.

From Reign Dance Theater's brochure:

  • Classical ballet training in a positive, family-friendly atmosphere that promotes modesty and moral purity.
  •  Character development through godly role models and biblical scripture memory.
  •  Quality theatrical productions which integrate the art of dance with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. 


Jennifer said...

Oh, first of all I love long comments - don't hesitate to leave 'em at my place. And I'll make you feel better by leaving them here, too. :)

My middle daughter danced ballet for years - from age 3 until last year (age 12). She was finishing up her first year of pointe and had just transferred to a very professional, more dedicated ballet school where she was doing amazingly well and receiving praise from her teachers.

And then she decided she wanted to stop, and I have to admit that it was SO difficult for me! We finished out the year, and she became more and more convinced that while she did love ballet, she wasn't passionate enough about it to be there the 5 or 6 days a week that it would eventually involve. At age 13, there really is a choice before you, and it was too much money and too far a distance to do a "fun" 2 day a week program for enrichment purposes.

Claire wanted to explore other things, so she has... and she is LOOOOOOVING her chorus and piano right now. So although it was hard to leave my "ballerina" behind and allow her to forge a new identity, I'm proud of her, and she's so happy who can argue? :)

I remember recital days vividly, however - oh, those are busy days! :) But there's nothing like it, it's so exciting and such a blessing to see those beautiful girls up there... you can't help but have a heart of praise while you watch!!

Deborah said...

Hi My Friend, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Two visits, back to back, how wonderful. :)


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