Friday, May 14, 2010

Tick Season - again

So here we are in May, part of tick season in Wisconsin. A couple years ago I had to go to the doctor because I found a deer tick on my person. Where on my person is not terribly important to this post. Suffice it to say that I really was hoping the doctor would prescribe some Doxycyclene over the phone.  Fat chance. 

Here's what a deer tick looks like this:  (and can be about the size of the period at the end of this sentence.)

So I went to the doctor, he examined the deer tick, and gave me the Doxycyclene.  We mostly discussed politics. When that medicine was gone, I managed to collect another deer tick. I phoned the clinic. I persuaded the doctor to prescribe Doxycyclene by telling his nurse, 'He knows what a deer tick looks like, he knows I know what a deer tick looks like, and I know he knows that I know what a deer tick looks like.' I think the nurse just got tired of listening to me. The doctor again prescribed Doxycyclene, this time without having to gaze upon the deer tick or my frightening upper thigh. Ticks do not respect one's privacy.

I'm breaking here because this story does get long. Sorry.

So, of course, I managed to get a third deer tick that summer, and phoned the clinic again. I was sure they would think I was trying to stalk the doctor or had Munchausen Syndrome. I used Scotch tape to remove the deer tick from my person, folded the tape and took the proof of tick with me to the clinic. Again Doxycyclene was prescribed. (My argument didn't work a second time.)

I couldn't help thinking of our vet and how much cheaper it would have been if he had prescribed the Doxycyclene, not to mention the office visit a minute fraction of the cost of a people clinic visit. It's outrageous!

And not to mention that it's a lot more fun to see the clientele at the vet clinic than it is at the people clinic!

But, since Lyme Disease is nothing to fool around with, I knew I had to go to the clinic and knew I had to take the medicine. The point of all this was that I've learned to wear my boots and tuck my pantlegs into them - and to Frontline the dogs monthly during tick season, which seems to be anytime the temperature outdoors isn't freezing. 

As soon as things warm up a bit in the spring, the ticks are out and busy.  
During very hot temp spells, they're not as active, but I like to Frontline the dogs all spring and fall just to be safe.  Also, I wear my wonderful Neoprene boots when I work outdoors or take a walk in the field with the dogs. See Neoprene boots:

They are the most amazing boots!  Neoprene boots allow your stockinged foot to simply glide into the boot, and when you tuck your pantlegs into the boots, it works pretty well to keep out the ticks that are lurking in the grasses.

See Bridger and Misty, also lurking in the grasses...collecting ticks. I can't get them to wear their Neoprene boots.

Be sure to Frontline your dogs monthly in the spring, summer, and fall - and get them vaccinated against Lyme Disease each year. Call your vet.


Stacey said...

We've already had ticks here. In April, we heard accounts from friends of abnormally high numbers of ticks being found on their animals and persons. If it isn't too cold to go out, it is too ticky! Ugh! Started medicating Jaz in March...

Deborah said...

Mike had 10 at a time on him this spring. I have had one. I used to be afraid to take them off now I am afraid not to. When Scott was little he had one on his back. I was frantic and my mom lived in town, down the street from us at the time. I did not want to scare him (hmmm...who was scared?) so I called her and said 'mom you have to come over Scott has a T-I-C-K on his back!! The next thing I hear is my poor little son saying ma-ma get this ABC off my back!!! He didn't know what T-I-C-K spelled but he did know it was part of the alphabet and whatever was stuck to his back he knew it couldn't be good. We laugh about it today but ticks are not a laughing matter if you become sick because of them.

Cranberry Morning said...

Stacey, I have to Frontline Misty and Bridger this weekend. Last month after I Frontlined Bridger, he was very sick the next day. (His is from a different box than Misty's.) Maybe it was coincidence. I'll see what happens this time.

Deb, that is the cutest story about S-C-O-T-T. :-)

purejoy said...

i'm sure that deer ticks are irritating, but not nearly as irritating as it is to have to go into the dang doctor every time something is amiss. i hate how our system has de-volved into CYA medicine. it would be easy to prescribe doxycylene over the phone. but no, you have to come in. pay the co-pay (grrrr) and then the script. boooooo. it would be one thing if we could just sail in and out of the clinic like clockwork, but we all know that's not going to happen!!

good luck with the ticks. we get them here in tennessee, too, but not the deer ticks. and we frontline our dogs.


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