Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life as a Yorkshirephile

You're right. I bought the tea simply because it was labeled 'Yorkshire Gold.' And it helped that the box was so pretty. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging.  I suppose that if a new printer ink called 'Yorkshire Gold' came on the scene, I would be tempted to at least try it.  If my old faithful 'Food For Life' brown rice tortillas were suddenly flanked by something labeled, 'Yorkshire Tortillas,' I would probably put those in my shopping cart as well.

Why? I usually am a fairly reasonable person, at least that's my unbiased self-assessment. ;-)  But I have wonderful memories of North Yorkshire, I've seen those darling sheep which I'd love to take home,

 ...the amazing abbey ruins,

...the huge castles...

and cathedrals...

I've traveled some pretty bleak and awesome countryside, 

and have gazed upon those wonderful stone buildings and walls!

Yorkshire seems so very far removed from the hustle and bustle of London. It's about as different from London as NW Wisconsin is from Madison. (Trust me, that means worlds apart!) I guess maybe Yorkshire seems more like the England that's always been in my mind. So that may mean that it's really a figment of my imagination, but I can live with that.

I can't think of anything I didn't like in Yorkshire, unless it's the fact that you can't get anywhere quickly, since for the most part the roads are very narrow and winding. And I much prefer our grocery stores to theirs. So I'm not planning on trading in my citizenship or anything, but I surely do love visiting that beautiful part of the country, and like to dream of spending about six months there. (Yes, I said dream.)

Here's a special silly treat thrown in for free, for the two people on the planet who've not yet seen The Four Yorkshiremen. :-)

Do you like to travel to the same place again and again - or try new places?


Deborah said...

I love Duluth and can visit again and again. I never tire of it and only wish i could go more often. Lovely photos and looking at them never gets old either. :D

J_on_tour said...

I like the way that you have captured the most scenic and varied elements of Yorkshire in such a concise manner.

debbie bailey said...

I had never heard of Yorkshire Gold tea until we were vacationing (on holiday, to be more british) and I ran across a box in Haworth. After opening it when we got home and tasting it's uniqueness, I've ordered it online ever since. It's so good! I recently found it at Amazon and ordered a case. I've loved reading your travel journals. The Borders area and Yorkshire are definitely the 'England of my imagination'. I can't find that in the south; too crowded.


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