Thursday, May 20, 2010

Angela's 'Best Chicken...Ever!'

I happened to think ahead and cook up some black beans for this recipe. Angela and Rebecca served this for one of the main meals at our family reunion last summer, and it was delicious! Don't tell anyone, but it's also really easy, for you put the chicken in the crockpot for the day and walk away. I love recipes like this.

In Crockpot, place 4 or 5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

In a bowl, mix together:
2 T. olive oil
Juice of one fresh-squeezed lime
2 T. chili powder
         ( I make my own chili powder: 2 t. cumin, 1 t. paprika, 1 t. oregano flakes, 1 t. cayenne, 2 t. garlic powder)
Sea salt
1 diced jalapeno
5 minced garlic cloves (unless you've followed the chili powder recipe above. Then it might be a little too much garlic)

Drizzle mixture over the chicken breasts that are in the crockpot. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. When it's done, shred chicken with a fork. 

Shortly before mealtime, slice up a red bell pepper and a couple onions. Sometimes I will include a poblano pepper as well. Saute until translucent. Don't overcook.

Serve shredded chicken with black beans,  cooked rice (we like Basmati), peppers and onions, and guacamole.

This makes a nice buffet lunch. You might also want to have hot tortillas ready to make a wrap, and some shredded Mozzarella or Italian cheese in a bowl. Extra fresh-squeezed lime juice in a small pitcher would be a great addition as well.



Anonymous said...

Why is it called chili powder when there is no chili pepper in it?

Cranberry Morning said...

Mine does have cayenne, which is a type of chili pepper - and besides, it's used in chili. :-)

Deborah said...

Yummm...this sounds good. Will have to try it. :D

Cranberry Morning said...

It's one of my favorite meals!


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