Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Selling Indulgences

I really want to blame this on BP or KwikTrip, for if they didn't make it so convenient to stop and pick up snacks... oh, okay....maybe it's a lack of self discipline. So I suppose I can't sue them after all. ;-)

It's about this same time every year, when I realize that winter indulgences have consequences.

and then there's

I don't even get close to wanting to give up Half & Half. Maybe I can work on the others.

Are you familiar with Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts?  If not, do yourself a favor - rush out to Target or Walmart and get one right now. It is the best chocolate ever! Just one won't hurt anything...but then again, I think I remember telling myself that same thing most Sunday afternoons for the past several months. :-(


Deborah said...

Well, lets see...I guess I can't sue either but I can blame my very best friend for getting me hooked on Ritter bars (that I buy now every time I go to the grocery store)and for helping me find out many moons ago that I LOVE half and half in my coffee. (I never knew that before you showed me). I think the last 5 pounds I have gained came from Ritter bars. :D

partialemptynester said...

MMMM, ritter sport dark choco with hazelnuts...is there anything more heavenly!? LOVE!!!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Yea!! Two more Ritter Sport fans!! :-)

Erica said...

I had to give up my beloved half & half a couple months ago when I found out I had gall-stones. Now I use fat free half & half - it took a couple weeks to get used to it!

Cranberry Morning said...

Erica, that is terrible news, about having gall stones, let alone having to give up Half'n'Half!

Here's an article you might find interesting from a nutritionist who talks about gall stones: http://www.karenhurd.com/concern_gall_bladder.html. We put a lot of stock in what she says, for we know people who have had amazing results following her advice:

I was going to send it to you alone, but thought everyone who reads this might find it helpful.

I've never had gall stones, but know people who have. It definitely sounds like an experience to avoid, kinda like the kidney stones I used to get!


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